CodeIgniter vs Laravel vs CakePHP - Which One To Choose?

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Which one to choose – CodeIgniter vs Laravel or CodeIgniter vs CakePHP or CodeIgniter vs Laravel vs CakePHP? Let this post guide you.

PHP is considered as the top server-side scripting language. It is an open-source language that offers an easy learning curve. Needless to say, PHP frameworks have managed to garner the attention of all. However, businesses often wonder which PHP framework to choose.

The recent advancement in PHP programming languages has developed three innovative frameworks – CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP. All these frameworks are open-source and follow MVC (model-View-Controller) approaches. Still, all have their advantages and disadvantages, and based upon that let’s find out the best framework for web development.

With so many choices, CodeIgniter and Laravel development services are considered to be the most popular and trusted ones.

CodeIgniter vs CakePHP – WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE?


CodeIgniter and CakePHP have a lot of similarities that lead to a comparison between both. These frameworks adhere to MVC architecture and deploy routing methods. Let’s take a detailed look at the comparison of their top features:

1. Layout: CodeIgniter follows a simple approach to develop the layout and offer a caching mechanism to simplify the work. CakePHP comes with a default layout where the implementation of the footer, header, and sidebar is an easy task.

2. MVC Architecture: Both CodeIgniter and CakePHP utilize MVC structure. With CodeIgniter, you can develop websites without deploying the MVC model. It makes the code insecure and anyone will get access to the add query filtration.

Whereas, CakePHP is a tough task to build a website without using the MVC model. Using this framework, you can look for the trusted CakePHP development services to build a web portal.

3. Simplicity: When the talk is about simplicity, the point fairly goes to CodeIgniter. The coding here takes place within the libraries and developers can have easy access to the activities performed during the CodeIgniter framework development.

On the other hand, coding becomes an effortless process using CakePHP. But to get easy access to the information, you need to go deeper.



CakePHP and Laravel are the two open-source frameworks greatly used by the developers. Both these frameworks are an ideal option to go with when creating high performance and feature-packed web applications.

Here’s a comparison of their certain features to find which one you should choose.

1. Community Support: This is one of the most important reasons why developers prefer the CakePHP framework. You will find a reliable firm specializing in this domain and this framework has been around for quite some time now. Also, it is backed by a community of enthusiastic and talented programmers. With Laravel, you will get assistance for all your queries through public forums.

2. Framework Architecture: In CakePHP, class inheritances are easy to use. Also, it has an improved structure that contributes to simple maintenance. In the case of Laravel, it comes with an architecture supporting third-party plug-ins.

3. Templating Engine: Build appealing and interactive layouts hassle-freely. As compared to CakePHP, Laravel comes with a flexible, lightweight, and configurable template design. So, you can add features without any trouble. Because of this Laravel framework has become popular amongst the developers.

CodeIgniter vs Laravel – WHICH FRAMEWORK IS BETTER?


Consider the CodeIgniter PHP framework if you need an intuitive framework that can be grasped without any difficulty. But if your project is of enterprise-level, then Laravel is the right option. Check out a detailed comparison of both of their features.

1. Community Support: Both the frameworks enjoy extensive support of members taking their open-source nature. To get an instant solution online, the developers consider Laravel to be an effective option. So, choosing Laravel development services will prove beneficial in the long run.

2. Stability and Reliability: You can count upon CodeIgniter when it is about the stability of the web application. With Laravel the source code is hosted under GitHub as it is released with MIT license. This makes it greatly reliable in comparison to other PHP frameworks.

3. Learning Curve: Laravel comes with vast tools and features than CodeIgniter. The complexity of Laravel increases due to its additional features. Due to this reason, it would be difficult for beginners to understand as they need to invest a good amount of time to cover different aspects of Laravel development.

In comparison to Laravel, CodeIgniter offers a small learning curve. But when it comes to the CodeIgniter PHP framework, the developers will easily grasp its functionality in a minimum amount of time.


As we have told you everything about the three leading PHP frameworks – CodeIgniter, Laravel, and CakePHP. But remember, the number of features always does not determine a framework’s usability. In the end, it completely depends on your project, the requirements, and the challenges associated.

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