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We all will agree to the fact that keeping track of time is a critical factor especially when you have a large number of employees or contractors or you have different sites and locations. However, it is one of the best ways through which you can always measure the efficiency as well as the productivity of your workers.

Since time is money hence, it is very important to keep yourself updated with the application without spending too much. Timekeeping app free will make sure to complete your requirement without using much of your money. That means you will get all your desired benefits with a very affordable deal. Isn’t it amazing!

Let’s get started with a brief overview of the best timekeeping apps that will cost you nothing and also will fulfill your requirement.

Time Keeping App

The timekeeping app ensures to reduce your physical as well as mental effort that is mostly utilized to manage employee time and attendance manually. Manual tracking may result in latent cost and less productivity since the accuracy will be very minimal. It helps to eliminate human errors and time exaggeration.

Opting for the best timekeeping app will not only save your time but also will decrease absence as well as confusion between the employees and employers. You can consistently track, manage, and control your employee’s time as well as attendance easily within a few taps through time-keeping apps.

Choosing the Best Time Keeping App

Since there are numerous time-keeping apps available, it’s quite confusing to select the best one. The following are some features that need to be considered while choosing the best timekeeping app free

1. Convenient and Easy to Use
The application must be convenient so that it can be used any time at any place by the remote employees as well. It must have a simple user-interface to be easily accessed by the employees

2. Real-Time Data
The application must display the real-time precise data to establish a belief among both employees as well as employers

3. Regular Updating
The data stored in the application should be updated automatically regularly to avoid further confusion among employees as well as employers

4. Clocking in and out Facility
So that the employees can directly punch in the data when they are and aren’t at work without taking any third person’s help

5. Payroll
It must include a payroll module to automate the calculation of billing, employee wages, and client invoices

6. Platform and Device Friendly
Make sure to check whether the app you are selecting is compatible with your other devices and platforms or not. It might be required to access the app through a mobile device like smartphones, tabs, etc. in certain situations

Advantages of Timekeeping Apps

The followings are some of the advantages of timekeeping applications and how they help reduce cost as well as inefficiency!

i. Calculating Payroll
Through a timekeeping app, you can calculate payroll and client invoices. The pending and completed tasks can be easily tracked regularly by both the employees as well as employers. It will further help to estimate the deadlines for a particular project

ii. Wage Calculation
It will be significantly helpful for calculating the wages for the employees based on the hours worked or by the hourly rate for a specified project. It will ultimately save a lot of your time and effort that is used to put into the manual calculation

iii. Reminders
The timekeeping app has a special feature of reminding the user about the deadline of the project that he’s working upon through notifications. It also alerts the user about the clock in/out if by any chance he forgets to punch in

iv. Timesheet Generation
You can easily generate a timesheet based on the time captured which will have all the data regarding total time-spent by an employee over a particular task/project, absence, holidays, etc. which will be further helpful in preparing for wages/payroll

v. Analytical Report
With the help of a timekeeping app you can analyze if the assigned task is completed or not and whether it is going to be completed before the deadline or not, and if not then what is the purpose of the delay etc. in the form of a report.

What OdiTek Can Provide!

With the smart tool set and experienced developers, we at OdiTek can provide you the best timekeeping app regardless of the size of your business. Here is a glimpse of the amazing features that are enabled in our time keeping application.

Let’s take a look!

1. Exporting Timesheets
The timesheet data can be exported easily so that you can either save it in an offline record or you can also send it to other departments if required.

2. Invoicing
Followed by timesheet entries our timekeeping app will help you create invoices easily in different formats like XLS, CSV, Docx, etc

3. Wages Calculation
Since it has a feature of automatically calculating the wages of the team members based on the hourly/weekly/monthly rates based on project or task so you don’t have to bear the headache of manual calculation

4. User Registration and Profile
As soon as a person tries to use the app, it asks to register with email activation and creates their profile along with customization so that they can enter their data related to the task performed by them

5.Statistics & Insights
It is a dynamic dashboard that helps to analyze the total time spent on a project or task by the employees

6. Rates Configuration
It is useful for configuring the rates for those who do overtime or work on the weekend. The wage rate will be calculated as per the number of days performed by them

7. Permissions
It enables the supervisor to have different permission than that of a subordinate


An organization must manage the time since it impacts a lot in your business health. It won’t be a bad decision to implement a time keeping app for your business to overcome any time exaggeration issues further that can adversely affect your business. However, the decision of choosing the best timekeeping app directly depends upon your type and size of business.

Time is money and we understand how important it is to manage the time for your business operations pretty well. Hence, at OdiTek we are providing the timekeeping app free to be utilized by your team members as well as supervisors. It will not only help to eliminate human errors but also will save a lot of your time and effort.
Visit us today to know more about our customized timekeeping software.

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