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From retail to educational institutions, businesses, transportation, and manufacturing, learn how our video security solutions can help your business.

Intelligent Surveillance Systems for Modern Environments

OdiTek offers sophisticated video security management system that operates seamlessly integrated with current infrastructures of different motion detection cameras, video cameras of different breeds, access control systems, IR Barriers & even Sonars and Radars. It provides real-time monitoring as well as multi-location remote monitoring, alarm management and reporting. The video surveillance software delivers reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions for any use case or industry.


This feature provides a centralised window to monitor all cameras and devices irrespective of the area that the surveillance system has covered. The featured maps offer hierarchical, interactive, and multi-layered interfaces, where you can control resources including cameras, access control doors, I/O devices, fire panel points, and more displayed on a GUI. You can drag-and-drop cameras from the map to selected monitors, and control selected integrated third-party systems.

  • 01Easy interface via Drag and Drop of the cameras on to the map
  • 02Supports Google Maps for location search and saving the map image
  • 03Get a window to centralised monitoring of all cameras and devices irrespective of the area that surveillance system has covered
License Plate Recognition

LPR is an advanced software feature that records a vehicle’s license plate number. This data is then compared to a database of numbers, useful for parking garages and security departments.

  • 01LPR system perform equally well with fast or slow-moving traffic
  • 02It provides a complete solution for parking lot, gate control, and public transport lane enforcement
  • 03Continuous day and night operation with high contrast images even in direct sunlight
Video Wall

OdiTek video wall software allows professional fully-featured IP-CCTV control room video walls to be built to any size. You can display videos on multiple monitors where operators can intelligently manage video. Monitors within the video wall can display a variety of information like site maps, alarm status, live or recorded video. The video wall is controlled using standard CCTV keyboards connected to any of the master workstations.

  • 01You can now have a much larger display area and far higher resolutions than a single display or projector
  • 02Superior processing abilities will deliver fluid visual performance and display large amounts of high-resolution content
  • 03Far more brightness and better contrast ratios to be used in environments with windows or overhead lighting
Third-Party System Integration

Our video security products and software can get easily integrated with a wide-range of third-party systems including Fire Alarm, Access Control, Billing System, etc. to provide a powerful single user interface. We have extensive expertise in security & IT technology, allowing us to effectively configure your camera system for maximum potential. This saves the cumbersome task of maintaining disparate systems, each separately.

  • 01An integrated fire alarm system with VMS allows a user to quickly identify and view the location of the fire alert
  • 02VMS supports all types of IP cameras, which allows system integrators to program the cameras for specific applications
  • 03VMS integration with access control devices allows users to monitor, control and analyze the multiple access points in real time

Enhanced Human Experience

OdiTek will tailor any video surveillance solutions to meet distinct organizational needs and create spaces that promote productivity, foster engagement, and ensure occupant health and safety.

Increased Safety

OdiTek’s camera security systems offer enhanced safety and reliability through innovative features like multi location remote monitoring. Our complete surveillance solution ensures the safety of guests and staff while securing sensitive assets and data.

Built For Every Industry

View multiple locations, increase video retention, and add additional cameras right from your mobile phone. No matter how your needs change or grow, OdiTek Solutions can support you.

Works in any bandwidth environments: Accommodate bandwidth constraints with intelligent bandwidth management and store video on premises, in the cloud, or any combination.

Better safety and security: With the right video management software, you can monitor every location at once. Get a complete picture of your business and proactively respond to security threats from an easy-to-use interface.

Our Video Security Software Industry Solutions

Our video surveillance software allows you to manage camera and recording settings, view multiple camera feeds, and set alerts for motion detection and tampering. The software can review and analyze the recorded video, giving the business important information. It can help in a wide range of industries including

Commercial Businesses

From small office to large businesses with multiple locations, keep your business safe with a video surveillance system. Businesses can use video security solutions to deter potential vandals, record workplace incidents, and monitor worker safety.

Hospital and Healthcare

Most advanced security systems play a crucial role in supporting security professionals, as it provides a safe, secure, and welcoming environment supporting the mission of the healthcare organization. The overall quality of the healthcare services is directly related to a safe and secure environment.


Video surveillance system plays a key role in manufacturing industry and provides actionable information in real-time for management to improve employee safety and product quality.


Monitor worker safety and keep your industrial warehouse, construction sites, factory, or farm secure with the network benefits of a video surveillance system. Even if you are working off-site, stay connected to the system with remote and mobile viewing apps for tablets, smartphones, and computers.


With thousands of commuters everyday, video surveillance is essential for safety and security of people in subway stations, buses, airports, and more. With advanced security systems you can now monitor back rooms, cash registers, and management software makes it easy to supervise all the feeds.


Advances in the quality and sophistication of video surveillance now provide security management with actionable information for personnel behavior issues, liability claims, and marketing trends.


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