Cloud Integration Services using SnapLogic

Improve complex workflows and integrate different systems across the organization with an easy-to-use platform

SnapLogic: Cloud-Based Integration Platform with AI-Powered Automation

Seamless Data Integration: Key to Business Success

Connecting data sources seamlessly and efficiently is a crucial aspect of modern business operations. In today’s data-driven business environment, organizations need to leverage data from multiple sources to make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge. The ability to integrate data from disparate systems and applications has become critical for businesses looking to drive growth, optimize operations, and enhance customer experience.

SnapLogic: AI-Powered Integration Platform as a Service

What is SnapLogic! It is an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution that helps organizations achieve this by offering a cloud-based platform that connects on-premise business modules, SaaS applications, and cloud data sources. Powered by AI, SnapLogic architecture provides intelligent deployment for businesses of all sizes, automating integration projects from development to maintenance and deployment in hybrid environments. With over 400 pre-built connectors, SnapLogic middleware minimizes data transfer efforts and ensures that data flows smoothly across different databases and applications.

OdiTek Service Offerings

OdiTek provides cloud integration services for businesses in different industries, utilizing SnapLogic. Our experts have good experience in designing and implementing SnapLogic-based solutions to automate integration projects across hybrid environments. Our services include configuring pre-built connectors to ensure smooth data flows and optimizing integration processes through consultation. By leveraging SnapLogic iPaaS, we help businesses achieve efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in the digital world.

Key Features of SnapLogic


SnapLogic’s Snaps enable code-free integration, providing data insights and positive business outcomes without reviewing API documentation

Ultra Pipelines

Enable high-throughput and highly available cloud-to-cloud and ground-to-ground deployment for critical integrations with fast and scalable execution

B2B Integration & API Management

The integration platform connects multiple applications via B2B gateway, enables EDI gateway connections, and provides easy API management across environments

Extract Load Transform (ELT)

Transform data with SnapLogic’s Snaps and extract summarized data from cloud warehouses to multiple endpoints

Pipeline Synthesis

SnapLogic’s machine learning identifies user intent and suggests end-to-end integration pipeline building, enabling faster integration and allowing more focus on strategic tasks

Fast Data Loader

Gather data from various channels to understand customer needs and access customer insights with pre-built pipelines through SnapLogic’s no-code, point-and-click interface

Our Service Offering

Consulting Services

  • Uninterrupted Workflow
  • Optimizing the data integration
  • Access of Automation 360 Control Room
  • Automation of data transfer
  • Efficient API & EDI management

Architecting Services

  • Assessing system & challenges.
  • Identifying Integration patterns
  • On-prem/cloud app deployment
  • Capacity planning & assessment
  • System & app architecture review

Implementing Services

  • Testing and debugging of integrations
  • Automated deployment & support
  • App alerts configuration & fine-tuning
  • Configuration and customization
  • Compatibility with existing systems

Development Services

  • Reusable components, connectors
  • Custom APIs and integrations
  • Real-time data orchestration
  • Developing Custom connectors
  • Transforming data across formats

Designing Services

  • Business requirements analysis
  • Custom workflow design
  • Data mapping and transformation
  • Error handling & monitoring tools
  • Secure data transfer as per norms

Managed Services

  • Reduced costs & increased agility
  • Proactive & preventive Monitoring
  • Legacy and Disparate Data optimization
  • Easy collaboration via shared IT assets
  • Anypoint Platform environment

Platform Support & Services

  • 24×7 support and monitoring
  • Performance tuning of applications
  • Automation & process improvements
  • Providing weekly & monthly reports
  • Root cause analysis & effective solution

Maintenance & Operation

  • Maintenance & timely updating tickets
  • Security audits for performance growth
  • Security and privacy compliance concerns
  • Customized maintenance contracts
  • Continuous Remote and desktop support

Planning & Testing Services

  • Defining timelines & resources
  • Assessing & analysing current state
  • Unit testing & system testing
  • Identifying and troubleshooting the issues
  • Post-deployment monitoring and testing

OdiTek’s SnapLogic Expertise

Oditek offers cloud integration services for businesses in various industries. Our experienced team integrates, designs and implements SnapLogic-based solutions to seamlessly connect data sources. With SnapLogic’s iPaaS, we automate integration projects and configure pre-built connectors to ensure smooth data flows across applications and data stores.

Seamless Integration

SnapLogic offers unique integration capabilities and code-free structure link cloud, on-premise, and big data endpoints in real time across APIs, databases, and apps

Save Integration Costs

Enterprises can accelerate integration development by 70% and simplify tasks for tech specialists with SnapLogic’s AI-powered design feature, resulting in increased ROI

Reduce Ramp-Time

Cloud-based and AI-powered platforms provide real-time automation and enable monitoring and measuring of employee experience for improved productivity

Efficient Administration Console

SnapLogic’s intuitive web-based interface of the platform, empowers a SnapLogic developer to manage user tasks remotely with ease.

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