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Manual and Automation tests for healthcare application. Testing Secure, Fast & Reliable software & solutions for the healthcare.

Manual & Automation Tests for Healthcare Applications


High costs of research and development combined with changing regulations and competition demand that the healthcare industry focuses on quality. This, in turn, dictates the need for rigorous healthcare software testing. Especially when it comes to new healthcare imperatives involving patient driven and patient centered care, having the latest software means nothing if it doesn’t work or behave in such a way that makes it easy to use for both doctors, nurses, assistants and everyone in between. Quality impacts not only what your brand represents but in some instances life and death. As such, the healthcare industry strives to develop software solutions and services to support and optimize their business processes:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Accuracy and security of information
  • Quality through the accurate implementation of business rules requiring ZERO tolerance for error.
  • Improved patient relationships through business knowledge and enhanced patient experience.

To test Health care product for different compliance, five following areas must be covered:

  • User Authentication – Using verification methods to ensure that those logging on are who they say they are and to deny access to all others.
  • User Authorization – Authorizing access to information is based on user role and patient limitations.
  • Audit trail – All transactions and all attempts of data access with a proper set of audit trail information are recorded.
  • Data transfers – Ensure data encryption at all transfer points.
  • Help Information – Help information on the correct and incorrect uses of data.
OdiTek’s Offering

We can regressively perform healthcare application testing across multiple platforms manually as well as using automation tools (e.g. QTP, Selenium, Appium & Robot Framework). We offer the following services in healthcare testing:

Over the last 4 years, we’ve been serving healthcare software clients and have gained the expertise to provide comprehensive healthcare software testing. Our software testing services enable you to focus on your business while we worry about test coverage, cross-platform, multi-device, and multi-browser compatibility.

  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • System Integration & Interface Testing
  • Enterprise Workflow Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Development and implementation of QA and test strategies

Our strong automation testing framework is to find out early defects as well as automatic generated test report sent to mail in regular basis.

At a Glance

This is a proprietary confidential Healthcare application test project where the customer was deploying a re=engineered existing legacy Healthcare application intended for their customers. The Healthcare applications included core business processes of Healthcare policy administration, rule engine, service and support processes, and the project scope required to conduct functional tests, security, performance tests and the entire phase of UAT towards successful production.

OdiTek, with more than 15+ years of test automation & domain independent testing expertise successfully collaborated with the customer from the requirements phase to post-production phase. This project required to adopt to the processes defined by the customers and use of their templates, artifacts and procedures was a learning one for the team as well.


Healthcare Applications

Key Results

A very successful UAT and production phase where test coverage was cent percent covering entire gamut of tests from functional, security to performance. Several high priority defects were reported, corrections were verified. The project scope was met, automation strategy planned for the Insurance applications were achieved and overall customer was very happy with the products going LIVE on time.

Technologies Used
  • OS: Windows
  • Test Automation Scripting Languages: Java, Java Script
  • Application Program & Test Scripts: VBScript, Java
  • Web Automation Tool: QTP, Selenium
  • Mobile App Automation Tool: Appium
Key Offereings
  • Functional testing
  • Platform testing (incl. mobile)
  • Security testing
  • Performance/Scalability testing
  • Usability testing

Functional Tests

Security Tests

Automation Tests

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