Boomi Master Data Hub: A Smart Way to Data Management

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What is Master Data?

Master data refers to the essential business data that is commonly shared among various departments and systems for making crucial business decisions and conducting operations. Due to its importance, every organization must adopt Master Data Management solutions to effectively manage this critical data.

What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management (MDM) offers organizations a set of tools and procedures to maintain data accuracy and consistency throughout the enterprise. This ensures the existence of a unified source of truth for all crucial data, which in turn enables consistent data throughout the organization. Moreover, the implementation of MDM with the assistance of Boomi master data hub connection can simplify the integration process.

Why Master Data Management is Important?

In today’s data-driven world, ensuring the accuracy and synchronization of data across multiple systems has become crucial for organizations to achieve growth and success. Master Data Management (MDM) plays a critical role in achieving this goal by providing a centralized platform to manage and maintain essential business data.
Implementing MDM offers several benefits, including the establishment of a single source of truth for all critical data, which eliminates data discrepancies and inconsistencies. This, in turn, enables organizations to make informed decisions and execute business operations with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Some of the key factors that make MDM so important for an organization’s growth:

• Eliminates manual processes
• Reduces workload
• Improves data quality
• Ensures data compliance and governance
• Enhances business process efficiency
• Reduces time-to-market
• Facilitates easy decision making

Boomi Master Data Management

Boomi is a well-regarded vendor for Master Data Management (MDM) that provides a flexible, scalable, and easy-to-implement MDM Hub. One of the unique aspects of Boomi’s Master Data Hub is that it doesn’t store or manage all the data but rather synchronizes only the master data from operational systems. This approach ensures that the data remains within the organization’s active databases and never leaves the cloud or on-premise environment.

Boomi Master data hub is a cloud-native Master data management solution that helps with data synchronization. Using this platform, organizations can manage their data assets more efficiently by improving data audit, security, and compliance. Furthermore, the solution significantly reduces the risks of errors caused by inaccurate information, providing reliable and trustworthy data for making critical business decisions.

How does Boomi data hub differ in solving the business problem?

There are many challenges any organization would face during their evolution from a simple IT system to a hybrid, heterogeneous ecosystem. During their evolution process, they tend to lose the track of their data and thereby data accuracy decreases day by day. And there isn’t any single source of truth for their key data assets like Customer, Contacts, Products etc which will make the compliance & data quality issues uncontrolled. Here is where the importance of MDM Platform solution comes in.
A solution claiming to resolve this business challenge must effectively tackle all the associated obstacles. To address this, Boomi offers the Boomi Master Data Hub tool, which facilitates integration between diverse systems via a simplified Hub-Spoke model. This allows organizations to easily scaleup their IT systems without encountering complexity.

Shown below is an integration with their end points before and after Boomi MDM implementation:

Shown below is an integration with their end points before and after Boomi MDM implementation

The Hub-Spoke model works by centralizing the master data management hub, which acts as a central point of control for all data flows. The spokes are the connected systems that exchange data with the hub, and each spoke can be customized to meet specific business requirements. This approach offers a flexible and scalable solution that can be easily adapted to meet the evolving needs of any organization.

Data Synchronization: How does it help businesses?

To establish a single source of truth for the entire organization, it is essential to synchronize and enrich trusted data across all enterprise systems by mapping it to the enterprise directory. This can be achieved by synchronizing data between multiple business applications. The process involves creating a centralized golden data record in a data hub that connects all applications. The Boomi Master Data Hub acts as a central data hub that automatically routes any changes made in any of the applications to the other applications, thereby ensuring that all systems are up to date. The diagram below illustrates this process.

Master Data Hub Synchronization

By synchronizing data in real-time, businesses can eliminate the need for manual updates and increase the accuracy of data. This leads to improved decision-making processes, enhanced productivity, and better customer experiences. Additionally, data synchronization enables businesses to have a more streamlined and efficient workflow, which ultimately helps them to stay competitive and agile in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The Key Functions Offered by Boomi Master Data Hub:

Boomi Master Data Hub is a comprehensive solution that enables businesses to maintain a single source of truth for their master data assets such as customers, products, and suppliers.

Here are some of the key functions that Boomi Master Data Hub offers:

The Key Functions Offered by Boomi Master Data Hub

Lastly, Boomi Master Data Hub offers seamless integration with other Boomi products and third-party applications, allowing businesses to incorporate master data management into their overall IT landscape with ease. This can lead to significant operational cost savings and help businesses make better decisions based on accurate and consistent data, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.


With Boomi Master Data Hub, businesses can maintain a single source of truth for their master data assets, such as customers, products, and suppliers. The solution provides a comprehensive set of functions, including data synchronization, data quality management, data governance, data enrichment, and data integration, enabling businesses to effectively manage their data assets with ease.

Businesses can improve data quality, reduce costs, and make better decisions with data synchronization, quality management, governance, enrichment, and integration. Our certified Boomi developers provide implementation and ongoing support for greater accuracy, efficiency, and outcomes.

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