Why Choose Sitecore Website Development for Businesses

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Content management is becoming one of the biggest issues for digital marketers today. From content creation for social media to email newsletters and digital campaigns, managing content can be frustrating. That’s why content management systems (CMS) are important tools marketers can use to keep all of their content—infographics, images, descriptions and everything else—in order. One of the best CMS systems currently available in the market is Sitecore Website Development because of its unparalleled ability to help marketers create seamless and personalized experiences for their users. Today, we’re going to go over why Sitecore Website Development is the right option for your business.

About Sitecore Website Development

With the vast array of content management tools, companies are empowered to select the great CMS and combine it with evolving solutions. Sitecore is positioned to lead market approaches and named among the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for digital experience platforms (DXPs). The balanced blending of marketing and technology allows them to present a number of advanced products with the powerful CMS at its core. Created in 2001, the .NET based content management system has managed to grow into a comprehensive digital experience platform that is easily combined with the company’s other products. By now, they specialize in four main solutions:

  • Sitecore Experience Platform – Besides the advanced CMS, it combines additional solutions for real-time personalization, marketing automation, data capture, and analytics.
  • Sitecore Experience Commerce – The extended functionality to blend the eCommerce processes with user data and content to build strong connections with the customers.
  • Sitecore Experience Manager – The perfect solution for omnichannel content delivery from one platform to different devices, displays, and channels.
  • Sitecore Content Hub – Marketing content brought together by efficient integration with content marketing platform, marketing resource, and digital asset management tools.

Why Sitecore Website Development for Your Business?

The product of Sitecore Corporation, the self-named CMS has evolved into a mature sustainable platform — the Sitecore Experience Cloud — since the company’s emergence in 2001. The modular structure of this native .NET-based platform allows using only necessary features that suit each specific project.

Today, the Sitecore Experience Manager is the company’s content management solution. The Manager is a full-fledged software package used widely for website development as it allows time-efficient creating, editing, controlling and masterminding of websites, with different levels of complexity. As opposed to some of its renowned counterparts, Sitecore’s Manager is more than just an intranet solution: it provides the functionality of both CMS and a website.

The Sitecore Experience Manager has earned its leading position as it provides the customers with the functionality that the development of top-rank websites requires. It has a wide range of benefits that attract businesses from all over the world and help them develop comprehensive web-based solutions, such as:

  • Unmatched personalization capabilities
  • Almost unlimited customization capabilities to configure websites in accordance with every customer requirement
  • The administration of Sitecore-based websites that do not necessitate expertise in web technology and programming
  • The embedded analytics of customers’ patterns and targeting that enable dynamic content adjustment and personalization to customer behaviour
  • Distributed support and easy access to the content that empowers handy content sharing
  • Assembled forms and usability reports that enable user-friendly performance assessment
  • Smooth integration with customer’s databases and websites from other vendors
  • Content repurposing for each specific device type
  • Smooth integration of third-party tools and plugins and Microsoft technologies
  • Efficient search engine optimization and integration with social media
  • Support of multiple languages
  • High scalability and user-friendly interface
  • High-level security and safety

Sitecore Website Development Advantages And Disadvantages

As to have a thorough understanding of Sitecore website development, we suggest covering a few more aspects. The right technology choice is always supported by combining clearly defined requirements with offered implementation benefits. Understanding your needs and awareness of all pros and cons helps to simplify the product delivery and gain more out of it. We’ve mentioned some of the important moments with Sitecore website development services thus let’s proceed to its advantages and disadvantages for developers and organizations.

Sitecore Website Development Advantages

    Capability and functionality

    Sitecore was able to advance its functionality from CMS solution of creating, editing, and publishing content into a powerful digital experience platform with a number of advanced features like headless content delivery, campaign creation, path analysis, advanced commerce storefront, etc.


    It is the area where Sitecore CMS development can easily compete. Built with dependency injections, developers can replace any of the classes, rewrite how default features work, or export customized functionalities.


    Developers have all the opportunities to provide improved performance and high flexibility due to perfectly scalable data storage. Depending on the outlined needs, they can scale either vertically or horizontally as well as run a standalone environment.


    Available configurations help to support data privacy in compliance with the latest GDPR regulations. Following the technical guidance, it isn’t complicated to manage security and ensure its complete hardening during Sitecore website development.

    Robust API

    Applying RESTful APIs ensures the implementation of customer intelligence and web content management into advanced applications. It handles multiple call types, returns different data formats, and changes structurally.

    Deployment options

    Based on organization requirements, companies choose between on-premise or cloud deployment. Moreover, you can decide on a fully managed environment with Microsoft Azure-hosted infrastructure or select self-managed cloud deployment.

Sitecore Website Development Disadvantages


    Even though companies can vary licensing options and packaging, this technology remains one of the most expensive in comparison with other market competitors. Being a good option for large-scale organizations that aren’t limited on budget and interested in add-on functionality, it is rather expensive for companies with basic needs.


    Subscriptions include the standard maintenance whereas 24/7 Priority Support is subject to additional fees. For instance, the target response time for critical cases can take 1 business day with standard support and only 1 hour with the premium package.

    Transition process

    It offers a number of training programs for developers, marketers, and commerce managers with paid charges varying from $2 000 to $5000. Moreover, each developer has to validate skills with Sitecore Certification. Assessment registration would cost $300 per developer.

    Availability of developers

    Due to increasing popularity, Sitecore website development services are also in high demand due to the lengthy transition process requiring more skills and sources. It usually takes some time to find a developer that meets all the requirements.

In Conclusion

It is not that easy to decide whether you need to start development with this technology until you learn why Sitecore Website Development is a good choice. Besides new projects, companies also often consider the migration of existing ones to the Sitecore experience platform. Analyzing all of the mentioned above details on offered importance and advantages.

Having additional questions – consult Oditek Solutions. We specialize in full-cycle custom software development services, providing IT consulting services, enterprise application integration, and legacy application modernization. To contact Oditek’s team, visit our contact page now!

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