Top Features Of Web Development with ASP.Net

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Enterprises and businesses today are in the process of migrating from old-school legacy systems to new, robust, and dynamic web applications. In the crowded market of open source technologies such as Java & PHP, and closed-source technology like ASP.NET MVC. While zillions of web developers use ASP.NET MVC web applications, the latest ASP.NET Core framework provides many more benefits as compared to the ASP.NET MVC for web application development. ASP.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform framework developed by Microsoft and its community. In this blog, we explore the various features that are the perfect choice for Web Development with ASP.Net.

Top Features For Web Development With ASP.Net

  • Open-Source Framework

  • Of course, one of the primary reasons why engineers and businesses will adore it is that – ASP.NET Core is an open-source framework. That means anyone can use and modify it as per their web app needs. The framework code and repositories are available for all experts on GitHub with the support of the entire .NET Core community, which is why this development becomes more seamless. Also, that means developers get only the best of ASP.NET Core to deploy smart, scalable, and convenient web apps for businesses.

    Developers are able to fix bugs more quickly with ASP.NET Core so that the waiting time to deliver successful apps is minimized. Well, that’s not just about this interesting web app development framework; it offers the utmost flexibility to the developers for adding multiple components based on the project’s requirements.

  • Razor Pages

  • The reason why this new addition to ASP.NET Core is being appreciated is that it makes programming page-focused scenarios extremely productive. A page-based coding model to enable engineers to create apps with innovative UI and added effectiveness. Hence, more effective web apps can be expected with the addition of this new element.

    “Razor Pages is a simplified web app programming model that adopts a file-based routing approach. Similar to MVC, it shared almost the same functionality as that of the Syntax.”
    Besides razor pages end up being less complicated, as every page contains its own view and code, making web apps more organized. Since each page code is organized effectively, it is easier to deploy apps that are highly effective and perform better.

  • Innovatively Advanced

  • ASP.NET Core is designed to evolve runtime components, compilers, and APIs much faster, without letting the apps stop running for a minute. You can simply run multiple versions of ASP.NET Core side by side, using the same server. That simply means you can run one app on the latest version while allowing other apps to run on the version that they were tested on. ASP.NET Core experts can enjoy using different support lifecycle options to fulfil the demands of the app.

  • Cross-Platform Support

  • When you are using ASP.NET Core, programmers are not restricted to just one platform, let’s say, windows. With this framework, you have all the freedom to develop a cross-platform application, which means it will run smoothly on all devices and Operating systems, like Mac and Linux.

    Besides ASP.NET Core developers even have the flexibility to choose the operating system based on their development needs too. Hence, keeping in mind the flexibility and cross-platform nature of this framework, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it is the best framework for web app development.

  • Dependency Injection Support

  • ASP.NET Core offers improved testability and extensibility for the web apps built. There is no need to fret about the third-party frameworks to integrate this software design into the apps. There is complete dependency injection support from ASP.NET Core when it comes to integrating the design into the app.

  • Assurance of Highly Performing Apps

  • When customers expect high-performance apps, ASP.NET Core does is the best option to consider for the quality apps it deploys. Also, quality is the foremost factor for developers to consider when developing apps. This framework focused on designing high-end web applications that satisfy the business needs of your customers.

    In this framework, when compiling code, the system optimizes code (automatically) to enhance the performance of the app built. Hence, it would be no wrong to conclude, in terms of performance enhancement, that ASP.NET Core is the best framework for web application development. Fun Fact: .NET 5.0 doesn’t replace .NET Framework.NET 5.0 is the main implementation of .NET going forward and .NET Framework 4.x is still supported.

  • Backed by Microsoft

  • There is a reason why people rely on Microsoft products. It is a big name in the world of business technology. ASP.NET Core is a product developed by Microsoft, and developers can rely on it.

  • Coding is Simple & Quick

  • The most critical part of any web app development is coding. However, when you, as a developer, use ASP.NET Core, you will realize that coding is not at all heavy; it is simple, quick, and easy. This framework for web app development is a perfect framework for code management and code creation.

    After using it, you will realize how core features, including client verification, setting up the site, and request submission easily proceed with the development process. The validated MVC model lets programmers deploy custom and highly scalable web apps in the best possible way. Developers can even save a huge amount of time, effort, and cost on developing their next web app with this framework while saving total time to code, examine, and debug the web application.

    Components of ASP.NET Core: –

    • Identity Core
    • Blazor
    • MVC Core
    • Razor Core
    • Entity Framework Core
    • MVC Core

  • MVC Architecture

  • This architecture has made it easier for programmers to build high-performance apps, without any hassle. MVC architecture helps in coding, compiling, and testing almost any aspect of the application being built. The overall project is positively impacted using this framework, as this architecture completely improves the efficiency of the app. Even testing is performed considering different concerns so that the final product is highly secure and free of any error.

  • Remarkable Features

  • What makes ASP.NET Core a remarkable platform for web application development is that it incorporates some robust features, which together make this platform so amazing for developers.


ASP.NET Core is a high-performance, open-source multiplatform framework for creating modern cloud applications that are connected to the Internet. Before embarking on the development of an application with ASP.NET Core, it is recommended to validate that the new framework covers your needs regarding APIs. As an ASP.NET web development company, our experienced developers will provide custom solutions to match your business requirements.

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