Best Practices & Tools for MEAN Stack Developers

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To succeed as professional MEAN Stack developers, we require a lot of learning, skill development, and experience on working all different components of MEAN Stack and associated development tools. To transform from a beginner to an experienced professional takes time and effort but most of all, it takes self-management and quite a few tips and tricks.

While there is no rulebook to become a mean stack developer, there are a few best practices and tools that function as a roadmap to success in the career. Instead of looking for developers who specialize in one type of development, many employers are now searching for the jack-of-all-trades of the industry, which just happens to be MEAN stack developers.

MEAN Stack is the most recent web development technology tool which is gaining a powerful standard for developing strong websites.

Best Practices to hire MEAN Stack Developers

1. Gain certification through a mean stack developer course

For a mean stack developer, a full portfolio is always a good sign. MEAN stack developers are expected to keep abreast of all new technological advancements, however, big or small. A good way to do this is by enrolling in a mean stack developer course where the curriculum is thorough and focused on practical learning. Certification endorsed by industry leaders will go a long way in securing a rewarding job as a mean stack developer.

2. Master Core Technologies

Hire MEAN Stack developers who have mastery of core technologies related to the MEAN Stack. MEAN Stack developers can go as niche or as general as they prefer, but a good place to start is by mastering a language or tool that the organization or clients prefer within the back-end or the front-end layer. To succeed as a MEAN Stack developer, deep knowledge of the MEAN Stack architecture, expertise on Angular (front-end), ExpressJS, NodeJS (Server), and MongoDB (database) are pre-requisites. Apart from that, experience/knowledge of building scalable cloud deployments and web application development are required skills.

3. Chat with the Experts

If you happen to know any experts, consider approaching them for a chat to know how they reached where they are and how can you do so, too. This is an invaluable piece of information that comes out of understanding and practice, rather than any theory book or stringent framework at the workplace. You can also read their books, research their use cases to understand how they do and what they do.

4. Have a Solid Foundation Rooted in the Basics

The most important weapon of any MEAN Stack developer is their understanding and knowledge of the basic technologies and programming languages. MEAN Stack is spread across three layers – presentation, logic, and database, with each layer having their technology and programming language. So a foundation rooted in the basics of the trade will serve in your toolkit for years to come.

Below are some of the best practices tips for MEAN Stack Developers:

  • Following a good style-guide, and keeping the code functional and simple
  • Understanding the difference between arrow function and regular function.
  • Having knowledge of the event delegation mechanism.
  • Avoiding duplicate code as much as possible, even if you feel you are duplicating code try to create a common service and as soon as you done with that remove duplicate code.
  • Proper Error Handling on priority
  • Understanding critical points of memory leak
  • If their are some tasks like cron-jobs if possible run them as a separate micro-service totally outside of the application scope
  • Use observables and behaviour subject for handling event change and try to avoid timeout as much as possible
  • Divide the project into modules and identify the scope of services
  • Learn aggregation
  • Learn about capped and ttl collection
  • Proper Index Creation is must for giving performance boost
  • Caching should be learnt on priority and various caching strategy available analyzed
  • Don’t block the event loop
  • Refactor your code , avoid duplicates and write unit test cases
  • Learn basics about AWS EC2 instances, remote deployment , linux environment , docker
  • Git skills are a must
  • Learn to create local packages and use them
  • Learn about creating micro-services
  • Please try and keep upgrading the node , angular version
  • MongoDb atlas must be given a try

The Best Open-Source Tools for MEAN Stack Developers

There are a ton of MEAN Stack developer tools. From IDEs to project management apps, you will find a plethora of options to choose from. That’s why this can get a little confusing for a developer. As the demand to hire MEAN Stack developers increases so does the number of tools.

To help you in the context, we’ve listed down some of the best MEAN Stack developer tools in the market. Some of these tools are hugely popular, and some aren’t, but all of them make development more efficient and more accessible.

1. TypeScript:

This is an open-source front-end scripting language used by MEAN Stack developers. It adds optional static writing and is a strict syntactic superset of JavaScript. It compiles JavaScript and is helpful for the development of large applications.


a. Supports definition files like C/C++ header files
b. Can run on any environment
c. Supports various JS libraries
d. Portable across various browsers and devices

2. GitHub:

This is the tool recently bought by Microsoft in 2018. GitHub helps several designers and programmers to work together on a project. They can host several open-source projects, as well as share ideas and solve errors.


a. Can host the documentation directly from the repositories
b. Allows all the code in a particular place
c. Simple documentation along with quality coding
d. Stays aligned, coordinates easily, and completes with the GitHub project management tools

3. jQuery:

This is the most widely used JavaScript library. It allows front-end developers to focus on the functionality of various aspects. It facilitates things like manipulation, Ajax, and the scrolling of HTML documents.


a. Create great documentation
b. Wide browser support
c. Easy to maintain and stable
d. Open-source and free to use
e. Highly interactive web applications

4. Npm:

It is the node packaging manager (npm) for JavaScript. It discovers reusable code packages and assembles them in powerful ways. This web development tool is a command-line utility to interact with the repository that helps in the package.


a. Discover and reuse code of over 470,000 free code packages
b. Control access to the namespace
c. Manage public and private code

Why to choose MEAN STack Development?

If you are looking for a scalable, robust, performance-oriented web application, then MEAN STACK is highly recommended as it offers easier and faster ways to build feature-rich applications. The simpler, yet robust structure of MEAN STACK delivers a well-ordered mechanism for the transformation of data. Hence, the structure of MEAN STACK is more suitable and well defined in order to maintain the dynamic performance of the website and mobile app. Hire MEAN Stack developers from Oditek, who have worked on large scale web based products built on top of the MEAN Stack.

There are several reasons to go & hire MEAN Stack Developers, as the MEAN Stack offers several advantages like-

  • Free, open-source, and reliable framework for web development
  • Extensive library and great support for mean stack developer community
  • Highly efficient and robust performance with 4 power-packed technologies
  • Code-reusability and flexible environment
  • A perfect tool for full-stack web development with front-end and back-end data processing
  • End-to-end development processes based on JavaScript language

Our MEAN Stack development services follows Industry’s best practices

  • Agile development methodologies that suits best for product development
  • Collaboration tools to engage all project stake-holders
  • GIT usage for code repository and versioning
  • Utilize our insight on event-driven & scalable architecture that gives you best performance
  • Security architecture while addressing large amount of traffic
  • Robust cloud deployment and integration

Hire MEAN Stack Developers

OdiTek is a leading provider of dedicated resources for businesses looking to hire MEAN Stack developers. Choose from our flexible hiring models that align with your business needs on a Monthly/Weekly/Hourly basis and hire MEAN Stack developers from Oditek to build innovative products and deliver extraordinary business solutions.

What OdiTek offers

Certified Developers

Deep Industry Expertise

IP Rights Agreement -Source Codes to Customers, legal compliance

NDA – Legally binding non-disclosure terms

Compliance to Software Development Quality Standards

Product Development Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager (Not billed)

Proactive Tech Support-Round the Clock

Commitment to Schedule

High performance, Secure software design

Guranteed Cost Savings & Value Addition

Consistent Achiever of Customer Happiness

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