Build A Taxi App with Uber Like Features

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OdiTek’s Uber Clone is one of the most technologically advanced, top-of-the-line taxi booking app solutions available in the existing on-demand industry. Experts have predicted that the ride-hailing industry is going to witness massive growth, as a greater number of people are expected to move towards availing of taxi services. Post-lockdown, the global ride-hailing market size is estimated to show a growth of 55.6% from 2020 to 2021.

So, why not make the most of this thriving opportunity to launch an on-demand Uber Clone with all the safety features integrated to make the driver and user experiences better and safer!

The ardent entrepreneurs can now develop a full-fledged ride-hailing application that acts as the connecting bridge between the riders and the drivers with the 100% customizable white-label solution. The clone application is stacked with the latest features and is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. The extensive admin panel assists the business owners in managing their business processes efficiently under a single roof.

The taxi app solution can be personalized to suit various business verticals of the taxi industry, including car rentals, bike taxis, ride-sharing, ride-hailing, corporate cab services, fleet management, and many more.

At OdiTek Solutions, we understand the demographics of the customer and accordingly develop taxi booking software suiting to their requirement. With our intelligent Uber App Script, you can easily connect the clients needing your taxi services.

Uber Clone Script: An Uber-Clone Application Like No Other

The huge digital transformation of the taxi industry demands every business set up their game for their survival. OdiTek Solutions can help you with ready-made, on-demand taxi management software that empowers taxi companies to take charge of their operations and automate their activities for a better outcome. Explore the advanced features of apps like Lyft and Uber clone taxi software that is both unique and profitable.

We provide all the features within your Uber clone script, which are essential for running a successful entrepreneur. We are an experienced taxi app development company. Our expert team leave no stone unturned in offering the best before our clients to accelerate their taxi business.

Based on intuitive, responsive panels, our script promises a seamless user experience. Our comprehensive product comprises of 4 applications within it. A Passenger App, Driver App, An Admin Panel, and Customer front website with taxi booking features. Some additional advanced features include fare management, go-location tracking, and multicity features like currency, language, category, and more on a city basis.


Passenger App:

i. Chat Module: Once a ride is booked and accepted by driver, Driver and Rider can Chat via text with each other.

ii. Vehicle Categories: Rider can select the vehicle from available options like Sedan, Suv, or Micro.

iii. OTP on Trip Start: Customer will get a 4-digit code on his mobile number that he has to provide to the driver to start the ride.

iv. Rent A Car: It allows a rider to book a vehicle on hourly basis for the whole day without the hassle of booking multiple rides.

v. Outstation Bookings: This feature allows the user to book a cab or taxi for outstation trips.

vi. Live Tracking: The passenger will get real-time updates for ride accepted, driver arrival, begin of the ride, and end ride or cancel.

Driver App:

i.Driver Documents: Drier will upload the ID proofs, and it will be verified and approved through the admin panel to get ride requests.

ii. Call/Chat: Driver can call or text rider for any queries related to the journey or ride.

iii. Accept/Reject Ride: Driver can accept or reject the ride request from riders within 30 seconds.

iv. Earnings: Drivers can see the earning reports on daily, weekly, or monthly basis, including every necessary detail and payment method.

v. Availability of Driver: A driver can switch their availability (On/Off) anytime within the app.

vi. Multiple Shift: If a driver wants then he can work in multiple shifts (Day & Night).

Admin Panel:

i. Dashboard: It facilitates you to monitor, control, and manage all the activities as well as operations to bring out the best result.

ii. Fleet Management: Now you can take part in the successful sectors and can manage your vehicle set along with payouts.

iii. Dynamic Document: Reduce the headache of paperwork and bring more efficiency to your business by managing everything at one place.

iv. SMS Gateway: Amplify your visibility by triggering bulk messages to clients through our smart SMS gateway integration feature from the admin panel.

v. Reports: Get all data related to the progress of your business at your fingertips. Trip payments to company settlements it deals with everything.

Build A Taxi App with Uber Like Features

Completely automate your taxi business operations with OdiTek!

The new era digital transformation of the taxi industry demands every business to augment their business for their survival. Turn your conventional fleet business into a profit-making platform with the help of OdiTek’s cutting-edge technology.Being a proficient taxi app development company, our developers can contribute everything related to scaling up your ride-hailing business. Irrespective of whether you are a start-up or established brand that deals with the taxi business, our Uber clone script will bring a remarkable change to your company’s brand visibility like ever before.

Start your ride-hailing business in style today with the best Uber clone app solution from OdiTek!

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