Compliance Management ERP Solution | End-to-End Product Solution on Quality Standards Compliance Management

Empower your organizations to converge the all your compliance objectives by automating and centralizing all types of audits, KPIs, Incidents, documentation requirements, processes to assure organizational compliance to different quality standards.

Custom Compliance Management System

Any business requires continuous assessment of compliance and risk management. It is because without adequate attention to regulatory and standard compliances, enterprises can face the risk of getting mired into procedural and regulatory issues that are not only detrimental but also pose a risk to business itself. We can deploy custom solution to cover end-to-end practices fully automated & software based, from audit planning to audit execution, non-compliance reporting, different modules like KPI, Incidents, Asset Management, Risk Management, and Feedback etc.

Quality Standards

Have compliance-readiness anytime and everytime to different quality standards like audit planning, execution, reporting etc. for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001, other ISO standards, NABH, HACCP, ISMS, DG ISR etc.

  • 01Measure quality compliance with developing industry guidelines and program desires
  • 02Create and schedule customized audits to guarantee administrations and processes stay in compliance
  • 03Report quality issues and conduct assessments with the help of mobile applications

More than just a summary of performance, we can build a top-level dashboard displays for overall organization’s compliance to different quality standards. It unites divergent information sources to give an overview of a compliance program so as to identify the issue with compliance needs

  • 01Drill-down / Drill-up Dashboard to provide summary dashboard info hierarchically (Department/Unit/Location-wise)
  • 02Centralized KPI summary (drill-down to individual unit level)
  • 03Summarized organization-wide info on Incidents, Risks, Hazards, Assets etc

Key Performance Indicators are utilized to gauge the acknowledged advancement towards an essential target. They can be either qualitative or quantitative however; both of them are equally significant for decision makers

  • 01Risk alleviation strategies reinforce productivity by improving business execution
  • 02Comparison of current KPI with previous will help you assess the issues along with its compliance mandate
  • 03Making an interpretation of KPIs from technical to business language empowers better compliance choices

Organizing, managing, sharing, and communicating critical information related to your business is easier with the document management system. One of the key requirements for all quality standards in document requirements, which DMS features cover very well

  • 01Record management and team collaboration is effective
  • 02Comply to all document requirements with needed documentation attributes.
  • 03Upload and review of batches of electronic documents at a go.

Complete Compliance Management for ISO, ISMS, NABH, HACCP, DG ISR

As the scope for compliance management program increases, change management and regulatory compliance turns out to be more confounded. Pretty much focus on organizational compliance necessities (for example, morals and corporate social duty) as well as business compliance (progressively needed by commercial partners) makes a compliance manager’s jobs bit stimulating. We built and deployed a truly integrated Compliance Management Solution offering audit planning, execution and reporting for global standards like ISO, ISMS, and NABH etc. which further supports the goals and activities of compliance leaders. Additionally we offer customized standards and auditing features based on organization’s own custom processes.

Automated Processes for better Efficiency and Productivity.

Compliance management software solution facilitates easy integration to existing systems, and can also act as a stand-alone cloud based software. Its APIs can also be extended to include functionality integration to existing Enterprise Mobile Apps OR businesses can take-in-use custom-made mobile apps for use.

Document Management

Ensure documentation requirements are covered with a feature-rich DMS

Risk Management

Ensure different risks are identified, tracked and managed across the organization.

Issue / Incident Management

Identify and report control lacks, mark issues for remediation, and track them to the conclusion.


Real-time KPIs or performance indicators for different departments / units.

Real-Time Alerts

System based auto-generated escalation matrices, alerts, emails and mobile app notifications based on rule-engine

Audit Management

Rearranges and well sort out the work process and coordinated effort cycle of composing audits. Most review groups vigorously depend on email and shared drive for exchanging data between one another.


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