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Build your Patient Management System with an efficient automated systems designed for tracking patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions within your medical clinics or hospitals.

Patient Management System Software

Patient Management System is used to acquire medical information from a medical for the treatment or diagnosis of a patient. It is also an adjunct to a medical device and directly contributes to the treatment of the patient by performing analysis, or providing treatment or diagnosis functionality that replaces the decision and judgment of a physician.

Medical Records

It tracks, stores and access patients’ electronic medical for any kind of healthcare provider. It offers its own charting module and others integrate seamlessly with independent EHR/EMR solutions.

  • 01Maintenance of holistic and accurate patient records for staff accessibility, physician requirements, and administrative purposes.
  • 02Tracking patient records and other health records through an automated tracking process that eases staff woes and considerably reduces turn-around time.
  • 03Integration methodologies that work to interconnect electronic patient records with paper-based documents for holistic patient health information.

With a patient scheduling module, patients can book their own appointments online with 24/7 access to a patient portal. They can also cancel and reschedule appointments in the system.

  • 01Scheduling of patient’s appointment through the provider’s online portal thereby streamlining the pre-registration process.
  • 02Directly communicating with physician and patients through the messaging system.
  • 03Sending automated reminders to the patient and provider.
Patient Encounter

Patient check-in software modules generate electronic intake forms for them to fill out prior to their visit. This helps patient’s initial clinic or hospital visit and reduces wait times otherwise spent filling out forms in person.

  • 01Patients can schedule appointments with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly recurrence.
  • 02Automated reminders and messages to your patients as per their preferred communication mode, such as phone call, text message, email or fax.
  • 03Patients can perform self-check-in even before they arrive, using their smart-phones.
Reports and Analytics Data

Reporting features are useful for creating multiple reports. A powerful AI tool that can interpret volumes of data and generate valuable reports.

  • 01Produce a wide range of reports that can measure a clinic’s performance.
  • 02Creation of a customized report easily and quickly due to a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • 03Includes charts and graphs to enable you to assess information in relation to various administrative functions.

Create a Feature-Rich Patient Management Software Today!

Patient Management System has a workflow to bring-in efficiency in all areas of operations in your Medical Practice. From front office verifying insurances or collecting co-pays, to documentation of the visit with appropriate charge capture, submitting claims, posting payments, managing the collections and accounts receivable – all are linked together like a chain. The collaborative workflow provides streamlined communication, time efficiency and effective tracking mechanism.

Patient Management Software facilitates a secure communication between you and your patients. This technology empowers your patients with the information they need to manage their own health proactively. They can update their own demographics, review personal health records (PHR), view lab results and education material, request prescription refills and appointments / referrals and send secure messages related to clinical questions.

Deploy your Patient Portal Software with ease.

Your Patient Portal is a gateway to your practice and hence, it must represent your own branding and reflect your value systems. After all, it is YOUR Patient Portal, and hence it has been designed to provide you complete control of how It would appear to your patients. Your patients can also select colour themes of their choice.


Automate admission procedure. Assign beds, collect advances, etc. are now done with ease.

Digital Medical Records

The hospital database includes all the necessary patient data like disease history, test results, prescribed treatment, etc.


Each specialist will be in charge of certain process stage and can share outcomes with colleagues just in one click.

Less Time Consuming

As the services and interactions are improved in all possible ways, everything is being planned with greater precision.


Patient reports are kept in tracks of everything that happens in a medical office.

Security and Facility Requirements

All medical practice and patient information systems should be HIPAA compliant in order to meet federal security standards.


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