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Today’s enterprises have to think Mobile-First-Strategy to grow exponentially. Think Mobile-First, always!


Benefit from an inter-connected world in IoT era, provide smarter user applications using inter-connected devices.


Take use of Analytics to get the customer insight and improve decision making. Better Analytics, better decisions!


Leverage social tools to reach out, collaborate and effectively communicate. Grow your app exponentially.


Ensure your applications are scalable, robust and secure via Tier-4 Cloud. Get the cloud work for you, when you don’t!


Enable e-commerce on the go, and scale new revenue targets. Integrate features that assist you online/offline.


Enterprise business critical functions, be it your customer processes OR operational processes, mobility gives a tremendous edge for efficiency & effectiveness. Imagine your customers are engaged on the go, orders are handled the minute they are placed… Or your marketing team updating status and following up on actions on the go with google location maps… Things change with mobility. Talk to us, we will analyze your business processes to suggest what is required!


You are wondering with your bright product idea? It’s time to bring up an MVP that tells you how it will look-like and we will assist you in revenue model and monetization ways. There are popular business models and we have worked on all of them like Social, On-demand, shopping, discovery, chat and booking. No need to spend time in technology. We’ve been developing mobile first products on these business models and you can utilize our experience in building the next killer-app! Share your idea, we sign NDAs to safeguard your IPR. Kick start today!

Diverse Domains, Deep Functional Expertise

Functional & Technology Consultants across platforms to bring the best!


Retail businesses can’t survive without Mobility, IoT, Data Analytics. Are You Ready? We will help with the required technology stack.


Today healthcare platforms need integration of patients with service delivery. We enable technologies for healthcare platform.


Insurance specially Medical TPA processes are complex business functions. Enable mobility & ease-of-use.


On-demand Cab/Transport, Food Delivery Apps, Luandy Apps…We have appscripts to expedite deploying faster.


Thinking of a social app like FB/WhatsApp/ Instagram/Tinder, get them rolled out faster. We are good at social.


Enable e-Commerce to sell exponentially like a Wish/Grubhub/OpenTable/Fancy! Sky is the limit with e-Commerce.

Mobile Development Skills

React Native

A brand new technology, React Native is the cross-platform mobile app development solution for iOS and Android. With the launch of this advanced technology, the huge mobile app development industry is transforming and providing ultimate speed and efficiency to their services at lower costs.

IONIC – Capacitor App Development

Ionic is completely free and open-source framework, helps to build powerful SDK perfectly-suited to highly interactive & performing apps. It provides a great range of tools, resources and services that make hybrid app development easier. Using the Ionic SDK, the apps can be easily developed…

IONIC – Cordova App Development

Apache Cordova is an open-source mobile development framework (formerly named as PhoneGap) that is used to create cross-platform mobile apps. It help developers to incorporate common web technology such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to develop cross-platform compatible applications…

iOS Swift

Swift is a general purpose, very fast and highly efficient programming language bundled with powerful Features, introduced by Apple for developing iOS and Mac apps. iOS App Development with Swift provides excellent app experience with great features. Swift codes mechanism side-by-side

Android Kotlin Development

Kotlin is a modern programming language for the JVM, actively developed by JetBrains, and officially supported as a first-class language for Android development by Google. It is a powerful language that present various solution to different problems faced by Android developers.

iPhone App Dev

iPhone is a notable and far-famed mobile device used by the smartphone lovers across the world. The immense demand of it gives a straight away signal that not only assures good return on investment for the application development but also does well for the users

iPAD App Dev

Apple’s iPad has been spread across the world; therefore, the need of applications running on iOS platform has increased. With applications, the devices have enjoyed a great functionality and changed the scenario of doing business.

Android App Dev

Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for the Android operating system. Applications are usually developed in Java programming language using the Android software development kit (SDK), but other development environments are also available.

Appium Testing

Appium is an open source test automation tool for mobile applications. It allows you to test all the three types of mobile applications: native, hybrid and mobile web. It also allows you to run the automated tests on actual devices, emulators and simulators.

Robotium Testing

Robotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic UI test cases for Android applications. With the support of Robotium, test case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities.


PhoneGap is a software development framework by Adobe System, which is used to develop mobile applications.

Xamarin App Development

Xamarin is a highly popular cross-platform mobile development framework with write-once-run-everywhere coding for leading mobile platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows. It uses C# programming language to optimize development spends and minimize project timeframe for your application. Deploy your app on a single code base.

Titanium Appcelerator

Appcelerator Titanium is an open-source framework that allows the creation of mobile apps on platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone from a single JavaScript codebase, developed by Appcelerator.

Transforming Businesses

Medical TPA Apps

Integrated web-scale mobile delivery platforms on Android & iOS for a leading Medical TPA Healthcare Insurance business in Asia Pacific.

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Restaurant Finder

An integrated web scale platform on Android & iOS to find the best daily food, drink, and entertainment specials in Canada!

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Car & Bike Rental

An Aggregator App for Bike Rentals, Car Rentals, Car Self Drive Cars. Launched in 5 cities and growing in India.

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Employee Tracking App

An integrated web & mobile app, tracks collection team field visits & collects feedback, generate reports.

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Healthcare Services

To Your Customer’s Doorstep! Get world-class rehab facilities and 24×7 professional Healthcare solutions in your home.

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NABH for Hospitals

Mobile & Web Apps to help hospitals and clinics perform audits & other NABH compliances.

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Glimses of variety of Mobile Apps we have delivered, each one with rich-features and utility tools.

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