Top Features Of HRMS Software

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HR software is arguably one of the most popular types of systems adopted by modern businesses. The majority of companies already have a solution in place, but it is an extremely common endeavour for organizations to upgrade their existing tool. If your business is among this group, we’ve compiled this comprehensive HR system requirements checklist so you know which HRMS software features are most important to consider.

So, the following question is how to search and what to search in attaining the right and perfect HRMS Software. This blog discusses the key elements that any HRMS Software should possess. Let’s look at some of the critical factors that determine the functionality and utility of the right HRMS Software.

Top Key Features of HRMS Software

    1. Recruitment Process

    The integrated HRMS software assists in all HR responsibilities throughout the employee life cycle. Additionally, it streamlines the recruitment process – by automating the job posting on multiple websites and social media with ease. Details included – job description, Candidate application screening, auto-response, Background check, issue Offer letter, etc.

    2. Payroll Process

    Payroll Process reduces the Workload of HR. Manage payment of workforce. Streamline the HRMS Software function to ensure all employees are evenly compensated. Salary Administration, Incentive/bonus programs, travel expenses, Compensation etc. are also included in this model. This simplifies the company’s financial planning.

      a> Accounts management

      This Promote financial planning and invoice management, Vendor management, Scheduling Salaries to the employees account payable, accounts receivable and other expenditures that will help in accounting, budgeting and forecasting the consolidated financial information.

    3. Administrative Operations

    Create and maintain employee details such as maintaining employees previous work records, date of joining till the resignation letter. Manage multi-level staff records, building rental contract records, company utility bills payments, office asserts details such as computers, machinery etc.

    4. KPI Monitoring

    Any new project must have a key performance indicator. Certainly setting a KPI for a company or a project enables the team to make the right decisions in engaging the optimal human resource at an optimal cost. Overall the performance measurement helps to set the company goals towards achieving business objectives.

    5. Employee Performance indicator

    The HRMS software evaluates the employee’s performance well beyond the job role also includes other circular activities, teamwork initiation, skill-sharing, timely completion of projects etc. On the whole, with all the information the HR Manager can analyze the productivity and contribution of the employee to the company and suggest the yearly appraisal/ perks.

    6. Project Progress Monitor

    Firstly, progress monitoring, tracking and reporting are key collaborative processes. In reality, the HRMS software can aggregate data from various sources and generate graphs on project progress in various verticals. Indeed, this will let the project manager understand the current progress as the original schedule.

    7. Attendance Management

    Secondly, HRMS software can schedule shifts and note down attendance to ensure the staff are on time and the production continues. As a result, the software can be effectively used across all branches of various locations, departments and projects. This also alerts, if there is any inadequate manpower in any of the projects. The attendance timesheet is integrated with the payroll process, sick leave and other absences which make the salary calculation smooth.

    8. Training & Development

    In the first place, Training & Skill Development courses will keep up the workforce is top-notch with the up to date techniques. Certified manpower helps in better productivity thus minimizing staffing and planning issues.

    9. Employee Welfare

    Managing employee benefits such as Health insurance, PF contribution, Maternity leave, sick leave benefits, children school fee benefits, employee gratuity plans, retirement plans, Travel compensation etc. Finally, effective employee benefits management will boost the employee’s dedication and contribution to the job role.

    10. Chat/Messenger Box

    In particular, the messenger app lets the employees communicate the official legitimate information with the project group or with an individual employee of the company without actually sending emails. Undoubtedly the fast and data-efficient messaging app allows instant messaging, voice calls and video calls for better connectivity.


A standard HRMS Software is a necessity for all businesses, the need to store employee information in an accessible place, manage time, assist in hiring processes, and handle finances and benefits information are all essential functions across industries and company sizes. Beyond those basic HRMS Software features, many businesses require advanced learning systems, performance analytics and accounting capabilities.

Evaluating the needs of your business is one of the first steps to finding new HRMS Software solutions. Once you’ve mapped out what you need, choosing and eliminating vendor options is much simpler. Oditek Solutions’ HRMS Software solution is a good place to start. You can pick your most desired HRMS features and see which solution match best. Contact us today, we would be happy to hear from you.

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