eCommerce Platform for Wallmurals | Case Study

Scalable eCommerce Web Application for Wallmurals.
A robust back-end, database and multiple 3rd party API integration along with eCommerce functionalities.

Cloud Platform with eCommerce for Wallmurals

About Customer

The customer is the leading wallmurals provider in The UK with millions of wall murals on offer. With best of packaging and easy to install murals, it has been a leader in it’s niche market since years. Collaborating with a number of high quality image providers and it’s own image databank, users have a choice of selecting from more than 40 million images for their homes and offices, decorating to a desired and inspiring ambience.

The customer makes wall murals that fit the exact size of walls if homes or offices. All wall murals come ready to hang straight out of the box with fitting instructions and tools included. The wall murals come in manageable sized drops that are easy to hang. With over 10 years experience it’s customers always get a quality finish backed up by a 100% Guarantee.

Application Requirements

Comprehensive set of functionalities, imagery work and a strong database, this application project took more than 1 year with a team size of 5 members to achieve the project objective. There are several APIs, SEO plug-ins, database features, page builders which made this project a perfect challenge of building a scalable web application rich with features.

The Business Case Challenge

The biggest challenge of the project was rendering the images that are pulled from the 3rd party APIs fast enough for the users. Based on the search keywords, the search mechanism have to pull up images from own database, several 3rd party APIs and render them in order of preferences set by the back-end logic. The other key challenge of the project was to deploy a back-end page builder engine, that builds and deploy web pages based on searched keywords if the page doesn’t exist.

OdiTek’s Solution

This project was approached with a 5 member dedicated ODC team for the customer, where monthly sprint plans were made and based on customer priorities, features were rolled out to the live portal. Robustness of the application platform was key, hence an entire sprint was dedicated for database and application architecture where high availability and scalability demands were visualized and added to the solution architecture.

At a Glance

The customer is UK’s leading wall mural provider with more than 40 million murals to select from. They deliver excellent quality murals all across The UK as well as customers around Europe, backed with an excellent customer service. With a wide variety of categories, it partners with a number of image databanks which make it one of the biggest provider of unique wall murals in the world.

We setup an ODC team at OdiTek for dedicated development & maintenance of the applications, that ensured development, deployment and maintenance of it’s business platform.


Photo Wallpaper | Imagery

Key Results

Fully SEO compliant, super rich back-end with huge number of functionalities that help the back-end to track and monitor customer browsing trends, purchase trends. We worked in a JAD Model where the entire application platform was developed from scratch along with the customer. Entire project which span across more than a year had multiple monthly sprints with a team size of 5 highly skilled developers. This was a hugely successful project where we achieved all development goals as well as SEO objectives.

Technologies Used
  • Design: Bootstrap Responsive Design
  • OS: Linux
  • Languages: PHP, Java Script, AngularJS
  • Database: My SQL, MongoDB
  • Third Parties: Google APIs, Open Source Stacks, Multiple Payment GWs, Photo APIs
  • Deployment: Tier-4 Cloud in UK

Robust Database

Scalable back-end in cloud

Customer Facing Website


A very professional and design-savvy customer facing web portal and a huge set of feature-rich applications in the back-end that work seamlessly together to render the searched wallpapers. The web portal is supported with almost all different possible SEO friendly functionalities, web master and analytics tools required to monitor and alter to make the portal fully compliant to search engine needs.

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