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CodeIgniter is an open-source framework being used by developers for rapid development of applications. It uses the MVC model for better performance and stability. CMS (Content Management System) is an application software for the creation and modification of digital content. Do you know what is CodeIgniter CMS? Or how CMS works with CodeIgniter? Why it is useful for your business? Here is why!

CodeIgniter is a trusted platform for proving the fastest substantial services. It has been widely accepted by developers for working with PHP. It has all those services that can be asked by a user including libraries with a wide range of solutions suggested by users or developers to resolve your issues if any. CodeIgniter CMS is such an adaptive framework that it can work with many of the popular platforms such as PHP, SQL, etc.

CMS (Content Management System)

CMS is application software that is used to manage digital content modification and creation. It is used for two things that are Web Content Management (WCM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM). ECM enables multiple users in a collaborative environment by consolidating digital asset management, record retention, and document management. Whereas WCM authors the websites and includes data such as texts, photos, videos, embed graphics, audios, maps, etc. that helps to display the content and communicate with the users.

Features of CMS

1. Customizable templates
2. Group-based permission system
3. Having an admin panel with multi-language support
4. Integrated audit logs
5. Fewer server requirements
6. Hierarchical content having unlimited depth and size
7. SEO friendly URLs

CodeIgniter CMS

It is a user-friendly, responsive, and easy-to-use system that is created with the popular MVC framework. It facilitates the users to build a simple yet nice and clean website that consists of all pages such as services, portfolio, news, event, about, etc. Using CMS with CodeIgniter, you can create any kind of website like education website, fitness website, lawyer website, etc. as per your choice.

Since this CMS is developed with popular PHP framework CodeIgniter, it can be customized easily by the programmers. They can understand the codes used in it easily and can modify the database as well as files if required. CodeIgniter CMS has quite a strong security base along with admin level security to protect it from XSS attack, SQL injection attack, etc.

Features of CMS with CodeIgniter

It has these fruitful features to provide the best user experience.

1. It has a simple and easy interface
2. It contains data statistics in the dashboard
3. Supported by unlimited color options
4. Portfolios and testimonials are managed by admin
5. It manages Meta title, keyword, and description for all pages
6. It has invalid URL protection for the page
7. It can be easily installed on the server

Different Types of CMS that can be used with CodeIgniter

1. FUEL CMS: FUEL CMS is created upon the most commercial PHP framework CodeIgniter. It will go perfectly with your pre-existing installations. This CMS with CodeIgniter has an attractive interface and charm due to which it is quite admired by content editors. It is an open-source platform that is hosted on Github.

2. Pyro CMS: It is a free and open-source CMS platform. The Control panel is constructed on standardized patterns and principles that make it easier and faster for the developers to develop applications. It is very easy to manage your content from anywhere with pyro.

3. Codefight CMS: Codefight CMS is created upon the CodeIgniter Framework. It is an open-source PHP framework that is very easy to learn. It is now coming up with a new version having multiple website managers.

Steps to Build a Custom CMS using CodeIgniter

1. Decide the application you want to make- Firstly you have to decide exactly what application or development you want to make using CMS for CodeIgniter.

2. Selecting a framework- You can go for the CodeIgniter framework. Since it uses MVC architectural pattern, it provides a simple interface and is very convenient to use. Apart from this, it’s set up is very easy. It ensures a secure connection to the users.

3. Dashboard- Now you have to create a dashboard screen which will be CMS homepage. There you have to create three files. The First one is dashboard.php which acts as the brain for the users who browse to that page.

4. The Second PHP file will be about your application which will retrieve and store data from the database.

5. The last and third PHP file will contain HTML to go through the page and provide necessary data to the user.

6. Designing- For this, you can take the help of the Bootstrap library as the design toolkit to style your CMS. It not only gives a suitable theme to your website but also helps you to use your CMS on any device because of its “Mobile First” functionality.

CodeIgniter has built-in libraries loaded with everything that you will need while developing your website. It has contents starting from form validation to security and session management. It facilitates you to just concentrate on what you are trying to achieve in managing your data by eliminating all the unnecessary information that you don’t need for your website.

CodeIgniter is a very powerful framework having a wide range of features along with libraries and helpers. Since it uses MVC, you don’t need to worry about complex configurations while working with CodeIgniter CMS. All you have to do is download the latest version from their website, unzip, and set up a few things and you are good to go.


Usually, developers suggest going with the CMS in CodeIgniter they are familiar with but choosing the one CMS for CodeIgniter that will perfectly fit into your requirement will make your work quite easier.

Having quite experienced and capable CodeIgniter developers, Oditek Solutions will help you choose the right set of CMS with CodeIgniter that will be beneficial for your business. We also have a technical support team that not only will resolve your queries but also will keep you updated about the progress of your project.

What OdiTek offers

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