Comparison of Angular JS with Node JS and React JS

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We all know that we are in the next generation of JavaScript, where we are getting everything customized as per user requirements. For the same thing, we have Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS. These are the three most useful programming languages of recent years. Most entrepreneurs or businessmen shall take decisions of deploying JavaScript according to the nature of their business. According to a particular survey, one out of three hoteliers prefers AngularJS Development Company for developing their menus. This is sole because of the fact that this JavaScript involves web-based applications developed onto a single page. Today we will have a comparison between Angular JS with Node JS and React JS.

Comparison of JS Frameworks Between Angular JS with Node JS and React JS


Angular JS is a client-side web framework launched in 2009 by Google. It was aimed to resolve issues in creating single-page applications faced by angular developers. With a large support community, it has an extensibility feature and can work well with several libraries.

Reasons why AngularJS is recommended:

1) User interface

AngularJS has the plus point of using HTML for defining a web app’s user interface. HTML is less fragile to recognize and also it is a declarative language. Overall it offers simplification of the web development process in which you just need to define what you want.

2) Flexibility

Web app development is made flexible with the use of directives and filters. The benefit of using directives is that they bring functionality to HTML rather than manipulating the DOM. Filters, on the other hand, are standalone functions that are separate from the app. Still, they take care of data transformations.

3) Testing

Unit testing in AngularJS is done by injecting mock data and then measuring the output. This is a completely different way of testing web apps in which individual test pages are created.

Let’s go over the technical aspects for choosing AngularJS over others:

    Advantages of AngularJS
    • Easily testable framework
    • Data synchronization is done automatically between the components and model view
    • Vast Angular libraries
    • Inbuilt dependency injection subsystem
    • Simple routing
    • Angular Data binding
    • Marvelous UI design
    • Customized Document Object Model can be created easily
    • It provides strong template building solutions
    Drawbacks of choosing Angular JS
    • DOM elements come with performance issues
    • Limited Routing offered
    • Scopes are difficult to debug
    • Angular gets slow with pages embedding interactive elements
    • Third-party integration is very complex
    • The learning curve is steep

React JS

React JS is more of an open-source JavaScript library rather than a framework. With this, astonishing UI can be built with good rendering performance. React is more dependent on ‘view’ in the Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. It was launched to resolve the rendering issues of large datasets in JavaScript frameworks.

Reasons why React JS is recommended:

1) SEO Effective

React JS can be easily run on the server and then a virtual DOM will be rendered which will return to the browser as a web page. This is a benefit because search engines find it hard to read JS-heavy apps which is the main issue with JS frameworks.

2) Excellent efficiency

React JS generates its own virtual DOM and also it takes care of all the changes made in the DOM and any updates in the DOM tree. For gaining a good performance it is a great and flexible approach.

Here are the other pros and cons of React JS:

    Advantages of React JS
    • It offers faster updates
    • Importing components is relatively very easy
    • With React JS you can reuse the code
    • JS debugging is smooth
    • It has an easy learning API and smooth interface designs
    • Fully component-based architecture
    Drawbacks of React JS
    • The learning curve is steep
    • It is not a framework and just a library
    • Flux architectures
    • If you integrate React into an MVC framework, some configurations would be required

Node JS

No5e JS is a server rather than a framework that is powered by the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. It executes JavaScript on the server-side. Its main application is done for simplifying the development of complex applications.

Reasons why NodeJS is recommended:

1) Server-side proxy

Node JS can handle numerous simultaneous connections in a non-blocking manner as it can be used as a server-side proxy. Mainly it is used when you want to proxy different services with varying response times.

2) NPM

NPM(Node Package Manager) comes by default with your Node.js installation and gives support for package management. NPM’s concept is similar to Ruby Gems. The most popularly used NPM modules are:

  • Mongojs and MongoDB
  • Connect
  • Moment
  • Bluebird
  • Pug
  • and sockjs

Here are the other pros and cons of Node JS:

    Advantages of Node JS
    • The same piece of code is shared with both client and server-side
    • Big files can be easily streamed
    • NPM has already become deep and rising at a fast rate
    • Simple to learn
    • Large support community
    Drawbacks of Node JS
    • Not scalable because one CPU is not sufficient to take advantage of multiple tasks
    • Deep understanding of JavaScript is required to work with NodeJS
    • Relational database issues
    • Particularly suited for web servers and not meant for CPU-intensive tasks
    • Nested callbacks

Comparison Table between Angular JS with Node JS and React JS


Technology Angular JS Node JS React JS
Variant MVC Framework with complete features Framework only for JS execution Open source Javascript library
Provision of Tool chain Low IDEs/code editors Libraries

GUI and CLI tools

Programming language JS, HTML JS JSX
Learning Curve High High Low
Redndering Client-side Server-side Server-side
Document object module (DOM) Real DOM No DOM Virtual DOM
Architecture MVC MVC/MVVM Flux Combined
Recent version of download 1.8.2 v16.14.0 17.0.2
Packaging Weak JX Core and source files encryption Strong
Dats Binding Two-way binding Two-way binding Single binding


Angular JS, React JS, and Node JS three are all high-performing frameworks and support successful app development. But depending on your app needs, you should choose which one suits your requirement the best.

Compared to React JS development, Angular JS comes fully featured because React JS is not even a framework and just a library. But when it comes to performance, React stands out more than Angular because of its virtual DOM. So it keeps differing according to certain parameters.

We hope you had a great experience reading this article on the comparison between Angular JS with Node JS and React JS which may prove to be of great help for customers or companies who wants to work with JavaScript Framework in the near future. At Oditek Solutions, we provide quality web application developments that are performance-driven and scalable. Please reach out to us for the development of enterprise-grade application needs that require an excellent front-end user experience.

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