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In this digital world, individuals need everything to be done quicker by a single tap on the cell phone screen. Whether it is ordering food, booking regular checkups, or booking a taxi, everything has become quite simpler. Just by a few taps on the cell phone screen, individuals can complete things quickly and easily.

Taxi app development solutions are quite in-demand nowadays since it is helping individuals to travel from one point to another by booking a cab in a matter of seconds through their cell phone. In this technically advanced world, individuals utilize different kinds of applications for booking taxis and this is the motivation behind why the taxi booking application must be smooth-functioning.Taxi app development companies are at par competing with each other to develop a more advanced and hassle-free application to be the market leader.

Taxi app development companies provide certain services that can be further divided into various categories depending upon the need and demand. The following shows three basic categories of taxi business that you can develop with the help of customized applications provided by OdiTek Solutions.

1. Taxi Business

Do you own a taxi to enlist a business or startup? Would you like to turn it advanced to offer better administrations to your clients? You are on the quickest course to digitalization! We have a group of taxi application designers, who can customize the applications so that they can assist you with improving your business prepared to deal with more appointments and rides. Starting from tracking drivers to producing automated invoices and allowing riders to book cabs in a single tap, OdiTek provides it all.

2. Car Rentals

Do you wish to put up your vehicle for rent? We have got the right thing for you. We can help you develop software for the same, regardless of whether you’re now in the rental vehicle business or are simply wondering into it, we can give you modified taxi booking application development for your business. With our custom application development, you can monitor your bookings and invoices effectively. Apart from that, you can also let your client base check rates, set time duration, and book rental vehicles legitimately from their smartphones in just a few clicks.

3. Corporate Taxi Booking

Huge ventures and organizations require taxis consistently for their high-level executives and directors. However, once in a while it gets very hard for the assistant of the executives to manage the bookings according to the continually changing timetable, where postpones aren’t generally endured.

Are you planning to maintain or start a taxi business for corporate usage? And are you also wondering how to grow it in such a competitive market? We have got a solution to your query. We can build up an application for you that will make things simpler for your customers and will help you to stay ready to make up for the constantly changing schedules.

Certain must-have features in a taxi booking app like Uber

The following are the topmost necessary features that a taxi app development company should consider while developing a taxi booking app.

1. User-Friendly Interface

The app should be developed with such effect that it must have an easy-to-use interface that is also visually appealing. The elements of the application should be made very simple to see and must have smooth-running navigation.

2. Easy Tracking

The application should be made in such a way that the clients can without much of a stretch view the taxi which is accessible or close to their territory and they can have the option to follow the taxi which they have booked to know where the taxi has reached and by what time it will be going to pick as well as drop them at their destination. This is carried out by taking the assistance of GPS.

3. Navigation through Maps

A Map is additionally coordinated in the taxi booking application which encourages the client to follow the taxi and by this element, the client can send the area to the cab drivers to pick him up. Maps additionally assist with identifying the best route from Point A i.e., pickup to Point B i.e., Destination.

4. Payment Gateway

The payment gateway should be very simple and the application should have its virtual wallet. Apart from these, there should be multiple ways of payment for example- Cash, Card, In-App points, etc. The developers should make sure that all the ways of payment are much protected and secure for the taxi booking application clients.

The taxi booking application software contains three parts such as- Riders/Customer’s App, Driver’s App, and Fleet Owner’s App. All three applications have different graphical interfaces as per the unique requirement.

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Why Choose OdiTek for your next taxi booking project!

Whether you are already having a taxi booking app or willing to develop a brand new application, OdiTek can empower you with the following top-notch features to stand as a leader among the existing competitions

1. Automated Operations

You can avail of the opportunity of experiencing automated operations that have been designed with advanced technical software of OdiTek to ensure you with the better performance of the application.

2. Secure API

We provide a secure taxi booking API for better communication among both ends; it’s documented as per the security standards.

3. In-Depth Expertise

Our developers are enriched with the in-depth information of the application to ensure better output, which is the USP of our company.

4. Interactive Map

We have created the ride application with an intelligent guide that gives a clear view of the free cabs as well as travelers accessible in the particular region.

5. Real-Time Booking

With the help of the taxi booking application, you can directly book a taxi within few minutes and you can additionally check the real-time location of that taxi, unlike all the other traditional methods of booking where you have to connect to the call center then they find a taxi for you and finally your ride is booked.

6. Reliable and affordable services

We are determined to deliver the best functioning application by having a simple interface with an affordable price so that you can focus on doing brainstorming for your application, not for its development software or company.

7. Abrupt delivery

Let it be getting the updates or any notifications about the vehicle or booking or the feedback, our development team will cater to every aspect of your application instantly.

8. 24*7 Customer Support

We are available 24*7 to address every query or complaint related to the project or related application. We will try our best to resolve that problem as soon as possible.

9. Customization

We provide you the authority to customize your application as per your requirement and convenience easily so that you can build a repo with the growing demand and competition.


Unlike other taxi app development companies, we trust that “happy customers are the result of the quality, craft, and design”. Hence, we are working dedicatedly to minimize your manual effort and to automate the taxi booking services with an adaptable technique that will help you with a greater number of bookings as well as rides. Taxi app development requires plenty of experience as well as research to compete with the pre-established applications and if you have the spark to stand out of the queue and make a new trend in the transportation or taxi booking business, then OdiTek Solutions is the right pick for you.

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