Time Keeping Applications; Recent Trend Or A Compelling Need!

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Time tracking is one of the most crucial things for a business which most of the people lack with. Without the proper management of time, you won’t be able to finish your task with maximum accuracy for a specified period. Time tracking application will be helpful in your daily dose of business activities such as to calculate the wages, client invoicing, automate the payroll, and other related operations.

Companies used to follow the manual methods like a physical attendance register or an excel sheet to track time earlier. However, these methods are found to be the biggest minus to provide accuracy for certain companies having more than 500-1000 employees and too many projects to handle. Also, these methods were very time-consuming and exhausting.

These issues have been successfully resolved to do due to the advent of time keeping application. Such applications help to eliminate issues like inaccuracy, the extra time, and human errors because of its automated features. The timekeeping applications can capture the accurate time spent by a person or a team over a particular project. It will also help to conduct other time-consuming tasks such as generating reports, payroll management, leave management, etc.

Do you know how a timekeeping application works and how it helps to calculate payroll and employee wage-related information?

Let’s get started!

How Does A Time Keeping Application Work?

There must be quite a confusion regarding how does the timekeeping application work and does it work the similar way for every projects businesses type? Then the answer will be No!

It can differ based upon the type of the project assigned and the organization culture. However, there is a standard process that the timekeeping application usually follows.

Here’s how it works-

1. Creating Clients & Sites
Timekeeping applications allow you to define different clients and multiple sites or locations. The user administration should also allow you to add any number of employees or contractors & assign them to specific client and/or sites

2. Card Punching
The timekeeping software should allow system admins to create different unique badges, print those badges and assign to employees/contractors. The punches should automatically take the in and out time and record them on database

3. Analysis and Reporting
You can analyze the timesheet at the end of the day to identify your employee’s hours or effort

4. Integration
You can integrate the timekeeping application to any other payroll management software to calculate the wages and invoices. This will ease down your account related headaches.

Selecting the Best Timekeeping Application

With plenty of time tracking solutions available it’s quite evident that you may get confused between which one to choose and which factors should be given more importance while choosing a timekeeping application

To help you clear the confusion, here is a list of some of the important features provided by OdiTek’s timekeeping applications

1. Payroll
You’ll find a payroll management module attached to this application which will help you automate the calculation of bills, client invoices as well as employee wages. You can also integrate it with your existing payroll software to conduct the same

2. Detailed Report
Detailed report will help you analyze and notice the mistake that’s occurring in your project which you can improvise further. This timekeeping application will enable you to generate a customized report for each department and each task. This will help you manage your payroll and project data more efficiently

3. Timely Support
This app will save a lot of your time providing you uninterrupted services for your business

4. User Permission
This app will help you manage the access permissions for different users such as employees, supervisors, managers. You can manage the mode of accessing data for different users. For example, the supervisor will have permission to check the details of the tasks completed by his team as well as other teams, and the manager will have the permission to access the crucial issues if any. Lastly, the employees can only enter their clock in/out time, leave an update, task completed for the day, etc.

5. Transparency
Our timekeeping application will help you maintain the required amount of transparency between employees and clients which will further foster trust and will help build a long-term relationship with the client

6. Security
With OdiTek’s high-level security services and encryption methodology, we ensure that the crucial and sensitive data of your companies are safe

7. Export
You can export all the detailed data available in the form of Excel Sheet, DOCX, or CSV format for further analysis or future reference or to send those to different departments

If you want to gather more information about our time keeping app, don’t forget to visit our blog page-


Time is one of the biggest important resources, which is non-renewable. However, the necessity for tracking and managing time often goes unaddressed at the enterprise level. This is one of the biggest reasons for the failure of many organizations in finishing the project over a specified period. The situation gets even uglier when a particular team is working on multiple projects simultaneously.

If you have needs to build a custom timekeeping application, reach out to us today!

OdiTek has partnered with Blue Summit Technologies, a top-tier provider of timekeeping and badging solutions.
Blue Summit’s BSTApps is a robust timekeeping application that comes with badge printing, site security features. With it’s industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology, BSTApps easily beats competing timekeeping and site security products.

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