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CodeIgniter is an open-source software development framework that is used for creating dynamic websites with PHP. CodeIgniter is prepared based on the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern. However, it can be modified to work with HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Controller). This permits the developers to manage the modular grouping among controllers, models, and view arranged in a particular sub-directory format. Compared to any other PHP platform, CodeIgniter is the fastest one.

Do you know how CodeIgniter works in PHP? Do you know how CodeIgniter for PHP is different than any other PHP platform? Do you have any knowledge regarding the features of CodeIgniter? This post will help you clear all these queries.

CodeIgniter is quite a Substantial PHP Framework that helps developers to construct significant web applications. It can be trusted for faster performance in case of development of the dynamic websites & application suites. CodeIgniter has an MVC (Model- View- Controller) model which helps in optimizing time while developing completely functioning websites and applications on PHP. CodeIgniter for PHP is gaining huge popularity gradually because it takes only a few minutes to develop a small or middle size application which is almost impossible by other PHP software with the help of very minimal setup.

Why CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is a boon for developers who are professionals on PHP or who are working over PHP for a long period. There are certain reasons to justify it, out of which one important reason is that CodeIgniter has plenty of open-source frameworks which will help you develop web application instantly within very less time. Now, we will discuss the other reasons to use CodeIgniter.

1. Simple Solution: Although CodeIgniter uses MVC, still it provides a very simple and user-friendly interface to its users. CodeIgniter is suitable for those developers who want to keep things simple yet effective.

2. MVC: CodeIgniter has a Model-View- Controller framework in its operations by default. It will help you modify the illustrative concepts that the user may have an idea about previously. With the help of this framework, you can turn those ideas or concepts into real applications. The developers who are looking for simple as well as smart solutions to the development framework can opt for PHP CodeIgniter blindly. CodeIgniter will help you create web solutions offering the highest levels of competence unlike anything else. This means you are now prepared to offer effective solutions to your users.

3. Managing Web Applications: CodeIgniter for PHP framework provides such software that ensures the performance of your website is consistent. The development platform has an eloquent amount of securities which will ensures your data is protected. It will give you the freedom to use a wide range of applications.

4. Rich resources: The CodeIgniter framework will provide you with a sheer range of web applications as well as development services that can be developed through CodeIgniter that to in very lesser time. It will allow you to provide your users with an easy interface along with a logical structure. You can develop functional websites in a very simple structure with the help of CodeIgniter.

5. Strong Security: CodeIgniter framework provides built-in protection against CSRF and XSS attacks. That means you can use as many applications you want without worrying about your data. The latest version has context-sensitive escaping along with CSP.

6. Zero Configurations: CodeIgniter’s configuration is mostly done by convention and it doesn’t require any configuration.

How CodeIgniter Works?

When a user requests to the resource, the controller responds to the request first. The controller recognizes the user request and then asks for the demanded data if required. The following picture will help you understand.


i. First, the user wants to retrieve a person’s data so he requests through the browser.
ii. The controller then receives the request and requests to the model to retrieve the record of the particular person.
iii. The model finds out the database and returns the data back to the controller.
iv. The controller then again forwards the data to the view that decodes the data into a human-readable format.
v. Then the results are returned to the browser.

Salient Features of CodeIgniter:

1. Since CodeIgniter is licensed under MIT license, it is completely free to use.

2. Unlike normal PHP scripting, where each page represents MVC that increases the complexity; CodeIgniter uses MVC which separates logic and presentations making it easier to access.

3. CodeIgniter system demands a very small library making it light-weighted. However, upon dynamic requests, other libraries can be added if needed.

4. The URLs generated by CodeIgniter are simply clean and search engine friendly. It operates with a segment-based approach instead of a standard query-based approach.

5. CodeIgniter has a complete package of libraries that allows all web-related tasks such as database, sending an email, validation of forms, etc.

6. CodeIgniter for PHP provides you the facilities of file uploading, session management, pagination, and data encryption.

7. Flexible URL routing is also facilitated by CodeIgniter.

8. The CodeIgniter framework is well documented and has tutorials, books, and answered forum questions on CodeIgniter. This means if you face any problem during operating the framework you will get appropriate answers to those problems.


CodeIgniter is a PHP framework that is used for the rapid development of applications. There are certain built-in features associated with CodeIgniter which are designed in such a way that they will make CodeIgniter run independently. The framework utilizes MVC (Model View Controller) architecture which helps to separate logic and presentations making it easier for the user to access. It also has well-documented books, tutorials to help the user solve any kind of problem they face while operating CodeIgniter.

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