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Car & Bike Booking Apps Case Study

About Customer

With a vision to be The Largest Commuter Transit Marketplace in India, customer is poised on a growth path where there are thousands of bookings per day and that number is growing every day. In order to provide the best of services and speed, this mobile app platform required a robust back-end engine of booking and notification, and a consistent flawless software platform that makes bookings, payments made easier.

Application Requirements

The integrated web-scale mobile delivery platform had requirements to build a solid web back-end and database & a user friendly mobile front-end solution. Also required a customer facing website from where bookings are also possible.

The Business Case Challenge

The project requirements had a lot of technical challenges starting from booking, notification management, aggregator payment mode where vendors get their share of bookings auto debited, logical implementation for the fare of the ride, implementation of differential fare calculations etc. Bookings have to be real-time and confirmation soonest possible to the customer.

OdiTek’s Solution

Foremost requirement that we approached as PoC was a back-end where bikes and car onboarding processes are implemented. Both the customer interfacing web & mobile platforms are developed parallel which utilize common REST APIs from the back-end. The fare calculations and auto payment for vendors is the next challenge that was taken up. While launching the application platform, real-time tests were carried out where we checked kilometer travel reflected in the app itself and fare calculation correctness w.r.t. the distance travelled.

At a Glance

The product is launched from Bangalore, India as a bike and cab rental aggregator. With both self driven a well as chauffeur driven options, it took off really well since it was launched and today there are more than 3000 booking requests a day in Bangalore alone. Looking into the success Take is gearing up to be launched in 5 more cities as well as launching of extension to booking of choppers.

OdiTek, with the help of its app connectivity experts, Android app development team, and Web Platform developers created the integrated platform solution to deliver the required infrastructure and software capabilities to manage the increasing scalability needs of the platform.


Travel Booking Aggregator

Key Results

Robust back-end & fare calculation logic, seamless booking and vendor notifications, fast search mechanism and performance driven application that helps users to check cab or bike availability and book them on the go. This was a challenging project both in terms of meeting the customer functional requirements but also performance requirements. The back-end had to be scalable thats why the back-end as well as the database were hosted in Tier 4 cloud infrastructure where high availability and scalability are considered in deployed architecture.

Technologies Used
  • Design: Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • OS: Linux, Android
  • Languages: Java, Objective C, PHP, Java Script, AngularJS
  • Database: SQL, MongoDB, SQLite
  • Third Parties: Google APIs, Open Source Stacks, Payment GW
  • Deployment: Tier-4 Cloud

Mobile Solutions

Scalable back-end in cloud

Customer Facing Website


The integrated platform development project took 6 months to deploy the Cloud based Web back-end Solution, Mobile Apps on Android. All sub-systems were deployed which were perfectly working seamlessly with each other, providing all intended business functions in a centralized automated manner. With a month of deployment & launch in Bangalore, India the application currently yielding more than 3000 bookings a day & the Takeme services are geared to be launched in 5 different cities in India.

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