Product Development and Engineering Services for Video Management Systems

We serve leading Video Security Technology Products and a wide range of sophisticated integrations to product solutions in PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), and VMS (Video Management Systems).

IP Camera Support

Access Control Systems


Face Recognition


Intrusion Systems

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Our Service Offering

ONVIF / IP Video Management

Managing multiple network cameras on LAN/WAN in an intelligent way provides the real scalability and flexibility for any video surveillance deployment. We can implement ONVIF compliance for VMS products to ensure irrespective of any type of IP cameras, VMS works without bothering about it.

Central Monitoring System

We can build or enhance a central Timeline / Video Wall to provide one place system management and connect all the cameras and third-party devices located at multiple locations or sites to the central hub. You can view, control, receive alerts & notifications from any camera or third-party device, located anywhere in the system and take pro-active decisions.

Multi Monitor Operation

Our The security operators should be able to operate three, four or more monitors at one workstation. We can enable solutions to support multi-screen graphics cards and operators can dynamically view different devices, cameras, alarms on any monitor pre-configured specifically for selected inputs.

Intelligent Video Analytics

We can integrate any VMS with comprehensive cluster of advanced Video Analytic Algorithms. There are different analytics providers who do represent different sets of analytics, we can assist in integrating the right analytics framework to the VMS product.

ACS / ANPR / UVIS / Face Recognition

have a lot of experience on different 3rd party integrations to VMS products like ACS, ANPR, UVIS, Face Recognition, Intrusion Systems etc. A VMS needs to continuously enhance capabilities to inter-work with different evolving security technologies and we help in there.

Video Motion Detection

With video management motion detection, camera images can be continuously recorded and the recordings can also be activated and alerts or alarms can be raised when there’s motion in the picture.


Transforming Businesses

Product Engineering and Development Services

Oditek Solutions has the expertise in developing, supporting and improving video management systems and is an intelligent choice for businesses seeking to build and enhance their proprietary VMS products or solutions. With a team that’s super-focussed on video security domain, and years of experience on different VMS products, Oditek offers capabilities that can be leveraged to build and release VMS product versions rapidly.

Technology Consulting and Quality Assurance

We provide consulting services to VMS product companies & help release better software versions, faster. We help improve your capabilities – from design, development, implementation to quality assurance – helping you to build a high-performing VMS product. Some of the core programming skills like C++, C#, Java, MFC, QT and security domain knowledge are all part of our consulting offerings.

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