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C++ language is an Object-Oriented Programming Language that comes with certain generic features that enable its users to create different kinds of web applications as well as software infrastructures such as E-commerce platforms, desktop applications, and, websites. C++provides certain tools that allow developers to handle demanding development projects. The continuous update in this technology makes it even more efficient for application development needs.

This post contains a list of popular applications and software that are written using C++. Most of the C++ applications are used in our routine tasks. Prominent giants like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc. have most of the applications written in C++. Some of these applications are written partly in C++ whereas some are written completely in C++.

Apart from applications various Operating Systems, Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), Compilers, Device Drivers, and Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) are written in C/C++. Such Operating Systems include Windows 95, XP, 98, 2000, Symbian OS, Apple OS, and BeOS. General C++ applications include MySQL, Mozilla Firefox, and Adobe Photoshop, etc.

Applications developed in C++

Certain applications that are developed with C++ languages, as well as C++ technologies, are as follows

1. Win Amp Media Player

A popular media application from Microsoft that has been catering to all sorts of audio-visual needs for a long, is developed in C++.

2. Adobe systems

Adobe Photoshop, scanner, Illustrator, acrobat, etc. are developed using C++.

3. Google Applications

Most of the application provided by Google such as Google file system, Google Chromium browser, WebRTC, gRPC, and DeepMind Lab, etc. are written in C++

4. Thunderbird

Mozilla email client “Thunderbird” is written in C++ programming language.

5. Spotify

The popular audio streaming application Spotify has a back-end written in C++. The robust technology and powerful features of C++ make it possible for Spotify to manages the enormous amount of data.

6. Youtube

Though YouTube is written in a few different languages still, C++ was used for the core function of this application i.e. video processing.

However, apart from applications, C++ has also been used for developing Operating Systems. The strongly typed and fast programming feature makes it an ideal choice for operating systems and browsers. C++ also has a wide collection of system-level functions for writing low-level programs.

Moreover, because of the quick performance of C++, most programs have their delivering program written in C++.

Operating Systems and Browsers Written in C++

i. Apple OS

Some parts of Apple OS X along with iPod are written in C++

ii. Microsoft Windows OS

Various software of Microsoft is developed using C++. Also, applications like Windows 95, ME, 98; XP, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, the IDE Visual Studio, etc. are written in C++.

iii. Firefox

The open-source internet browser of Mozilla i.e. Firefox is developed completely in C++.

iv. Chrome

Chrome browser by Google is the fastest and safest browser which is also written in C++.

To gather a few more information about C++ applications, please visit our blog page- https://www.oditeksolutions.com/C++-application-development/

C++ Dev Environment

C++ development environment is nothing but software platforms that facilitates developers with a comprehensive set of tools for software development in a single product over C++ programming languages. They work with specific platforms in order to remove barriers involved in the software development process.
Few phases are involved in creating and executing a C++ application using a C++ dev environment, such as- edit, pre-process, compile, link, load and execute. Apart from this C++ systems consist of three parts i.e. C++ Standard Library, the language, and Program Development Environment.

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