Drupal CMS Architecture and Advantages

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When you want to build a website, one of the trickiest decisions is, which Content Management System to go with? The goal of many website owners is to get their website up and running easily and quickly. Thankfully, Drupal CMS is designed to do just that. This popular content management software has huge communities behind it, ready to help both veteran and new users contribute their own code and changes.

Drupal is a leading content management system and efficient content management framework that helps to power dynamic websites and applications with maximum feasibility and minimum effort.

Why Industries Prefer Using Drupal as CMS?


Let’s discuss why companies are shifting over to Drupal CMS system, when there are hundreds of CMS solutions that they have developed on their own. What drives them to adopt Drupal technology and go for Drupal CMS web services to create a better experience? Why industries opting Drupal based CMS? How will Drupal for CMS affect them? Are there any key advantages?

Content Distribution & Management
Drupal is a highly content driven CMS software which enables dynamic content management and maintenance. Drupal attend the needs and specifics of the industry by publishing content within a stringent guideline based system in an efficient way keeping the lifecycle of content in mind.

Cross-Platform Portability
Drupal is specifically engineered to provide portability in the web domain. When it comes to cross-platform scripting of the layout and its management for several platforms such as tablets, desktops, mobile devices and other web content display needs, Drupal CMS framework wins hearts.

Social Media Interactivity
Engaging current and prospective customers in a personalized way is the need of the hour in terms of CMS. And Drupal has successfully helped to fulfill this. Drupal CMS platform can help in customization of contents in a different manner that will help customers stay engrossed in that content with the added incentive of them helping to share, interact, and further market your content.

Monetization and ROI
Creating content is not free and demands a respectable return on investment which comes from effective marketing strategies.

Drupal is the best CMS because it is open source

Imagine Wikipedia to be managed by certified editors that work together in one office. How many people would they need to cover all the articles in all the languages? Moreover, how would you guarantee that these people know enough to describe all the information related to a specific topic?

The biggest advantage of Wikipedia is anyone can contribute to any article. Even if you are an expert in unusual topics, you are more than welcome to share your knowledge with others.

The same thing is with an open source. You do not have to pay to use this software and if you see that something is missing in it, you can edit it or request changes from others. More opinions – more suggestions – more ideas – more values.


Understanding Drupal CMS Architecture & Why we prefer Drupal over other Open Source CMS’s


Reliability and Scalability
Drupal is reliable with accelerated adoption. As per reports, Drupal 7 was adopted by more than 100,000 websites in just 6 months as compared to Drupal 6 which took more than a year to achieve the same record. Drupal 8 seems to be adopted faster than the previous versions. Drupal CMS platform can easily handle high traffic and hence is essential for enterprises. Drupal enterprise CMS is your way to successful branding and quick corporate success.

It is greatly flexible letting you to customize almost everything on your site. Without the hassle of implementing custom code, you can customize blogs, polls, forums, pages, fonts, third party themes, colors, layouts, aesthetics, etc.

Eases Complexity
In a Drupal CMS website developers can deploy core features and functionality with the help of additional customization features and options. Drupal CMS web designing allow to create and modify big websites with a difficult structure. Drupal best CMS makes it easy to add taxonomy terms and facilitates plenty of opportunities for site extension.

OdiTek Solutions is a leading India based Drupal based CMS development company with a proven track record. We have expertise in building compelling applications and websites that drive successful outcomes for enterprises like yours.

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4. Augment your existing Drupal team

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What OdiTek offers

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OdiTek is an experienced Drupal development company that has built a diverse range of websites and modules for a range of global clients and enterprises, ranging from large corporations to SME's and Public Sector Organizations. Our involvement with Drupal goes back to Drupal 4.0 years....

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