Importance Of Hiring A Sitefinity Development Company

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The degree of influence that the advancement of technology has contributed to the betterment of organisational growth is immense. It has enabled companies and organizations worldwide to improve the quality of their work and developmental process. CMS is one such great addition to this list. This has not only contributed to the benefit of companies adopting them but has also enabled individual employees to improve their work process in a productive way. Sitefinity is such a CMS which enables companies to create an attractive page that is operational and vibrant. Today in this article we will learn on what are the important points of hiring a Sitefinity Development Company.

Sitefinity, an ASP.NET-based content management platform, has become a renowned name in the digital world owing to its excellent flexibility and scalability. An easy-to-use drag and drop interface, built-in ASP.NET features, and supreme user functionality, all this and much more makes Sitefinity a favourite of millions of businesses across the globe. Sitefinity is loaded with a range of great features, some of them are:

  • WYSIWYG & Rich Content Editor
  • Extensible .NET Controls
  • Intuitive UI ( User Interface )
  • Powerful Admin Dashboard
  • Drag and Drop Functionality
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Social Media Configuration
  • In-built SEO control
  • CRM Integration
  • Ecommerce Integration & Features
  • In-built ASP.Net features
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Email Marketing Support
  • Built-in Web Analytics
  • Mobile Support
  • Multi-site Management
  • Support for System Integration & Deployment and more.

Benefits of Sitefinity

    Convenient to work with

    Everyone likes getting their job done easily and if it adds more perfection, then it’s nothing but a great deal. Sitefinity works in a way that allows people to use it to work with great ease and comfort. It is one such CMS platform that can be used by people who are not even into coding. You can even work on multiple websites and it even works with the most simple drag and drop method.

    Easy to optimize

    At times it can turn out to be a herculean task when it comes to optimizing your website for mobile-friendly features. Sitefinity is one such platform that is mobile-friendly. Today so many people prefer to use the internet through their phones and setting up responsive issues can get difficult at times and Sitefinity bridges this inconvenience.

    Accommodative of SEO

    Today everything companies look out for on the internet while developing their website is to top the SERPs. Optimizing your website for SEO is a slow and steady process that may or may not give you results. With algorithms changing day by day, one might find it draining to work on SEO separately. But yet again, Sitefinity is an SEO-friendly platform that will allow you to save much time and effort.

    Easy to customize and personalize content

    Every visitor or consumer today likes to get a touch of a personalized experience. The relationship that online platforms, websites, or applications build with customers is extremely important today. Every visitor’s quality of the experience will determine whether they will revisit your website or even share it with others. Sitefinity is a CMS platform that comes with one such intelligence and it helps one to personalize content to provide unique customer experiences.

Importance of Choosing Sitefinity Development Company for Your Business

    Technical Expertise

    Hiring experts from Sitefinity Development Company means that your project will be in the hands of a team who are committed to this award-winning platform and has the expertise to use this powerful CMS so that you get to create a website that is feature-rich, offers great user experience and generates higher revenues.

    Custom Modules

    A reputed Sitefinity Development Company will have immense knowledge of the Microsoft environment. Since Sitefinity is a native Microsoft .Net application that integrates fully with Visual Studio, it is possible to create custom modules, themes and controls right out of the Integrated Development Environment. And this can only be done by developers having great experience in multiple Sitefinity projects. Hiring Sitefinity Development Company also helps you to meet your specific business requirements.

    Too Small or Big Agency

    Hiring too small an agency without comprehensive knowledge of best practices will only be a waste of time. Similarly, looking for very big companies for your project may not be a good idea as it might increase the cost of your project. So before choosing an agency, it is best to take a look at their portfolio page, which will give you an idea of their work, the type of projects that they handle and if they are the right team for your business.

Final Thoughts

Secure your company website by introducing an easy and feature-rich technology backbone that allows you to outpace capabilities and meet modern businesses’ needs. Progress Sitefinity CMS is a platform developed to meet unique client needs by ensuring compatibility and ease of use following current business requirements.

Oditek Solutions is a leading Sitefinity Development Company with proven experience and a work record in delivering a scalable enterprise-level solution. So, whether you need assistance creating and implementing Sitefinity CMS or you want a custom module designed for your company, our Sitefinity development team of experts can certainly assist you! We have successfully submitted several projects to our clients and are now certified Sitefinity partners. You can Contact Us! for any requirements or queries related to Sitefinity, we will be happy to help you.

What OdiTek offers

Certified Developers

Deep Industry Expertise

IP Rights Agreement -Source Codes to Customers, legal compliance

NDA – Legally binding non-disclosure terms

Compliance to Software Development Quality Standards

Product Development Excellence

Dedicated Project Manager (Not billed)

Proactive Tech Support-Round the Clock

Commitment to Schedule

High performance, Secure software design

Guranteed Cost Savings & Value Addition

Consistent Achiever of Customer Happiness

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Sitefinity Progress CMS is a competent CMS platform developed in .Net and is considered one of the major content management systems available in the world today. It is one of the highly trusted CMSes and is often praised for its note-worthy qualities such as flexibility,...

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