Core Network Testing

Product Development & Testing Services for the core network.

Product Development & Testing for Core Network

OdiTek’s NFV &SDN Testing CoE

We have complete set of interface and protocol expertise who can efficiently develop, design and test for functional conformance and load testing of the core network elements.

Today, several advancements in access technologies such as HSDPA/HSUPA and tremendous subscriber growth in the mobile industry have resulted in increased traffic throughout the core network. This imposed many challenges for network equipment vendors and operators, who must soak test core network elements for reliability, feature verification, interoperability and acceptance. OdiTek’s expertise in core network technologies can be utilized to build and test powerful, reliable and scalable solutions to meet the challenges of modern dynamic testing.

Comprehensive testing in Core Network

In the packet core network, SUT or DUT can be SGSN or SGSN combined with GGSN. We can also verify the other network elements such as RNC, BSC, HLR, SMS-SC, and PDN nodes. The DUT in the circuit core network can be composed of an MSC/MSC Server and a media gateway (MGW). We can validate the other network elements surrounding the circuit core, such as RNC, BSC, HLR, SMS-SC, GMSC server and MGW, GMLC, CAMEL Entity and PSTN nodes.

Our core network expertise can assist in verifying multiple network elements in Core Network, prepare and execute test cases across all standards and proprietary protocols. We have good command over suite of protocols that span: SIP, H.323, SIGTRAN, ISUP, TCAP, H.248, RTP and many more.

Service providers are introducing advanced LTE services and transforming to open virtualized networks to improve service agility. This in turn creating strong demand to deploy new network features at an accelerated rate, requiring faster and rigorous testing cycles across complex multi-vendor physical and virtual networks. OdiTek brings a vendor-neutral approach to core network testing with strong network credentials in orchestration, policy and service control, and analytics, along with extensive experience in different testing tools and practices. With our unified approach to IT and now core network testing, service providers can support an agile business strategy that allows them to rapidly develop and scale new services, while delivering the service quality that customers expect.

At a Glance

OdiTek focuses on testing new technologies & technology generations. It aims to be a preferred partner for enterprises that develop software products based on Telecom Wireless, along with providing QA / Testing services (products & services).

  • Focussed on Telecom Wireless, Mobile & Internet technologies.
  • Expertise on telecom product development (Wireless), strong on all latest technologies in telecom wireless networks (2G, 3G, IMS, WiMAX, LTE, 5G..). We have telecom teams who are one of the first ones in India who worked on LTE & Air Interface.
  • Deployment, testing of telecom network equivalents and solutions
    Focus on implementation, support, development, upgrade, rollouts & QA services for Telecoms
  • OdiTek brings in a very strong competency pool and experienced professional expertise that makes project commitments more reliable and consistent.
  • Proven offshore delivery model to provide competitive edge.

Key Service Offerings
  • Product Development on C, C++, Java
  • Field deployment & testing of Telecom Equipments
  • Proprietary scripting for baseline releases
  • Applications for all technology generations- 5G (RAN, EPC, Air).
  • Telecom Wireless Consulting
  • E2E QA solution for 5G, EPC Regression, Load Testing
  • Expertise on various simulators like EXFO EAST, IxLoad, dsTest scripts
    to test against real/simulated SUT/DUT
  • Bug tracking; test plans & execution
  • Sanity & regression tests of new packages/baselines

Telecom Testing

Contract Programming

Offshore Teaming

OdiTek Offerings

We can help in developing and testing solutions on Core Network Testing. Be it development of product solution or testing of the interfaces, network elements and protocols. Our expertise can be used to architect, design, develop product components that cater to Core Network testing. If you are looking to automate regression test cases OR perform functional and performance testing involving all CN interfaces, our Telecom Testing CoE can be a good option to go for.

We provide test scoping and planning, network equipment testing, interoperability testing, pilot testing, network test lab management and device certification for both physical and virtualized network functions (NFV) testing. We can unify and automate IT and network testing activities, including operational and business support systems.

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