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Flutter is Google-developed open-source UI software development kit that allows developers to create visually appealing, high-performance apps for numerous platforms using a single source code. It includes libraries, documentation, and a collection of tools that allow developers to create natively rendered cross-platform apps.

Despite its youth, flutter mobile app development is causing quite a stir in the world of mobile app development. Cross-platform development is becoming increasingly popular among businesses and developers. Developers want to increase their productivity and develop high-performing apps faster, while start-ups and business owners want to reduce time-to-market and development costs.

React Native has long been the go-to cross-platform tool, but Flatter mobile app development has recently emerged as a significant competitor in the cross-platform app development space. Flutter, which was first introduced by Google in 2017 and was published in its stable version in December 2018, allows developers to create mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, as well as the Web.

Basic Concepts

The http package includes a high-level class and the http protocol for making web requests.
1. The http class gives you the ability to make any type of HTTP request.
2. Dart Map accepts a url and other information via http methods. In an async/await pattern, it sends a request to the server and waits for response.

The following are some of the most important methods:
1. Read – Using the GET method, request the supplied url and return the response as a Future < String >
2. Get – Request the supplied url using the GET method and return the result as a Future < Response >. Response is a class that stores information about responses
3. Post – Post the supplied data to the specified url using the post method, and the response will be returned as Future < Response >
4. Put – Request the specified url through PUT method and return back the response as Future < Response >
5. Head – Using the head method, request the supplied url and return the response as a Future < Response >
6. Delete – Using the delete method, request the supplied url and return the response as a Futute < Response >

How Flutter mobile app development is revolutionary

Flutter was created by the Google team to assist in speeding up the app development process. They developed a set of tools and features to improve efficiency and convenience of use while still producing high-performance apps that are comparable to their native counterparts. Here are a few reasons why Flutter will revolutionize the app development landscape:

    1. Cost-efficiency

    When you use Flutter to create apps, you can reach a larger audience in less time. Flutter allows developers to create a single application that is compatible with Android, iOS, and the web. This results in shorter development times and lowers costs because separate development teams with diverse tool sets are no longer required to coordinate with one another.

    2. Faster App Development

    Flutter has a number of features that make app development easier and result in a faster time to market.As previously said, hot reload dramatically improves developer productivity by allowing them to rapidly and efficiently construct interfaces, add features, and correct errors. There’s also more incentive to explore because there aren’t any delays when coders update their code.

    The flutter mobile app development offers a large number of ready-to-use but easily customized widgets that help to speed up development. A UI element just needs to be built once, and it will adapt to different platforms, resolutions, and screens. Flutter also includes widgets that closely resemble the behavior and appearance of Android and iOS, allowing you to create a stunning app for several platforms.

    3. Native App Performance

    Using flutter, you shouldn’t have any of the general performance issues that normally are encountered with traditional development frameworks. Flutter apps offer rapid start-up times and overall good performance, making them almost indistinguishable from native app performance. This is thanks to Dart’s direct compilation capability, which eliminates the requirement for a bridge to permit communication between flutter and another platform. This mobile app tool’s outstanding quality ensures a great user experience.

    4. Simple to use

    Flutter is a rather simple tool to learn once you’ve mastered the Dart programming language, which shouldn’t be too tough. Google has made the switch from native to cross-platform app development frameworks simple for mobile app developers. If you’re an Android developer, for example, you can keep using your IDE because Flutter integrates well with Android Studio.

    5. Open-source

    Flutter is an open-source framework with a rapidly rising active developer community of thousands.


The flutter mobile app development does a good job of offering a platform-independent foundation for developing mobile applications. By making the flutter mobile app development process simple, the flutter framework will surely enable a huge number of new developers to create high-performance and feature-rich mobile applications in the near future, high performance in the resulting mobile application, and rich and relevant user interface for both Android and iOS platform.

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