Nodejs Unit Testing Frameworks

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Various testing tools, frameworks, and IDEs for NodeJS essentially simplify application development, but it is often difficult to find a solution that absolutely satisfies your coding needs.

A lot of programmers need efficient code editing and debugging tools to work with accuracy and speed. This may be the reason why an IDE was conceptualized.

In this NodeJS unit testing guide, we will provide some reasons why you should unit test your NodeJS apps, list down the names of major NodeJS IDEs, discuss what makes NodeJS a good testing framework, and compare some of the most popular NodeJS unit testing frameworks available.

Here is what we will cover –

1. What is unit testing in Node.js?
2. What makes a good Node.js unit testing framework?
3. What are the best Node.js unit testing frameworks?
4. What are the major Node.js IDEs?

What is Unit Testing in Node.js?

Unit testing is a software testing method where individual pieces of code are tested in isolation. Unit test should be isolated so that there are no external dependencies.

Testing frameworks provide a set of reusable components or modules such a s test runners and utilities for running automated tests. The testing framework is responsible for –

1. Describing the format used to convey test expectations
2. Creating a way of accessing the application or for code to be tested
3. Executing the tests
4. Reporting the test results

They are specifically useful when tests are an integral part of your continuous integration process. Test frameworks are built for particular type of testing – unit, integral, functional, or a combination of these.

What makes a good Node.js unit testing framework?

Below are the six characteristics of a strong Javascript unit testing framework.

1. Well-supported
2. Ease of setup
3. Speed
4. Ease of reporting
5. Ease of integration
6. Wide array of feature sets

What are the best Node.js Unit Testing Frameworks?

1. Mocha: Mocha has been around for quite a while. However, unlike other frameworks, it relies on third-party assertions, mocking, and spying tools such as Chai and Sinon. It is very extensible and has a lot of plugins, libraries, and extensions designed to run on top of it.

Sample Mocha Test:

2. Jest: This JavaScript testing framework is developed and regularly maintained by Facebook. The advantages of this framework are –

1. Easy set-up with flexible and easy configuration
2. Less boilerplate code than other frameworks
3. Includes comprehensive documentation with detailed instructions to help you set up testing, write various types of tests, use its many features, as well as great examples
4. Parallel test running enabled
5. Optimal performance
6. Useful features like coverage, snapshots, and test watching

Sample Jest Test:

3. AVA: Minimalism is the focus of this framework. It has a simple API while still supporting advanced achieves it blazing speed by running tests in parallel as separate NodeJS processes. Unlike other testing frameworks, it does not create test globals.

Sample AVA Test:

4. Jasmine: Jasmine framework has been around for a lot longer than aims to run on any JavaScript-enabled platform and is highly compatible and flexible with a variety of other testing frameworks like Chai and Sinon.due to its longevity, it has built a significant community and enjoys ample support with lots of libraries, articles, and tutorials.

Sample Jasmine Test:

What are the major Node.js IDEs?

1. Cloud9
It is a free, cloud-based IDE supporting application development with popular technologies, including PHP, Meteor, C++, Node.js and more. It offers a powerful online code editor that lets you write, run, and debug your code. Moreover, it also offers several features like live previewing, built-in image editor and a lot more.

2. IntelliJ IDEA
This robust IDE for web application development uses popular technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, AngularJS, NodeJS and more. You need a NodeJS plugin to enable the IDE and use features, including code completion, code assistance, syntax highlighting and more. You can run and debug NodeJS apps and see the results right in the IDE. Its JavaScript debugger offers expression evaluation, conditional breakpoints, and other features.

3. WebStorm
This popular JavaScript server is ideal for server-side development with NodeJS. The IDE provides intelligent code completion, navigation, automated and safe refactorings, and other features. You can additionally use the VCS, terminal, debugger, and other tools right in the IDE.

4. Sublime Text
The IDE uses a custom UI toolkit with a powerful text editor for markup, code, and prose. You can use multiple selection options to rename variables, manipulate files faster, and jump to symbols, lines, or words using shortcuts. Sublime Text also offers options for customizing, project switching, split editing, and more.

5. Eclipse
It is a popular cloud-based IDE for web development using PHP, C++, java, and more. You can easily avail the features of Eclipse IDE using the NodeJS plugin, which is a nodeclipse.

6.Visual Studio Code
VS Code is most popular free code editor among developers. It is easily customizable and has a rich ecosystem of extensions which helps to easily setup Node.js project.

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