Introduction to Video Management System

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Nowadays, technology has become an essential part of our human lives as it contributes expert services to mankind, and video surveillance system is one of the helping hands for collecting, viewing, and recording the video from multiple surveillance cameras (CCTV). Basically, VMS is the operating software that enables the user to view the video through the operating system (PC).

A video management system (VMS) is a software component that combines diverse elements of a security camera system (cameras, encoders, recording systems, storage infrastructure, and analytics software) into a single pane of glass. It combines the features of numerous separate video surveillance solutions into a single, integrated system.

Video Surveillance System Components

IP camera

It is a surveillance camera that records footage through a network video recorder (NVR) as an input for a video management system. It is the eye of any security system and plays a major role in the security system.


It converts the input footage into the binary language because the system only understands the binary language. The conversion of the algorithm is done with the help of software.

Recording system

it is the systematic recording of footage which is encoded by the encoder and collected by the IP camera with the NVR.

Storage system

It is an integral part of the computer system that stores and retrieves the surveillance footage for future use whenever it’s required. A storage system is capable of storing multiple types of data in a large quantity it comes with various configurations.

Advantages of Video Management System


Typically, traditional video surveillance systems include components like video cameras, recording devices, storage systems, and analytics software, but video surveillance systems include all the functions in a single interface where capturing, storing, and retrieving take place, which is more convenient for the users.

A video surveillance system is less time-consuming and gives a hassle-free experience to the users, which reduces the complexities in an organization’s security system. It’s simple to retrieve surveillance footage for any safety reasons like legal requirements, past records, any misshaping, etc. Also, VMS ensures longevity, by which the footage is available for a longer period of time without any damage or missing.


Video management systems spy on each and every moment of an organization’s activities and ensure the safety and security of the organization’s operations, as well as provide a safe and secure environment for employees and customers.
Employee safety and security regulations include internal company accidents, interpersonal conflicts, etc. Furthermore, in the case of a client, VMS aids in the prevention of all types of scams, unethical practices, and more.

A video surveillance system allows organizations to monitor in real-time activities whether everything is fine or whether something unfavorable is taking place. As a result, actions are being planned in accordance with the situation. It also has a feature that evaluates surveillance footage automatically. Nowadays, surveillance systems have become the norm for organizations, and they play a major role in safety regulations.


Video management system is cost-effective it reduces the number of physical components and reduces procuring and maintenance cost of multiple hardware as well as software The Video Surveillance System helps to reduce the storage cost of the footage with its optimized storage system, which can store more with less cost and capacity.

By eliminating the cost of resolving problems and issues, video management system also helps to improve an organization’s performance through surveillance monitoring.

Video Management Software by types of solutions

i. Video intelligence

ii. Case management

iii. Advanced video management

iv. Data integration

v. Intelligent streaming

vi. Custom application management

vii. Mobile application

viii. Navigation management

ix. Storage management

x. Security management


video surveillance systems with new cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), facial recognition, cloud-based storage, 4K technology, etc. eliminate the risk of uncertainty from the operation and help to keep a record for future needs. Being a leading Video Security Company, we, at OdiTek, provide various types of video management systems and related services to ease down your security needs. Reach out to us today to explore more.

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