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Oditek has deep expertise on working comprehensive Healthcare Compliance Management System, with complete coverage for NABH, JCI and ISO9001 quality standard compliance. From Audit planning to execution, reporting & documentation needs, we cover it all!

Custom Healthcare Compliance Management Solutions

Are you looking for technology solutions to improve medical Hospital compliance software guarantees medical services cling to set medical consistence rules and ensure separate definite practices based on the guidelines set by different quality standards like NABH, JCI, and NABL etc. This will help hospitals of all sizes avoid the NABH compliance violation fines; reduce the costs and resources implemented for maintaining that compliance enhancing the optimization of healthcare solutions. Thorough training of all the employees for with the help of hospital quality management software ensures better productivity and performance improvement.

Mobile Apps

This will facilitate you to report, explore and evaluate incidents from anyplace utilizing a cell phone rather than being stuck at your desk. This application also gives you the privilege of working offline and allows you to sync the same on the availability of internet.

  • 01Perform different audits like Hand Hygiene audit, Prescription audit, Nursing process audit, IPSG audit, Medical records audit etc
  • 02Comprehensive features for Audit Management, Reporting and Training
  • 03Incident Management- mobile based incident reporting and management
Web Portal

Customized workspace to deal with your whole compliance program. This will keep you updated about your entire task report, messages, alerts as well as overall quality management of hospital within one page facilitating easy navigation and filters for accessing same whenever required.

  • 01Advanced Search Functionality with filters or categories for displaying real-time data precisely
  • 02Risk assessment enables meaningful and timely actions which will simplify your privacy concerns aligned with HIPAA security standards
  • 03Audit management ensures less duplication of work and more efficiency

Data leakage or data breach is one of the major concerns of hospitals. Since the data related to the patients are sensitive in nature, that needs to be protected securely. This module ensures the reports related to patients along with the staffs are monitored and stored precisely

  • 01Storing all relevant documents for the hospital along with NABH and JCI policies are easy
  • 02Staffs can access and read all the policies of the hospital even when away from work with their unique access ids
  • 03Easy retrieval of data and documents in pdf or Microsoft Word format is possible by staffs through unique id and password assigned to them and It also encourages going paperless for hassle free data storage

All the relevant features are aligned together facilitating you an all-in -one Compliance Management solution which further ensures better productivity as well as maximum customer satisfaction.

  • 01Interaction and co-ordination among medical specialists, patients, and hospital authorities is made easy like never before with custom healthcare management compliance solution
  • 02Digital medical records ensures timely and diagnosis and monitors patient’s health reducing the risk of mistakes
  • 03Timely analysis of facility management along with supply chain optimization decreases equipment downtime

Software Based NABH / JCI Compliance Management Solution

Quality management for hospitals indicates the way of managing the entire operations of hospital by aligning it with certain quality measures. Most of the hospital follows NABH and JCI Standards, which provides certain guidelines to medical services executives and furthermore encourages the hospitals to remain extraordinary. Our expertise on hospital compliance management system maintaining process management, ensures better patient experience and satisfaction.

Fully Automated Quality Management System for Healthcare

Streamlining process and workflows and use of statistical tools ensure better efficiency as well as better quality management. The manual records are replaced into digital reports which improve productivity by eliminating human errors

Improved Performance

We help in characterizing and setting the benchmark dependent on which hopsitals can set and evaluate KPIs and performance of different quality indicators

Incident Reporting

Recognizing and reporting all the incidents that take place in hospital accurately it improves staff as well as the entire hospital’s safety culture

Meet Compliance Standards

All quality compliance needs related to NABH, JCI, NABL etc. are all covered in software based solution

Document Management System

Our solution comes with in-built DMS that ensures all documented records, policies, procedures and evidences are saved with typical documentation attributes.

Safety & RSKM

Safety and Risk Management practices are made software based to assist smooth compliance

Audit Management

From dynamic questionnaire to audit planning, execution, reporting, non-compliance reporting etc., everything is software-based


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