Build your own Lead Tracker Application | Customer details and insights in one place.

Build a Lead Tracker applications and keep each and every bit of information like, Customer Registration Details, Personal Information, Assets, Assets Details, etc. with sync and safe in a single application. And make your job easier and smooth.

A Lead Tracker With Ease And Smooth

The sales pipeline is the single most important practice to any organization that sells goods or services. This Sales Lead Tracker will help it run like a well-oiled machine, simplifying movement through the pipeline and stimulating prospect conversion. With all the information you need in one place, you can focus on spending time with your leads, rather than on managing the heaps of data that come with them.

Tasks & Reminders

Alert salespeople and set up tasks for them as soon as their lead takes a notable action. As soon as a prospect clicks on a “Call me back” link, you can automatically alert the salesperson and set up a task to call the prospect.

  • 01Set up CRM tasks for yourself to follow up or assign them to others in your team.
  • 02Manage your tasks from your CRM dashboard and view outstanding tasks across your team.
  • 03You can set up recurring tasks, maybe flagging an expiry date or a 6-weekly courtesy call.
Trackable Emails

Send one-on-one sales emails to your leads in just a few clicks. All these emails get tracked in the CRM with lead activity history, including the response of the lead.

  • 01Get notified when a prospect opens your email, clicks on links or downloads the content.
  • 02The built-in email client lets you quickly send and receive emails with comprehensive tracking.
  • 03Save hours drafting the same emails repeatedly. Use well-crafted email templates.
Activity History

Every conversation your leads have with your sales team are tracked and captured – phone calls, emails and others. Everything you track, is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.

  • 01Record every conversation your leads have with you – phone calls, emails, chats etc.
  • 02Lead identity and activities is displayed in a clean time-based flow on the lead activities page.
  • 03Get comprehensive view on sales rep today’s activities to measure the productivity at the end of the day.
Lead Insights

Get access to complete individual and collective lead insights. So, in addition to tracking individual leads, you’ll also be able to track the collective lead growth, daily lead addition summary, and the average time that it takes to win a customer.

  • 01Use detailed, visual reports to spot engagement patterns and conversion trends over time.
  • 02Make better decisions using easily decipherable graphs and charts.
  • 03Optimize your pipeline performance with sales reports provided on various key metrics.

Our Lead Management Solution

CRM Lead management is a solution that’s part of the sales cloud and which simplifies an otherwise tedious process into a single-view solution. With a lead tracking software, following up becomes increasingly personalised and automation reduces manual tasks while every lead is given the attention it deserves.

Oditek’s sales lead tracker system gives you the capability to give each lead all the attention it deserves by leveraging the power of data. Allocate, automate, and personalize lead management with the Oditek lead management dashboard.

Lead Management & Tracking Application

Complete sales activities, see the detailed company and contact records, and view communication history in one place so you can manage leads without the hassle.

Track Leads From Start To Finish

Use a customized dashboard to keep tabs on the lead conversion cycle. You can accurately trace and convert more leads in less time.

Get Periodic Notifications

Set reminders for phone call or meeting on your calendar. Emails or push notifications, desktop or mobile – the choice is yours.

Automate Lead Management Workflows

With the click of a button, schedule emails to send to prospects at every stage through the pipeline.

Centralize Customer Information

With comprehensive entries for each contact in your database, easily revitalize cold leads or modify your sales pitch to dynamic prospects.

Filter And Assess Leads

Use filters to isolate leads by source and nurture them accordingly and eliminate fake or dummy data.

Gain Insight Through Powerful Analytics

Use detailed, visual reports to spot engagement patterns and conversion trends over time. Make better decisions using graphs and charts.


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