SnapLogic Support: Snaps and SnapLogic Security

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What is SnapLogic Used for?

SnapLogic is a leading cloud-based software company that offers an Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution. Their platform serves as a bridge between various data sources, including Cloud data, SaaS apps, and on-premises business software applications.

With a focus on seamless cloud integration, SnapLogic support enables customers to connect cloud-based data and applications with both on-premise and other cloud-based business systems. Their self-service integration approach empowers users to easily link applications, data, APIs, and devices through their Enterprise Integration Cloud.

The company boasts a prestigious clientele, including global giants like Adobe, AstraZeneca, Box, GameStop, Verizon, and Wendy’s, among others. These industry leaders leverage SnapLogic to automate business processes, expedite data analytics, and drive digital transformation within their organizations. With its promise of efficiency and agility, SnapLogic remains a trusted choice for hundreds of Global 2000 companies seeking streamlined integration and advanced business solutions.

5 Reasons to Use SnapLogic

1. SnapLogic is embraced by over 490 companies in the U.S.A and more than 650 companies worldwide for seamless integration, with notable clients like Adobe, Box, Verizon, Gamestop, and Vassar.

2. SnapLogic Support offers simplified integration through snaps, enabling organizations to deploy integration projects in less than a month.

3. SnapLogic significantly enhances organizational productivity.

4. For three consecutive years, SnapLogic has been recognized as the leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise iPaaS.

5. SnapLogic architecture ensures faster response times and reduces ramp-up time, making it suitable for small, medium, and large-scale industries seeking application integration solutions.

What are Snaps?

SnapLogic support revolutionizes the integration process with its innovative “Snaps,” which are pre-built connections facilitating code-free integrations. These Snaps transform integration tasks and subtasks into modular, pluggable logic components, effectively reducing the complexity involved.

With a vast library of over 700 Snaps at users’ disposal, SnapLogic empowers seamless creation of workflows and intricate business processes across various cross-functional work groups. This platform allows organizations to automate entire ecosystems, incorporating applications, databases, APIs, data warehouses, devices, and more.

By providing modular collections of integration components tailored for specific applications or data sources, SnapLogic caters to both business users and developers, sparing them from dealing with the intricate details of underlying applications, data models, and services. This streamlined approach accelerates integration efforts, making SnapLogic a versatile and user-friendly solution for diverse integration needs.

Snaps Types and Their Functions with Examples

Snaplogic snap types

What does SnapLogic Integrate with?

Data Snaps: For all major SQL databases and data sources like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Teradata, Cassandra, Trillium, Amazon Dynamo DB, Confluent, Amazon Redshift.

Analytics Snaps: For a variety of systems such as HDFS Read/Write, Anaplan, Google Analytics, Amazon Dynamo DB, Cassandra, Amazon Redshift, Birst.

Core Snaps: Used for data analysis on common systems and file types such as CSV Read/Write, REST, Filter, Spreadsheet Reader, Unique, ERP, Fixed Width Reader/Writer, Field Cryptography, Email Snap, Sequence, Sort, XML Read/Write, Transform, JSON Read/Write, Transform.

About SnapLogic Security Services

SnapLogic prioritizes security with a range of services to safeguard data throughout the integration process. Integration Cloud Security ensures that business data is never stored within their infrastructure, with data streamed securely between applications and sources using the Snaplex network. Runtime Data Security ensures data from sources like Teradata is not stored, and Snaps employ endpoint security for secure data access. Inter-Component Communication is protected with SSL encryption on port 443. Platform Security Certifications highlight SnapLogic’s commitment to maintaining a secure environment, leveraging AWS security and TRUSTe certification for privacy protection.

1. Integration Cloud Security

In SnapLogic Integration Cloud, your business data is never stored within their infrastructure. Instead, data is streamed between applications, databases, files, social networks, and big data sources via the Snaplex, a self-upgrading, elastically scalable execution network. Customer integration metadata and log files are securely stored on Amazon Web Services infrastructure, leveraging the inherent security and compliance capabilities of AWS as a 100% AWS-based platform.

2. Runtime Data Security

The SnapLogic Integration Cloud operates as a stateless engine, ensuring that data read from sources like Teradata and loaded into Amazon Redshift is not stored within their infrastructure. Snaps utilize the endpoint security of applications, databases, and files. This means that data is accessed securely through mechanisms like JDBC connections for databases or HTTPS-based REST and SOAP APIs for integration pipelines.

3. Inter-Component Communication

SnapLogic ensures secure integration between cloud services and on-premises applications, databases, and files. The communication occurs via an SSL encrypted link on port 443, the standard secure port for HTTPS traffic, between the SnapLogic Designer, Manager, Dashboard, and the Snaplex running behind the firewall.

4. Platform Security Certifications

SnapLogic Integration Cloud benefits from the robust security provided by Amazon Web Services, along with their certifications. Moreover, SnapLogic adds an extra layer of security, regularly applying the latest patches for resilience and protection. The platform undergoes third-party security audits and is certified by TRUSTe, adhering to stringent online privacy principles to safeguard personal information collected through their application.


At OdiTek, we are offering top-notch Cloud Integration Services powered by SnapLogic support and Integration Services. With SnapLogic’s cutting-edge technology, we ensure that your business data is handled with utmost security and privacy. Our team of experts leverages SnapLogic’s stateless engine and self-upgrading Snaplex network to seamlessly connect your cloud services, applications, databases, and files while ensuring that no data is stored in the process.

Through SnapLogic’s comprehensive security measures, your data is kept safe during runtime, and inter-component communication is secured with SSL encryption. At OdiTek, we are dedicated to delivering efficient, agile, and scalable Cloud Integration Solutions that drive your business forward.

Partner with us to harness the full potential of SnapLogic Integration Services and streamline your data integration processes securely and effortlessly.

What OdiTek offers

Certified Developers

Deep Industry Expertise

IP Rights Agreement -Source Codes to Customers, legal compliance

NDA – Legally binding non-disclosure terms

Compliance to Software Development Quality Standards

Product Development Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager (Not billed)

Proactive Tech Support-Round the Clock

Commitment to Schedule

High performance, Secure software design

Guranteed Cost Savings & Value Addition

Consistent Achiever of Customer Happiness

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