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Oditek is a leading MEAN Stack development company, utilizing it’s strong experience on MEAN Stack.. The main reason that makes using the MEAN Stack development services popular is its flexibility and ease of development. MEAN is a combination of MongoDB, Express Js, Angular Js, and Node Js. Together they create a strong platform to develop robust websites and applications.

MEAN uses an advanced combination of four software technologies into a single framework, which helps to create modern and intuitive websites and web applications. The developers use these four platforms to efficiently and beautifully design front-end and back-end that greatly improves the functionality of any website or app.


For the companies and businesses that need websites and application development for their businesses, Oditek as a leading MEAN Stack development company in India, can play a vital role in developing and deploying next-gen web apps.

Oditek streamlines the development process to add adeptness and speed by leveraging MEAN features, and turned out today as a leading MEAN Stack development company in Bangalore.


Explore our MEAN Stack development services below –

1. Dedicated MEAN Stack Developers: Hire dedicated MEAN Stack programmers to build feature-rich and robust web applications for your custom business needs.

2. Custom CMS Development: Our MEAN Stack developers are proficient in building interactive and user-friendly CMS for small as well as large-scale enterprises.

3. Enterprise Development Solutions: Our MEAN Stack developers are experts in Enterprise application development that is scalable, cost-effective, and can run seamlessly across devices.

4. MEAN Stack eCommerce Development: We offer a comprehensive range of eCommerce MEAN Stack development services to increase your business productivity.

5. MEAN Stack Migration & Integration: Our developers have comprehensive expertise and hands-on experience in integrating and migrating business applications to MEAN Stack-based platforms.

6. MEAN Stack Management & Maintenance Services: The team has experience in maintaining and managing MEAN Stack web applications for businesses worldwide.


Below we present you MEAN stack latest business benefits:

1. Highly flexible

2. Open-source

3. Cost-effective

4. Time-saving

5. Real-time web applications

6. Faster speed

7. Easy to learn

8. Quality assurance

Our Thorough MEAN Stack Development Process

Our MEAN Stack developers are experts on different platforms. Our expertise in MEAN Stack development services allows us to quickly craft bespoke solutions for startups as well as large enterprises.

development process

Technologies Under MEAN Stack Development

Our developers are well aware of the latest versions of MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.

1. MongoDB for Storage

2. ExpressJS for Web Programming

3. AngularJS for Front-End Development

4. NodeJS for Web Server

Our Competencies

1. We offer seamless and hassle-free MEAN Stack migration services.

2. Drive business performance, track potential leads, and manage customers with our MEAN Stack ERP development services.

3. We are a cost-effective Outsource Development Partner for other IT companies worldwide.

4. Whether you want real-time applications powered by NoSQL and MongoDB or AngularJS based web applications, we can deliver it efficiently.

5. Our developers develop user-centric CMS easily manageable websites.


1. Transform your current website to generate more effectual and creative business.

2. Modernize your website and incorporate various dynamic features.

3. Offer high-performance apps for your business to run efficiently.

4. Provide you with a complete end to end solution for businesses.

5. Build eminence web applications using Javascript for development.

6. Provide extremely effective web solutions.


You can find an endless number of companies in the market that work with MEAN Stack Development and offer various services. But the expertise on this platform is what all of them lack. It is always profitable to hire a MEAN Stack development company with expert professionals who can prove to be supportive of every stage.

OdiTek Solutions is one the fast-growing MEAN Stack development companies in India. We use MEAN Stack technology to craft web applications and websites that can transform your business website into a more productive as well as an efficient one. Our skillful MEAN Stack developers are capable of creating websites as well as web applications to showcase your business.

Why Choose ODITEK For MEAN Stack Development?

1. Proven Expertise
We have successfully completed several MEAN Stack web and mobile application projects.

2. Experienced and Dedicated Developers
Our team of dedicated and highly-experienced MEAN Stack developers will bring true value to your business by helping you realize significant ROI through consultative approaches.

3. Best Coding Practices
We adopt the best practices in a software implementation by following a consulting approach to the development process.

4. Cost-Effective
We cater to every need of start-ups as well as large enterprises, so, all our MEAN Stack development services are cost-effective.

5. Rapid Development
OdiTek offers reliable and advanced MEAN Stack development services in the shortest span of time.

6. Serve Clients Across Globe
We serve clients all over the world with all our dedicated resources.

A Leading MEAN Stack Development Company in INDIA

Boost up your business to an altogether different level by our MEAN Stack Development Services! At OdiTek Solutions, we can help you build a modern digital business by overcoming the traditional culture and succeeding in the era of digital transformation.

If you want to give your business a desirable edge, get in touch with us today!

What OdiTek offers

Certified Developers

Deep Industry Expertise

IP Rights Agreement -Source Codes to Customers, legal compliance

NDA – Legally binding non-disclosure terms

Compliance to Software Development Quality Standards

Product Development Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager (Not billed)

Proactive Tech Support-Round the Clock

Commitment to Schedule

High performance, Secure software design

Guranteed Cost Savings & Value Addition

Consistent Achiever of Customer Happiness

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When building an application from scratch, employing a standardized, consistent software stack is vital. Creating your back-end with a set of tools designed to work together streamlines resources and minimizes development time. However, the stack field is getting crowded. From MEAN to Ruby on Rails,...

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