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Employee GPS tracking application is gradually turning into a necessary business software for getting correct hour reports and payroll processing. The present economy is comprised of thousands of small and medium sized organizations utilizing moderately fewer labor forces, hence they are looking for one such solution that can keep track of each employee in a centralized way. There is another reason for which firms worry i.e. about the cost. To cater to this urgent need, field force tracking applications can be taken into picture.

The next question that arises here is – what is the best, least complex, most economical solution that can help both small and large scale industries to monitor their workforce hours?

This article will help you identify your actual needs and which solution will fit best into your needs for tracking your workforce providing you a precise and detailed analysis of each factor you’re considering.

What Is The Best Employee Tracking App?

While you’re deciding to identify the best employee tracking app or best employee attendance tracking app, you need to list down the features that you are looking for in such an application and what makes the application as the best employee tracking GPS app.

i. Do More With Less
This means while using the application on your smartphone it will focus only on the specific task assigned to it rather than unnecessary phone calls or messages. It won’t get interrupted by any outside call other than work and in this way it will navigate the fastest route for completion of the task

ii. Flawless Dispatch
Real-time mobile GPS tracking will enable you to optimize your team and assign tasks as per their availability and the location at which they are present. This thing happens through the automated scheduling feature of the application

iii. Easy Communication
The application will help you stay connected to your clients as well as employees on a single page which will simplify your work even more allowing you to make proactive decisions to keep your client as well as team, happy

iv. Simple User Interface
Since the application will be used by both the workers and the supervisors hence it must have a simple user interface so that it will be easy to navigate. It will help the employees to stay more connected with applications yielding more precise results

v. Compatible to Android and iOS
The application should be compatible with both android and iOS along with the windows operating system

vi. Flexibility
The application should be flexible enough to be integrated with other existing applications used for measuring reimbursement, attendance, or wages for better usability

Any location tracking application having the above basic features can be termed as the best employee tracking application since it will help to record the necessary location and attendance related data of your employees that is quite difficult to be recorded manually.

Certain application providers are providing individual applications i.e. employee GPS tracking app for Android and employee tracking app for iOS. However, depending on your necessity you can choose the app which is best suitable for your organizational need.

OdiTek’s Offerings!

Being one of the leading custom application Development Company, OdiTek provides employee location tracking applications that will cater to your entire requirement along with giving you a scope to customize the features as per your need.

Let’s have a look at its offerings-

1. Live Tracking
Our application will help you track your employees in real-time and will help you know their live movements

2. Complete Assurance
With our precise tracking data, get assured about your employee’s safety status and productivity

3. Actual Visit Status
This amazing feature capture the exact time when your employees meet clients and depart from there

4. Assign Task to the team
You can assign various tasks to your team members easily depending upon their availability just by sitting in one place

5. Scheduled Visits

You can use this application as a reminder to schedule your visit with your clients so that you will be notified the same bit earlier when you are going to meet them

6. Track the Assignment
This will enable you to track the tasks assigned to your employees and the status of that task, i.e. whether the task is completed or not. This will help you identify which employee is idle so that you can assign some other tasks to them. Overall it ensures that the working hours are best utilized yielding better productivity

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No matter what business do you run, you need to know where your employees are, specially your sales or field personnel. It will further help you calculate their productivity and process payroll. The evolution of technology has put forwarded various solutions in the form of applications to this crucial problem. Various location tracking applications are available. However, it’s very important to select the best timekeeping app for your organization.

With a team of experienced developers, OdiTek’ delivers location tracking applications including a handful of excellent features to target your crucial needs.

Reach out to us if you are wishing for a custom location tracking application.

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