CHECKLIST to Hire NodeJS Developers

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Hire NodeJS developers today to see what they can do for your business. OdiTek Solutions, the best NodeJS Development Company in India offers a wide range of NodeJS development services that let you create highly scalable applications and websites that are fast and efficient.

NodeJS is a JavaScript run-time environment with event-driven architecture that ensures optimal throughput and scaling. It is lightweight and allows multiple I/O operations in its parallel infrastructure.

At OdiTek, we have a team of highly experienced and skilled NodeJS developers who can help you build highly customizable and scalable applications based on your requirement.



Event-driven architecture, quick compilation into machine code, code reuse functionalities, and usage of JavaScript language, there’s no surprise why NodeJS developers for hire in India are in great demand.

With OdiTek Solutions, you can hastily hire NodeJS developers to get the finest scalable cloud based web product developed. Our highly professional developers understand the complexity behind building real-time apps and hence, put on the industry best practices to turn your app idea into visually attractive and extremely functional reality.

Our team of expert developers is equipped with the most advanced technological know-how and delivers result-oriented applications with unique features. Our dedicated hire NodeJS developer service can provide you the best app experience without compromising on security and usability.



SECURITY IMPLEMENTATION: Needless to mention the importance of security in this data generation. Knowing which options play the most effective role and understanding how to adapt it into the product will help developers to secure it.

CLEAR CODE WRITING: The code written shall be laconic, reusable, and readable to boost the quality of the software and improve comprehension among team members.

ADHERING TO AGILE METHODS: Following the increasing importance of Agile in today’s technology field, NodeJS developers should be familiar with agile development methods to make product development easier.

DATABASE CONFIGURATION: Database is the heart of the software/application when you are going to deliver personalized content. Possessing knowledge in different database management systems like MongoDB is necessary to take the product to the next level.

DETECTING PERFORMANCE ISSUES: Although bug detection falls within the area of a Tester/QA, it is better if you have a knack for error identification and correct it on time. This will shorten the time-period for a project.

STAYING UP-TO-DATE: NodeJS updates are actively developed, so the team of expert developers should always be ready to switch to the latest version with a lot of new features, improvements, and security updates.

THIRD-PARTY SERVICES INTEGRATION: We can barely see any application or software nowadays running without third-party integration. As a NodeJS developer, you cannot escape from integrating various complex environments. The job is to minimize and simplify the code lines for time and cost-efficiency.


Here’s a list of essential skills to hire NodeJS developers –

1. Basic understanding of front-end technologies like CSS3 and HTML5
2. Knowledge of NodeJS and other frameworks like StrongLoop, Express, etc.
3. Understanding of server-side template languages like EJS, Jade, etc.
4. Knowledge of server-side CSS pre-processors like Stylus
5. Understanding asynchronous programming and its workarounds
6. Implementing automated testing platforms and unit tests
7. Difference between multiple delivery platforms
8. Understanding fundamental design principles behind a scalable application
9. Integrating multiple databases and data sources into a single system
10. User authentication and authorization knowledge between multiple servers, systems, and environments
11. Knowledge of Semantic Versioning
12. Hands-on experience working on NodeJS development tools like brunch, grunt, npm, etc.
13. Understanding of code versioning tools like Git
14. The ability for error handling
15. Knowledge of skills related to NodeJS including CSS3, jQuery, PHP, AngularJS, etc.


1. They will help you build ascendible, high-performance, and real-time apps.
2. The procedure never locks, as the majority of the function in it directly performs I/O. Hence, there’s no chance of process dead-locking.
3. They will provide you the luxury of not only developing Node projects, but also fixing the time-consuming bugs, both in JavaScript and NodeJS.
4. Their sound knowledge of and familiarity with multiple databases makes it easier to kick-start and manage various projects.
5. Node goes well beyond just the normal HTTP applications. The developers can also work with, which provides multi-user and interactive web applications.


Real-Time Application Development: Hire NodeJS developers from OdiTek Solutions for the best NodeJS services. NodeJS is beneficial for real-time applications and hence becomes the initial preference for streaming applications and IoT apps.

Full Stack Structure Development: If you’re looking for a highly skilled NodeJS expert for MEAN Stack projects, hire our innovative team of expert NodeJS developers for full-stack framework development.

NodeJS Consulting: If you’re looking for result-driven NodeJS solutions, our experienced NodeJS developers will consult you for the best advice for your business.

NodeJS Upgradation & Migration: Our NodeJS developers have hands-on experience with upgradation and migration for websites and applications.

NodeJS Maintenance and Testing: Our experienced NodeJS developers run explicit QA testing and maintenance methodology to get the best from the rest.

Being a leading NodeJS service provider, we hold great expertise in NodeJS application development. We provide next-gen NodeJS website development services to perfectly meet your present business expectations and future business objectives. So, hire NodeJS developers from OdiTek Solutions and get the feature-rich applications for your business.

If you are in search of expert Nodejs developers to work on your project, get in touch with us today!

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