Comparing TIBCO Jaspersoft Over Other Reporting Platforms

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Different companies will require different reports capabilities in their system software, therefore an in-depth analysis is always required taking which reporting or BI tool will suit to the specific business decision makers needs. And Jaspersoft TIBCO tops the list.



One of the top market’s leading BI tools is TIBCO Jaspersoft that has been for quite some time. Year after year, you will find Gartner’s Magic Quadrant including Jaspersoft as a strong competitor and leader in providing open-source, innovative functions for business analytics and reporting.

Let’s take a more thorough look into these features and find why so many businesses choose TIBCO Jaspersoft Studio for their BI needs.


What is Jaspersoft?

Jaspersoft is a commercial open-source vendor software that focuses on BI, including reporting, analytics, and data visualization. TIBCO Jaspersoft provides commercial and open-source software, support, services, and licensing around the Jasper Reports, Jasper Reports Server, iReport, Jaspersoft Studio, and Jaspersoft ETL products.



Well, there are quite a few good reasons. Jasper Reports is developed and maintained by Jaspersoft. You can create your Jasper Reports using the main library and distribute them as long as you do not want to change the source code. If you want different licensing or any further support from Jaspersoft, then you have to buy additional products.


Support & Availability:

Support and availability – for use on multiple operating systems. Jaspersoft offers several potential points of support, such as phone, email, live support, and various forms of training to help companies find their footing. And, Jaspersoft in comparison to other BI platforms can be run on numerous operating systems and devices including macOS, Linux, Android/iPhone, Windows, and a web-based platform. Many users often claim that though other BI tools also work on the aforementioned OS, Jaspersoft access is more straightforward.


Multi-Business Applicability:

Many BI tools operate satisfying the needs of one audience, but Haspersoft TIBCO has the unique capability to cater to businesses of every group – Small, Medium, and Large. Jaspersoft can give value and insight into your business, irrespective of how much data or many customers you have.


Strong Features:

When customers look into investing in a BI platform, the first step is to evaluate the need and review which platform will provide them the necessary features to meet those needs. I most cases, Jaspersoft meets every need with ease. There are so many features and reporting dashboards/services Jaspersoft offers so businesses can get the most out of their data for business insights.

Here are some of the features that stand out:

  • Data Virtualization
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Multi-Dimensional Analytics
  • Mobile Applications for Android/iPhone
  • Ad Hoc Report Designer
  • Interactive Report Workbooks


Easy Implementation or Fast Reporting:

Jaspersoft is easy to implement and learn, hence, it quickly gives your business the power of BI. The training services offered are understandable, and many other third-party vendors also provide such services.


Data Source Connectivity:

Jaspersoft offers numerous data source connectivity as compared to other BI tools to access data. Custom Jasper Reports data source is also available. Also, any report can use data from multiple sources, which can be of different types.


Pixel-Perfect Reporting:

Jaspersoft offers advanced control of page size and typography for the users to generate pixel-perfect forms, receipts reports, and invoices to print.


Native Barcode Support:

Barcode plays an important role in BI reports globally in the manufacturing and retail sector and contains key information such as manufacturer data, retail price, cost price, and unique identifiers. Jaspersoft supports Barcode functionality following simple drag and drop approach of the Barcode component from the palette, It supports Barbecue libraries and Barcode4J.

If your business is deciding between TIBCO Jaspersoft and any other Reporting platforms/tools, the decision won’t be easy to make. Most of the BI tools offer top-of-the-line services that will help your company align all its important data and sources with your goals and customers. At OdiTek Solutions, we can help businesses decide which software, platform, or tool is right for them.


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