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WebRTC is a real time open source communication platform filled with different kinds of WebRTC products and Solutions. Do you have any idea what are those products or solutions? How can you use those products? How those products or solutions will be helpful for your business? Then you need to learn about these things to simplify your work in this digital world.

WebRTC is an open source real time communication platform that simplifies the video and audio communication mediums. No additional plug-ins needed to connect between two browsers. If both the peers are connected into WebRTC then they can get connected with each other easily and can take the advantage of sharing generic data files, audio as well as video chat, screen sharing etc. instantly.

WebRTC provides various numbers of products as well as solutions that can be used by the business houses. WebRTC Solutions are supported by all the trending browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari, etc. The basic technology behind WebRTC is just a regular Web Standard which is available as JavaScript APIs in all the important browsers.

Need for WebRTC

1. Previously many Web Conferencing solutions such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, etc. were there for people who were using RTC. But the common problem with those platforms are that, they were asking for plug-ins, native apps and required downloads.

2. The basic functionalities like installing, downloading, updating plug-ins were a headache to the users and were consuming quite a lot of time.

3. Some plug-in requires licensing, also they are very complex to set up and fix and update.

As WebRTC is an open source platform, it doesn’t require any additional plug-ins. The main thing required for it are, standardized set of APIs, Android and JavaScript SDKs.

Applications Using WebRTC

a. Google Meet
b. Google Hangouts
c. Facebook Messenger
d. Amazon Chime
e. Discord
f. Appear.in
g. Houseparty
h. CpaaS vendors
i. Peer5

WebRTC Solutions

WebRTC uses VoIP and SIP to communicate between two browsers. There are number of solutions that are actually provided by WebRTC which includes voice calling, video calling, video conferencing, generic data sharing, instant texting, screen sharing etc.

List of WebRTC Solutions:

1. WebRTC solution for Video calling
2. WebRTC for Screen Sharing
3. WebRTC solutions for Audio calling
4. WebRTC for File sharing
5. WebRTC for instant texting
6. Video Conferencing solutions

Features of WebRTC Solutions

1. High Definition Audio and Video: WebRTC facilitates its users to experience high definition audio as well as video quality. Business houses can take the advantage of this in internal team meeting as well as for conducting seminar for their customers and hot prospects.

2. Bi-Directional Communication Channel: WebRTC provides bi-directional communication channel which will enable the peers to communicate among themselves. It enables them to access more than one communication channel at a time. For example, if two peers are having a meeting among themselves via WebRTC, they can operate conferencing, screen sharing and file sharing simultaneously.

3. Independent over any platform or device: The WebRTC Development is done in such a way that it will be responsive over any platform. Which means the efficiency of the platform or device won’t change the functionality of WebRTC solutions. So, different devices with different platform can use it easily.

4. Integration: WebRTC solutions can integrate with several other solutions such as CRM system, Websites, Call Centre systems through which it can work directly with the primary system showing better productivity.

5. Peer-to-peer calling: WebRTC video conference solutions is the only platform which enables peer-to-peer calling via browsers instead of any additional plug-ins or servers. All you need is to connect with the WebRTC browser and then you are good to go.

6. Supports Cloud Environment: WebRTC video conference solutions can be set up on your server and cloud without compromising with the functionality as well as productivity. It has also an advantage of being configured on any environment, so you don’t need any host environment for the same.

WebRTC Video Conferencing

It enables its users to communicate with each other instantly through the help of WebRTC to ensure quality as well as reliability.

a. WebRTC Video Conferencing basically uses three HTML5 APIs such as RTCDataChannel, getUserMedia, RTCPeerConnection. When these three come together, they help in collecting video, audio information and locating the other user’s/peer’s and transmit that data to another peer/user.

b. WebRTC functions with VP8 codec and Opus audio codec to offer hassle-free industry leading streaming quality. The VP8 video codec has quite higher resolution and frame rate compared to others so that the user can enjoy the high definition video along with the instantly streaming media.

c. As VP8 is an open source platform, WebRTC Video Conferencing doesn’t require any license.

d. The data transmitted during WebRTC video Conferencing is end to end encrypted prior to delivery. So that the data is highly secured. This is done by the most trusted and standardised protocol named DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer security).

e. DTLS facilitates full encryption through asymmetric cryptographic ,data confidentiality as well as message authentication methods to ensure complete privacy of video data.

f. When the WebRTC Video Conferencing app is paired with Signaling architectures, it become more superior and secure with the help of OnSIP’s platform.


WebRTC facilitates its users with large varieties of Products and Solutions that can be used by its users such as video calling, audio calling, video conferencing, generic data sharing, file sharing, chatting etc. instantly without any additional plug-ins that causes trouble and complexity to set up. WebRTC video conference solutions include various innovative features that make it more powerful than other RTC platforms.

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