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Sitecore is an enterprise-level content management system built on that allows web content editors and marketers to have complete control over their content on multiple websites. For business needs, Sitecore allows sharing of content between thousands of websites and maintain a consistent experience for each. A lot of organizations have Sitecore solutions deployed for business operations, yet business owners worry about downtime and technical problems associated with the software as it costs them more than an arm and a leg. For such business challenges, partnering with a Sitecore Managed Services provider would be the best bet.

A managed service company helps in keeping IT infrastructure operating at optimum levels of performance by proactively dealing with network issues and avoiding expensive disruptions to customers, stakeholders, as well as employees. Before moving any further, let us first discuss what is Sitecore Managed Services.

What is Sitecore Managed Services?

Sitecore Managed Services is an end-to-end support and maintenance offering that keeps enterprise digital solutions performing at the highest levels by enabling the team to focus on other core activities. The following services are typically covered under this offering.

  • Issue identification, remediation and reporting
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Enhancements
  • Database support – performance tuning, backup, installation, upgrades, and troubleshooting
  • Disaster recovery management
  • Training

Why Sitecore Managed Services are essential for enterprises

Managed Services provide a better performance, reliable security and efficient monitoring of the network. Check out a few more benefits of using Sitecore Managed Services:

  • Better security and compliance

  • A cloud-based infrastructure is configured with codes. And, for in-house engineers to develop infrastructure by coding scripts from scratch would be too time-consuming. With Sitecore Cloud MSPs, you can have libraries of all such scripts readily available with security and compliance solutions that need some changes as per the client’s unique requirement. This means that managed cloud solutions can be deployed easily, quickly and by saving huge amounts of time and cost spent.

  • Proactive Sitecore maintenance support approach

  • A lot of organizations take a reactive approach for monitoring and management of IT networks, servers as well as applications, ignore danger signs and wait for serious problems to occur. By choosing the cloud managed services of Sitecore, proactive analysis and monitoring can be performed which will identify network bottlenecks, application or server issues and other problems that can be dealt with before an outage occurs.

  • Seamless business continuity

  • The delivery of services will be uninterrupted if you hire a Sitecore Managed Cloud Service provider. With an additional team of experts, any issue pertaining to networks, data centres and applications can be resolved. This will significantly help in maintaining business continuity with maximum uptime and profitability. The team would carry out cloud computing, remote monitoring and management (RMM), as well as backup and disaster recovery (BDR) to keep your business up and running without glitches.

  • Cost savings and strategic growth

  • The managed services help in greater cost savings since it includes a lot of variable expenses such as recruiting, software, network infrastructure, hardware and maintenance, just to name a few. All these costs when combined are far higher than hiring a Sitecore cloud service company. With the managed services business model, you can spend a certain budget and peacefully focus on strategic project initiatives that will ramp up your business growth.

End-To-End Sitecore Managed Services include:

Platform Support

Flexible solutions to make improvements and modifications as required.

  • Sitecore platform bug fixes and enhancements
  • Proactive Sitecore security, patch and version updates
  • Periodic health checks and Sitecore site assessment
  • Sitecore security audit
  • Site back up and disaster recovery
  • SSL monitoring and renewal
  • Upgrade planning

Infrastructure Support

Base-level infrastructure hosting capability and product support that meets industry-standard uptime.

  • Hosting support
  • Patches, security networking and storage
  • Access and rights management
  • Monitoring and reporting

Emergency Support

Tuning your Sitecore environment for stability and performance with emergency patching.

  • 24/7 site uptime and performance monitoring
  • 24/7 CDN (Content Delivery Network) and cloud firewall support
  • Prompt escalation of critical issues
  • Automated deployment caching
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery


To run a business with greater efficiency, your network must stay up and operational all the time. Choosing Sitecore Managed Services can offer improved network support and management by allowing in-house staff to spend their working hours on their core jobs and collaborate with the MSP, bridging the gaps and providing specialized services as and when they are needed the most.

Sitecore developers help companies to manage large data and content loads, manage marketing, advertising as well as consumer experiences, so you can ensure efficient and smooth implementation. If you want to know how Sitecore Managed Services can help your business operations, Contact Us!

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