Top 5 Node JS frameworks

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Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform runtime environment for server-side and a scalable networking application. It uses the Google Chrome V8 engine to execute its code. It is popular in development because it runs on both the back end and front end and uses JavaScript code. The Development frameworks are used to organize the development progress. Using web frameworks for the front end is common for developers to use frameworks to work with JavaScript.

Using frameworks for the backend is slightly less common, but it is just as helpful. When we work on web development projects, we apply Node JS frameworks to a client-based and server-based similarly because it’s highly efficient and convenient.

Choosing the best Node JS framework

while opting for the best Node JS frameworks for your projects certain determining factors need your attention. Normally, it takes experience to select the fitting Node.JS framework for a particular task, but some rules work well for the same. such as-

i. Productivity
ii. Scalability
iii. Speed
iv. Same Languages for Front-end and Back-end
v. Maintaining Code standards across a team

Popular Node JS frameworks

1. Express JS

Express JS is a fast, robust, and asynchronous Model-View-Controller framework for Node JS. It has easy route handling with URLs and HTTP protocols. It supports multiple template engines and works well with both static and dynamic content. It easily integrates with SQL and NoSQL databases and the most popular Node JS framework has a rich open-source ecosystem. Companies that use Express JS are Uber, Accenture, and Twitter.

2. Meteor JS

Meteor JS has a reputation for being a go-to Node JS framework for fast development. Its libraries and packages have a lot of reusable components. It is a fast Node JS framework for MVP development and prototype. It doesn’t require developers to enter unnecessary HTML tags, set up CSS styles, etc. Reusing a codebase for mobile development and using a small codebase. Companies that use Meteor JS are Accenture and Deloitte.

3. Nest JS

Nest JS is a framework that uses JavaScript, TypeScript, Functional Programming, Object-Oriented Programming, and Reactive Programming. It can be integrated with other Node JS frameworks, especially Express JS. It has integration with Express JS and smooth integration with Angular. It has ready-to-use patterns. It is fast performance and easy to learn. Companies that use Nest JS are Adidas and Sanofi.

4. Keystone JS

Keystone JS is a framework for static and dynamic content management and is commonly used for content-heavy web projects. Information portals, content management systems (cms), online editorials, forums, social media, and e-commerce platforms are the most common applications of Keystone. It has an intuitive UI that consists of decentralized modules. It works on smart data modules enabled by Mongoose support. It has a real-time framework for managing, tracking, and publishing updates. A native adds on for image editing, storage, and management and also uses location tracking with google places. Companies that use Keystone JS are Sony and Vodafone.

5. Total JS

It started as a Node JS framework for real-time applications. It uses REST servers, e-commerce platforms, and Internet of Things projects, but now turned into an entire platform. The platform now combines the functionality of the platform and library, providing, on the one hand, an established structure for a web project and on the other, reusable functionality codebases for different types of projects. It has computing services and cloud deployment. It supports classical and dynamic routes. Companies that use Total JS are Medium and Trello.


Node JS frameworks technically aren’t essential for backend development because they make a huge difference in development efficiency, product performance, and code quality. Some frameworks work better with equipped to handle dynamic content, while others fit best for MVP development.

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