Hotel Management Made Easy ! | All-in-one Software to cater your hotel and restaurant needs.

Get a complete overview of your hotels/restaurants with OdiTek’s hotel management system software. This will help you keep track of your productivity along with finances in a more organized manner.

Custom Hotel Management Software Solutions

Get a comprehensive end-to-end hotel management software with full capabilities of managing the entire operations of hotel and restaurant business. Our hotel management solution is robust, reliable and secure to manage your hotel’s basic operations such as check-ins, check-outs, reservations, feedbacks, guest history, travel agents & companies, etc. along with day to day functionalities of restaurants including accounts, item masters, EOQ Value Updation, table masters, billing operations, etc.

Hotel Masters

Our hotel management software includes all the basic functions related to hotel such as name of hotels, type of rooms, room numbers, accounts, hotel boys’ entries, service item details as well as customer details. This will facilitate you to centrally manage all your hotel related activities and staffs.

  • 01A wide range of customer’s information can be stored and accessed easily with a single click
  • 02Hotel boys activities can be tracked and suitable tasks can be assigned to them tasks as per the requirement and their availability
  • 03All service item details can be managed and tracked easily with our service master feature.
Hotel Transactions

Advance bookings, check-ins, check-outs, room shifting, and all kinds of room service related data can be found here. This will also help you with the detailed data of foreign customers if any

  • 01Customers can pre-book their preferred room and can mention in description if anything additional they need in their room which will ensure better customer experience
  • 02You just need to put the details of the room and the service needed and the same will be done by the hotel boys easily.
  • 03The completed details of the customer as well as about the current room and the new room he/she’s getting shifted is maintained in a more organized and simpler manner.
Restaurant Masters

Apart from hotels we also provide software for restaurant management to cater into your restaurant needs such as accounts, managing menus, stewards, EOQ related data, table type and table numbers etc.

  • 01Item master indicates types of cuisine, item name, price, quantity etc. ensuring transparent billing.
  • 02It will help you assign a suitable steward for ensuring guests with polite assistance, clean eating areas, and orderly setting along with quality of facilities and services delivered to them.
  • 03Table master feature will include table number, types of table, categories as well as locations
Restaurant Transactions

Billing and payment related data along with stock issue and stock purchase details available in a more precise manner ensuring less depreciation and more productivity. Easy integration with most payment gateways, this software ensures secure and seamless transaction.

  • 01Kitchen order tickets can be generated easily which can be forwarded to kitchen, billing division, and the other copy can be retained in the system for future reference
  • 02Banquet billing interface along with pre-paid direct billing interface for quick and transparent booking experience
  • 03Keeping track of stock purchased is easy with our restaurant management software

Detailed Report Analysis

It includes important reports for Hotels such as advance booking register, check-in and check-out report, pending balance of each guest folio, foreigner report, audit report, collection report, tourist report, cash book, ledger, expenditure report, etc. and in case of Restaurants; reports like sales register, cancelled KOTs, delivered or cancelled orders can be tracked. This will ensure an unbiased and clear annual report upon analysis.

Our Multi-featured Hotel Management Software

OdiTek’s hotel management software is completely customized and automated system for Hotel/ Restaurant management. Stacked with various ground-breaking highlights it clinches to meet requirements of all types of Hotels as well as restaurants. This software through improved administration functionalities, will streamline your business accounting to yield better productivity which will ultimately lead to your business growth

Privilege to Access the Database

It indicates to the power and authority that the Hotel/Restaurant personnel hold so that they can access to certain data. The admin holds the utmost authority followed by manager and supervisors. Admin holds the access to wide range of customers, cleaning staffs, cooks, room service, and hotel boys etc. related data along with the complete financial data of hotels. Whereas the user/receptionist has the access to basic customer related data such as their id proofs, addresses, room no etc. along with the availability of hotel rooms.

Automated operations help increasing occupancy boosting revenues!

Our custom hotel management software generates more reservations and happier guests with the help of innovative, easy-to-use technology. We create top notch next-generation hotel management software for hoteliers to stay competitive and flexible.

Say Good Bye to Overbooking

Our custom hotel management software will automatically update your availability with a single click.

Leverage direct booking

Equipped with rate checker, this software will ensure better customer engagement and more reservations

Manage housekeeping Staffs

Streamline your housekeeping staffs by assigning tasks to them in real-time.

Customer Support

You can count on our support team for immediate redressal and support to your queries.

Mobile Compatibility

The mobile enabled feature will help you stay updated and manage your employee’s activity with a single click from anywhere anytime

Data-Driven Decision

It helps you analyze and evaluate your past performance to forecast and plan future strategies aligning it with current market conditions


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