What makes Laravel framework the best choice for PHP Web Development?

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There are several PHP frameworks available in the market for developing robust web applications like Symfony, Yii, Codeigniter, Phalcon, and many others. But, Laravel has retained the first position in the list of best MVC-based PHP frameworks due to the ease and flexibility it provides to web developers. Let us discuss the benefits of Laravel Framework in PHP.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel is an open-source and free PHP web application framework used for developing web applications. The architectural framework followed by Laravel is MVC (Model-View-Controller). It is equipped with dignified and striking syntax. It focuses on the functionality of the app which helps the web developers and makes their tasks easy.

Laravel Framework offers high-level design patterns for web development, clear conventions to solve the issues, and easy shortcuts for iterative coding jobs. There are millions of websites are available on the web and most of the sites contain the same set of functionalities in this way, Laravel helps you re-writing the codes to build a new website.

It is a unique tool that assists developers to build large and robust applications. Its high utility and outstanding features make it one of the most preferred and widely used PHP frameworks across the globe.

Promising Growth Of Laravel PHP Framework

Let’s look at some trends and figures that quickly capture the essence of Laravel and its success ratio vis-a-vis other frameworks.

“Laravel racing ahead in PHP frameworks”

At the beginning of 2020, Google trends have already passed the PHP Laravel framework with flying colors. In the trend map below, it is visible that Laravel is racing past other PHP frameworks adding to its popularity.

Growth of Laravel PHP

As per stack overflow trends, we can see that Laravel is way ahead of the list of top frameworks in 2019 and which still continues on. Since 2013 the much-lauded PHP framework has seen crucial growth.

Stack Overflow Trends

If you want to check the popularity of any framework checking the number of Github stars since the first commit is a clear and popular indication of a particular framework. Today, in the sphere of open source technologies, Github matters.

Framework Total No. of Github Stars
Laravel 52166
Symfony 20683
Zend 5698
CodeIgniter 17251
CakePHP 7845

Benefits Of Laravel Framework For Custom Software Development?

Using Laravel can be a boon to your custom software development needs. We give you several reasons and benefits that strengthen the case of Laravel and why it should be a part of your strategy.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of the Laravel PHP framework:

    Highly secure

    We all have a dedicated technology budget set aside now chiefly because companies have started taking technologies seriously. But, we are still vulnerable to several attacks that can be an impediment to your work. The number of cyber-attacks is increasing by the day, but you cannot avoid promoting your business online. Hence one of the quintessential reasons for choosing Laravel development services is the security it provides.

    It is certainly a secured framework that does not permit any malware activities nor does it allow any security threat to enter the application. If you choose this framework, you can rest assured that no hampering action will be experienced from SQL injection.

    In-built object-oriented libraries

    Laravel comes with the benefit of inbred object-oriented libraries which is not prevalent in other PHP frameworks. One of the libraries is the authentication library which has several innate features like checking active users, bcrypt hashing, encryption, password reset, and a lot more.

    MVC Architecture

    Laravel is known and popular because it is built on a Model-View-controller design pattern. It is considered a robust technology for web application because the MVC architecture provides notable functionalities which the developers can use.

    MVC also facilitates better documentation compared to the other frameworks also. So for hassle-free use, we vote Laravel PHP framework over other frameworks.

    Authorization and a robust Authentication

    The framework is transcendent with easy authentication techniques. The configurations are perfect to enable easy authentication. The framework was developed by Taylor Otwell to enable the developers to have effective web functionalities. Unquestionably the most challenging factor faced by developers is to develop authentic apps. Laravel will help developers to acquire logic behind giving access to users which will sooner or later augment the security of the web application.

    The authentication techniques are also simple. As mentioned the configuration is easy and perfectly constructed which enables easy authentication. The logic access to numerous parts of the application will become easier than you thought.

    Open Source with a massive community

    Another strong reason to include Laravel in your strategy is that it is an open-source platform and a community that is big-gun and prominent. One might argue that there are other open-source platforms then why only Laravel. The answer to this is that not all open-source platforms get the necessary support and response from the developer’s community. Here, in the case of Laravel things are different because the community itself is so passionate that are always seeking ways to make web apps expansible and moldable.

    Presence of Artisan

    Artisan is a tool that is synonymous with the Laravel framework. This in-built tool will help the developer to receive lots of support to cut down and trim monotonous and dreary tasks. In fact, even in the future, there will not be manual work required for the same task because Artisan will do it for you.

    Convenient and Easy database migration

    This is again another advantage that makes the Laravel framework one of the best. The easy migration feature allows the developers to reverse the changes made to the database. With the use of migration, developers can also share the database with the team. This was inconceivable earlier but now with the innovations of committed and passionate developers, such a thing is possible.

    Persuasive ORM

    Object-relational mapping or ORM as it is popularly called helps in working with databases in a simple and convenient manner. ORM gives an uncomplicated ActiveRecord implementation to enable faster and easier working with the database.

    Unit-testing becomes easier

    In web development, Unit testing has an important role to play because testing confirms that your web application is intact and none of its parts are dismantled. It also takes care that there are no bugs or any scope for exceptions in the application. If it has to go live, such things have to be ensured by the Laravel development company. For the web app to perform well, Laravel provides a unique and simple unit testing feature.

    Quick time to market and Future-ready

    To stay ahead of the competition, rapid digital transformation is essential. This is the reason why you should choose a framework like Laravel which is known for its rich features, and its ability to speed up the development process for web applications.

    The Laravel PHP framework has evolved over time as seen earlier and has become an obvious choice among businesses and developers. The community is adding continuously some superlative functionality so that Laravel never goes out of vogue.


The expansion of Laravel Framework in recent years has been phenomenal, and its reputation is still covering a broad range of the global market. The primary industry-standard of PHP incorporates scalability, cost-efficiency, compatibility, an unmatched level of user-friendliness and simplicity.

We have discussed above all the possible benefits that Laravel PHP can offer to both developers as well as business owners. If you are still looking for a web development company to help you find the benefits of working with Laravel PHP, and then mail us at – info@oditeksolutions.com.

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