Top Skills for Sitefinity Developer

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While developing a website for the client; every time the developers have to understand the client’s specific requirements and choose the best CMS to fit their needs. Over the last couple of years, Sitefinity CMS has become the topmost choice for organizations to set up their websites. It has an easy-to-use feature that makes it convenient for the users to manage the content of the website effectively. If you have an upcoming Sitefinity project lined up, you need to hire a Sitefinity developer who will shape your idea into reality. While searching for the right talent, you will find plenty of options online. Choosing the most suitable one will become intimidating.

Top Skills For Sitefinity Developer

    Sitefinity CMS Development & Customization

    The Sitefinity Developer must have the capacity to deliver enticing, functional and dynamic CMS development and customization solution catering to the clients’ unique business requirements and ideas.

    E-commerce Solutions

    The Sitefinity Developer should be able to build an e-commerce solution that helps businesses to accomplish online presence requirements like web content and e-commerce for both B2B and B2C environments.

    CRM Integration

    The Sitefinity Developers must optimize your existing Sitefinity architecture by integrating it with CRM for better flexibility and scalability.

    Sitefinity Implementation

    Developers can enhance business processes by integrating Sitefinity with existing systems like SharePoint, ERP, and other 3rd party apps.

    Sitefinity Data Migration

    Sitefinity Developers experts must be quick-handed in flawless migration and up-gradation to Sitefinity from your existing CMS platform without any content loss.

    User-Friendly Website

    Using customization and architecture skills, Sitefinity developers craft user-friendly web admin designs to develop effective websites.

    Support & Maintenance

    After the Sitefinity project delivers to the client, the Sitefinity developer must always ensure to deliver continuous maintenance and support services, including testing, bug-fixing and more.

    Social Media Integration

    Integrating social media with the Sitefinity platform to promote products/services on the most popular social networking sites is also a task for the Sitefinity Developer. It would show the developer as well-versed.

Tips for Choosing the Best Sitefinity Developer

    Check How Updated They Are

    To ensure the success of your Sitefinity project, you need to appoint developers who stay updated with all the latest tools and technologies. Plus, they keep a close tab on all the existing Sitefinity versions and update their skills accordingly. This adds more value to the overall project development.

    Check For Their Industrial Experience

    When it comes to the Sitefinity development project, the industrial experience truly matters. You need to look at whether the developers have enough exposure in handling projects of the domain that you are considering. If they have relevant experience, you can ask for their work portfolio to judge their competency.

    Check Their Record Of Total Time To Market

    You must have set a timeline for your Sitefinity project, and finalized the date on which you want to get it finished. So, you can launch your website as soon as possible. If you want to ensure the speedy completion of your website, you need to find developers who have a proven track record in timely delivery.

    Check Their Costing

    If you have a set budget in mind for your Sitefinity project, you need to search for developers who can work under that amount. You can consult various development agencies that can provide developers who will agree to work on your project for the price that you have quoted.

Last Thoughts

Sitefinity has more features to offer than many of its competitors on a secure platform. The Sitefinity websites have a sound architecture which makes them extensible to match business growth and easily integrate new features to stay current. There are many Sitefinity development companies that provide skilled and qualified Sitefinity developers to suit your project’s requirements. Just a little extra research from your end will be useful in finding the trusted names in this domain. With the above information may you be able to find the right developer for your project.

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