Cookie Policy

About cookies uses cookies for a number of functions, some of which are essential, and some of which can be blocked.

The reasons that a cookie may be stored on your browser include:

  • To make OdiTek Solutions websites perform properly for you.
  • To collect data about the use of our websites to improve functionality and performance.
  • To make your experience on OdiTek Solutions websites more convenient (i.e. saving preferences).
  • To enable the use of third party services that we use for our business operations.

Types of cookies we use

The two types of cookies that OdiTek Solutions uses are:

  • Session cookies that are deleted at the conclusion of each session.
  • Stored cookies which remain on your web browser after your session has ended. Stored cookies may be used to serve advertisements that we feel will be of interest based on your interaction with our website. Stored cookies can be cleared by deleting your web browser cookies. Please refer to your browser help section for information on how to clear these.

Session and stored cookies fall under four categories:Essential Cookies – These cookies are used to facilitate the function of the website, and enables you to utilize its features. These cookies are required.

Performance Cookies – These cookies are used to provide aggregate data on visitors to our website and browsing behavior. This allows us to identify trends in order to improve the performance of our website. This aggregate data is anonymized and cannot identify you. We use multiple tools to achieve this result, including Google Analytics.

Google also offers a disabling option for the most common browsers, thus providing you with greater control over the data which is collected and processed by Google. If you enable this option, no information regarding your website visit is transmitted to Google Analytics. Visit for more information.

Functionality Cookies – These cookies are used to remember your choices, such as language or region, and provide a more personal experience.

Advertising Cookies – OdiTek Solutions sometimes uses cookies from Google to show you relevant advertisements that we think will be of interest to you. These cookies do not collect personal information, but this information may be re-associated with personal information after OdiTek Solutions receives it. You can disable this feature by making the appropriate settings under or by clearing your cookies.

Blocking cookies

Cookies can be blocked or cleared by changing your browser settings. However, some pages or features may not function correctly if cookies are disabled. Clearing the cookies on your browser will remove all cookies associated with our website. Please refer to your browser’s help section on how to clear or block cookies.

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