Best Video Surveillance Software for Businesses

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Security is an essential component of any business because you can’t call yourself a profitable organization if you’re unable to protect your valuable assets. Modern-day video surveillance systems are now more effective and intelligent than ever. The cameras are now linked to mobile phones having computer-like features such as motion sensors and automatic notifications to keep you updated about every ounce of activities going on in your organization.

This continuous evolution in technology has put forwarded more efficient ways of video surveillance system installation along with multiple ways to manage the recordings and storage. This has empowered small and medium business owners to access immensely powerful and best video surveillance software at comparatively affordable prices.

Things to consider before choosing the best Video Surveillance Software!

Here is the list of factors that should be considered while deciding on a video surveillance system for your business. These include-

1. Installation

It completely depends on the size of your business. If your business is not that bog and doesn’t have many areas to surveil or doesn’t need many cameras to set up then it can be done easily by yourself. Whereas, larger businesses having multiple locations, and thorny setups will require professionals to do the installation.

2. Pricing

It is also directly proportional to the size of your business and the number of cameras you require, the types of storage, the types of features such as video analytics, motion detection, etc. The prices for normal cameras also vary with the pricing of advanced camera systems.

3. Type of Camera

There are two types of cameras for video surveillance such as internet protocol (IP) and analog. IP cameras capture images in a greater resolution enabling automatic alerts along with video analytics. IP cameras provide various unique features and capabilities whereas analog cameras are traditional cameras having basic necessary features.

4. Type of Storage

Three types of video data storage options are available for your video surveillance systems such as network video recorder (NVR), digital video recorder (DVR), and hybrid. DVR system uses analog cameras where NVR can be used with IP cameras and as the name suggests hybrid systems can be used with both analog and IP cameras.

5. Required Features

Now-a-days various popular features such as night vision, pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ), smart motion detection are available in advanced video surveillance software. You need to have a thorough understanding of your needs and then only you will be able to pick the right one for your business.

For example- for your business to be monitored at night, a video surveillance system with strong night vision capabilities will do the work.

6. Identifying the areas to be secured

It’s very important to choose the areas you want to place your surveillance because as per that you have to choose the type of camera you’ll require. To make it clear let’s take an example if you want to keep an eye on the entrance then you might need a normal camera but if you want it to be also there outside of your business then it should be weatherproof and must be having PTZ features along with 24/7 alert.

Advantages of Best Video Surveillance Softwares

1. Gain Visibility

With the advanced video surveillance systems, you can now gain visibility into what’s happening at your business to keep you updated.

2. Reduce Loss

An effective video surveillance system helps in reducing business loss due to theft or vandalism by preventing various unnatural incidents from occurring.

3. Gain Visibility

With the advanced video surveillance systems, you can now gain visibility into what’s happening at your business to keep you updated.

4. Enhance Safety

Build a secure environment for your staff, customers, and visitors with advanced video surveillance software

5. Improve Operations

Leverage the video information and insights you accumulate from video surveillance to assist with expanding operational efficiencies.

6. Document Events

Access video, images, and long-term archives of your video footage for increased visibility into security events.

7. Receive Alerts

The motion detection feature in video surveillance systems will send you real-time notifications so that you’ll stay updated about the things taking place at your organization in your absence.

WHY OdiTek?

At OdiTek, we offer capabilities and experience in developing sophisticated video surveillance systems. We have a big team supporting global clientele with product development and integration services for different VMS products. With expertise and capacity in C++, C#, MFC, Java, etc., and domain knowledge of VMS, we are one of the leading product development service providers on video security systems.

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If you need any product development services for advanced video surveillance software, OdiTek is the right pick for you. Reach out to us today to know more about our expertise.

What OdiTek offers

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