Checklist To Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

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In the event that you are a tech organization that needs developing a website or web app, or you may be needing sophisticated online forms, calculators, or cloud-based systems, you’ll need the support of Front End and Back End developers. Skilled Back End developers are particularly popular as any site or application should connect to a server and make logic-based decisions. In the Back-End domain, PHP is one of the present most renowned programming languages used for back-end programming. Today in this blog we’ll investigate what you should search for to hire dedicated PHP developer with respect to technical skills, soft skills, interview questions, and a job description template.

Reasons for high-demand of PHP Developers

PHP was ground-breaking when it was released in the market and it was grown explicitly for web applications, giving it a favourable position over other languages. PHP was developed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf.

PHP was planned explicitly for web applications and can be quite sophisticated. Along these lines, PHP is often cited to be more complicated to learn that other languages like Python. As a result of its difficulty, the learning and implementation usage of the language isn’t as simple to spot.

PHP Developers are commonly answerable for writing server-side application logic, developing back-end components, interfacing the application with web services, and supporting the front-end aspects of the application. A portion of the reasons why PHP has become a mainstream programming language include:

  • Open source and free
  • Platform-independent
  • Compatible
  • Built for the web
  • Scaling
  • Excellent CMS’s
  • Easily integrates with AJAX

The present PHP programmers are developers with a wide range of understanding, experience and technical skills in the language. A PHP developer with the correct skills is fundamental and an extraordinary advantage for your company. In any case, finding a well-rounded PHP programmer requires a tad of information on what precisely to search for.

Top Skills To Look Before You Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

A decent PHP designer goes beyond writing, testing and maintaining code for web pages and works on projects of varying levels of complexity. This requires a decent measure of analytical and critical thinking abilities. Moreover, a decent PHP designer teams up with several other skilled developers and creates various applications and furthermore does troubleshooting at whatever point required. He/She generally has hands-on knowledge on most PHP frameworks, for example, Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, CakePHP, Joomla, and so on.

Here is the basic checklist of skills that each great PHP developer must have –

  • Knowledge of PHP programming language
  • Working SQL / NoSQL databases
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Good understanding of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of control systems (SVN / Git)
  • Experience with frameworks like Laravel, Symphony, YII2
  • Hands-on with CMS like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress
  • Knowledge of OOP (object-oriented programming)

Sources From Where To Hire Dedicated PHP Developer?

At the point when you are done with making your choice in the class from which you wish to employ, you are directly a piece closer. While there are various sources that help in the employing cycle, there again exist three sources.

PHP Developer Community

PHP being a flexible and a largely recognized programming language, it has colossal community support. While wanting to get hold of someone who may help you with working up a PHP project, such community are commendable enough to give a look.

Freelance Portals

Technology has unravelled several domains and the best one has been job search. Giving people the straightforwardness to work at their own convenience is the thing that outsourcing is about. There are more than 57.3 million freelancers working today

Certified PHP Development Company

The first term, itself gloats of its capacities. There exists a huge number of developing companies that take into account the minutest prerequisites of your task and vow to convey ideal outcomes. Such organizations hold expertise in their domain (here, PHP) and once you hand over your project to them, your activity is finished. They assume control over the project and would do all to develop efficient web solutions.

CheckList to hire dedicated PHP Developer

After you have shortlisted a few recommendations that suit best your prerequisites. Now, it’s an ideal opportunity to examine them and locate the ideal one.


Regardless of whether you pick an accomplished or a mid-level software engineer, it is consistently, attractive to rethink the experience of the organization. The more prominent the number of projects served, the higher is the knowledge base. Furthermore, this is the place a PHP development company outstands individual developers.

Past Projects

This is one of the crucial angles. True that you would have experienced the experience level of the equivalent, however you should look over the projects done by the potential company. See what the prior customers need to state about them, the website’s performance and additional details to better assess the capability of developing PHP driven sites. The way that development companies chip away at various ventures at the same time, they are proven to have a broad arrangement of finished activities.

Technology Stack

While PHP is utilized as one of the server-side languages, it is desirable to add more layers to the site page. This could be as far as technology or functions. What’s more, subsequently, regardless of who you pick, they should have hands-on experience in integrating varied features. Likewise, one who has a vast knowledge of various frameworks like XHTML, HTML, AJAX, MySQL, Zen and Cake PHP is preferred. Obviously, mixing technologies help develop present-day solutions.

Creative Skills

Web development isn’t just about creating solutions, yet additionally giving them a distinct method to outreach targeted users. One that has the ability to thoroughly consider out of the box are more capable than others. It isn’t generally the quantity, yet the quality of development that picks up client attention. A PHP development company has all the earmarks of being many strides ahead than individual developers. With a team of developers, there emerges a bundle of thoughts and proposals for a single project. This is a manner that encourages them to concoct the best solution.


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