Best Node.JS Frameworks for Web Apps

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Any web development conversation is incomplete without Javascript. And similarly, any Javascript conversation would be incomplete without Nodejs.
In this global pandemic, most enterprises have realized the importance of digital presence. While some businesses used digital presence to promote their business services, other companies used the latest trends to stay ahead among competitors. One of the most popular and widely used platforms is NodeJS, which is widely used for the development process. In this guide, we will discuss some of the popular NodeJS frameworks along with their features.

But before moving into NodeJS web application framework, let’s know what is NodeJS?

NodeJS is an open-source, back-end, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside a web browser. It helps to produce dynamic web pages.


1. Uses an event-driven I/O model
2. Supports multi-platform devices
3. Supports several OS – Linux, SmartOS, IBM AIX, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Microsoft Windows, macOS
4. Is written in C, C++, Javascript
5. Is an ideal platform for data-intensive applications that can be run through the distributed devices in real-time

Undoubtedly, NodeJS is considered as one of the best emerging technologies in the development industry. Here we have mentioned the best NodeJS-based web application tools for the development process. To leverage all the benefits of the NodeJS web application platform, partner with OdiTek Solutions.

Let’s discuss different NodeJS frameworks, which will play the predominant role in the web application development process.

Top Node.JS Frameworks in Web Apps


Express.JS, also known as Simply Express is a popular backend web application platform. It is released as free, open-source, and under MIT license. Majorly, this framework is launched to build web applications and APIs with user-centric based solutions.

Reasons why developers prefer Express.JS

1. Create all kinds of server tools
2. Deliver excellent outcomes of the development process
3. Allows developers to integrate instant API
4. Presents a robust set of features to develop web applications
5. Based on high performance and trending MVC
6. Ample support for different plugins and extensions

Used For:

1. Quick development of single-page web applications and APIs


1. Bugsnag
2. Datadog
3. Sentry

Used By:

1. Twitter
2. Practo
3. PayTm
4. Accenture
5. Intuit


Koa.JS is the most widely used Node.JS framework when it comes to customizing apps and managing content on web applications. It is considered as a next-generation tool, which helps to manage the errors and delivers high performance. The framework is based on a lightweight feature and enhances the quality of the solutions.

Why should you choose the Koa.JS Platform?

1. Handling image formats
2. Customizing content on an eCommerce website
3. Due to its lightweight functionality, it increases software efficiency
4. To manage several types of content with the same URL that it involves
5. Translating a page
6. Launch dynamic web applications
7. Effective development process with higher software customization

Used For:

1. Developing customizable web applications and APIs

Used By:

1. Klovis
2. Klook
3. Pubu
4. Bulb
5. Paralect


If you want seamless bi-directional communication between clients and server or wish to build a real-time web application, this is your go-to NodeJS framework. It is primarily built around the event-driven nature of NodeJS, and can store each client’s data securely by broadcasting to multiple web sockets.

Why should developers opt for Socket.IO?

1. Facilitates real-time communication
2. An event-driven framework
3. Compatible with all browsers and devices
4. Easy audio and video streaming
5. Transports client data as real-time logs

Used For:

1. Video or audio streaming features
2. Building chatbots


1. PHP
2. Express.JS

Used By:

1. Deloitte
2. CNN
3. Flitto
4. Trello
5. Practo


Nest.JS is the developers favorite when it comes to building robust and scalable server-side applications. It is based primarily on angular.js architecture. NestJS works on the basic principles of object-oriented programming and functional programming, coupled with Typescript integration.

Why should you choose the Nest.JS Platform?

1. Modular architecture for better flexibility
2. Host of external libraries for better customization
3. Various facilities to build microservices
4. Built-in testing package
5. Availability of Nest CLI is a major USP of Nest.js. Nest CLI is a command-line tool that assists in the initialization, deployment, and maintenance of Nest.Js applications

Used For:

1. Microservices
2. HTTP based REST APIs
3. Building scalable server-side web apps


1. Websockets
3. GraphQL
4. TypeORM

Used By:

1. OneFit
2. SalesHandy
3. ContentSqaure
4. ClearGlass
5. Quero


NodeJS is a runtime environment greatly suited for businesses. Not only does it guarantee quick deployment and easy scalability, but also aims at the development of a minimum viable product. All frameworks built with NodeJS may be used for myriad purposes – mobile apps, web apps, chatbots, and APIs and games.

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