MEAN Stack Web Development

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A dependable software stack is a must for any company looking for web application development in this digital era. To ease down the task and yield an enhanced and swifter outcome from it, now-a-days developers are implementing a perfect blend of advanced technology and solutions into their projects. The increased popularity of MEAN Stack development is an example of such a scenario. MEAN Stack is generally used to build scalable and robust web applications that are perfect for enterprises.

This blog elaborates on MEAN Stack and its advantages to build and deploy performance-driven, scalable web applications!

MEAN Stack

MEAN Stack is a combination of technologies used to craft web applications. It is a full-stack JavaScript solution for developing fast, scalable, and efficient web apps. MEAN Stack is popularly used by various web app development company and it stands for “MongoDB Express.JS Angular JS Node.JS”. The common architecture of any application process is based on MVC structure which is further focused on logic, data, and presentation. For the smooth functioning of each tier, various relevant tools and frameworks are deployed. But MEAN Stack is the core power that combines all the four major technologies to carry out the rapid development of complex web applications.

While the four powerful elements of MEAN Stack are backed by a strong community of developers, JavaScript is used as the primary programming language in this stack.

MEAN Stack Web Development

Current generation web apps need to be loading lightning fast, and the architecture should allow scaling up users and application performance on the go. Almost everyone expects a website to load within seconds after landing and this is where the MEAN stack comes into play. MEAN Stack web development tool has become a vital requirement for developing useful and robust websites as well as applications. It ensures that your applications run smoothly at a relatively faster speed. It also enables users with free services for building faster web-based application samples.

Generally, MEAN Stack Architecture works in five different stages, such as-

Step-1 Angular JS is the client-side language and the front-end framework of the MEAN Stack system. It starts with a client request which is later processed by Angular JS. The purpose is to carry the client request forward and display the final result upon processing.

Step-2 The client request sent by Angular JS will be now handled by Node JS. Node JS being the JavaScript server-side language will resolve the request sent by the client.

Step-3 Express JS is used to build APIs for web applications. It will forward the request received from Node JS to the database for further results. Depending upon the type of request, it will build connections to MongoDB and then creates a database request.

Step-4 Since MongoDB is the database of the entire system, it stores and retrieves all kinds of data when necessary. Mongo DB retrieves the data and forwards it to Express JS which then again passes it to Node JS.

Step-5 After receiving the result from Node JS, Angular JS displays the client’s request and the entire process ends here.

Top Reasons to choose Mean Stack for Web Development

1. Free & open-source stack

As we know MEAN stack comprises MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js, which are all free & open-source stacks. This is the reason why the development costs are minimized in this stack.

2. Trouble-free implementation

The implementation of the MEAN stack turns simple because of JavaScript. Since it is the foundation of MEAN Stack, developers can utilize it to implement the applications effortlessly.

3. Extensive skill base to have

A MEAN stack developer possesses specialization in both front-end and back-end technologies. With areas like Angular, Node.js, and Express, you get the most superior technology professionals in the form of a MEAN stack developer that has expertise in multi-tasking across diverse technologies.

4. Turns code-sharing undemanding and beneficial

Code-sharing process between diverse frameworks should always be amiable and the isomorphic coding across the MEAN stack makes this code-sharing functionality undemanding and highly beneficial.

5. Involve lower costs

MEAN Stack being an open-source and free framework helps businesses to remain cut-throat by minimizing their app development costs. A team of professional MEAN Stack developers can get the work done at comparatively lower costs.

6. Boosts developer competence

MEAN Stack can be of great help for organizations to boost their developer competencies. MEAN stack enables organizations to accept modernized approaches.

7.A common language for the architecture

Across the MEAN stack framework, JavaScript is the common language and there are various benefits of a common language for the intact app architecture. It helps you to seamlessly manage the database, front-end, and back-end together without much complexity.

8. Straightforward data transfer

With the help of mean stack development services, you can have a straightforward data transfer experience across the system. The JSON files are precisely a data exchange format applied in Node.js and Angular which gets the job done effortlessly.

9. User-friendly Interfaces

MEAN Stack helps in the formation of user-friendly interfaces that are backed by MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture to generate native web applications.

10. No requirement of LAMP

LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is a popular framework that has been utilized for web applications. But with the implementation of MEAN Stack, you don’t have to deal with the complexities of LAMP anymore.


MEAN Stack is an easy-to-use, open-source, and free app development framework. The JavaScript base provides technology stack control over building both mobile and web applications effortlessly. With the advancement of technology MEAN Stack technology is now getting better day by day.

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