ASP.NET Development – The Most Favourite Among The Developers

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Enterprises and businesses are in the process of migration from legacy systems to new, dynamic and robust web applications. In the crowded market of different technologies such as PHP, HTML5, WordPress, Magento and several others, ASP.Net Development has proved to be a popular choice among the developers.

Asp.Net Development has the power to build websites or web applications that can scale your business to the next level of success. While there are extensive choices available, why should one choose this famous Asp.Net technology for web development? Let’s understand the reasons for choosing ASP.NET Development Services.

Types of Asp.Net Development

There are 3 types of ASP.NET application development, as discussed below:


ASP.NET technology is based on MVC architecture and this is one of the advantages of this Microsoft technology. It is easier for developers to build an application based on ASP.NET. This MVC architecture makes it simpler to build complex applications in less time. Developers have the flexibility to customize the MVC patterns and behaviour as per the requirement of the business application.

Web Pages

This type of ASP.Net Development allows developers to practice PHP with HTML. Web pages can be created using ASP.NET using less to minimal coding efforts through Rapid Application Development.


This type of ASP.Net Development is useful for building dynamic, small and fast performing applications. This type of development demands less coding than the MVC pattern and gives more control to programmers.

Key Benefits of using Asp.Net Development

This open-source, server-side web application framework has an array of benefits, some of which are as mentioned below:

  • ASP.NET is useful for creating dynamic, robust and scalable web applications.
  • ASP.NET is the best choice for building applications that are completely secured owing to its built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration.
  • Minimal coding is required to build large applications using ASP.NET.
  • This Microsoft framework comes with toolbox and designer in the Visual Studio integrated development environment. Developer-friendly features of ASP.NET such as automatic deployment, WYSIWYG editing and drag-and-drop server controls.
  • All ASP.NET applications handle requests in run time by closely monitoring and managing processes to replace dead ones with new ones.
  • ASP.NET enables performing common tasks from a simple form submission, client authentication to site configuration and deployment.
  • Asp.Net technologies are preferred by developers as it is easy to create and maintain because of the existence of source code and HTML.
  • ASP.NET languages can be built to be language-independent. It allows users to choose the language of their choice or divide the application as per different languages.
  • ASP.NET being a server-side technology, the code for such applications gets executed on the server.
  • As all the configuration information is built-in, there is no process of registration of components. This allows for easy deployment of applications.
  • ASP.NET applications executing on the server are monitored for all pages, components and applications. This helps in detecting memory leaks, infinite loops and other illegal activities.
  • ASP.NET is the best choice for building heavy, complicated web applications as it is developed with ADO.NET using data-binding and page formatting features.

Hire ASP.NET Programmer And Experience The Advantage

ASP.Net development has been a sure shot booster to maximize ROI. As an ASP .NET development company, remaining at par with the state-of-the-art technologies has always been a challenge, along with having happy and satisfied clients, best of projects on hand with timely deliveries and contented developers/testers working on it. The most practical way to attain this would be to hire ASP .NET programmers to develop the most modern applications, depending upon the needs, specifications, budget, location, etc.

ASP.NET is most suitable for eCommerce web development, intranet and extranet web solutions, portal development and feature-rich customized .NET applications. Oditek Solutions is a leading ASP.NET Development Company offering unique web-based solutions for diverse domains. Drop your enquiries at –

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