Beauty Care- Salon & Spa related business applications in India

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There is a tectonic shift how businesses are running today with adoption of technologies everywhere, and that shift is now reaching the wellness and beauty industry. We’re seeing salons and spas ready to adopt cloud software and the benefits that platform it brings. With rapid increase in urban income and youths as well as aged Indians spending more on their looks, grooming and wellness, spas and salons are able to automate many aspects of their operations and grow their business by leveraging technology. It is interesting to see them smartly optimizing their operations for the betterment of their business and customer satisfaction.

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Today you’d rather be surprised to face a queue if you are trying to have a hair-cut or a spa service! And on weekends, it’s worse; as if the entire universe has conspired to conquer the parlors and salons for beauty services right when you decided to visit. Working professionals, stay-at-home wives, moms, ladies, students, work-from-home folks, everyone yearns for beauty/spa treatment or visit, at least once or twice a month. How amazing would it be, if you get all the beauty and spa services right at your doorstep, at the time you like, in the setup you are comfortable in and you know what? You can play your own music too! Beauty services, precisely at your doorstep is a new-fangled trend and we can list down a number of reasons why this is one thing can make our lives super easy! Life is becoming stress-free with so many services being made available effortlessly. This one trend will sure be a game changer in the metros. There will be a lot of customers looking to make use of this opportunity and this could be a bright chance for more employment in the beauty industry.

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This article is a short summary of how few leading players have come up with technology solutions that are helping this growing market segment and improve spas and salons business. Below are few leading players (companies)in beauty care i.e. spa and salon segment-


One of the first one into beauty care segment and they have a lot of spas and salons under their service area coverage. 100Salons is changing the way you search, select, and experience the Spa and Salons in your neighborhood. You can discover Spa and salons in your locality, compare prices, read and give reviews with a few clicks. Already covering Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR region, 100Salons is spreading to other cities soon. As a part of their next level innovation and disrupting services, they are soon launching packages and unique services in the beauty care segment. Home Services are key driving factor, and keeping that in mind 100Salons is rebranding itself to Anzelic and soon launching the home services across cities.


Vyomo  is a mobile app based beauty and wellness platform. It provides “Head-to-toe” doorstep beauty salon services to women of all ages, at their convenient time and in the comfort of their homes. Customers can book services in advance as well as can request services on immediate basis. Recently funded by Yuvraj Singh’s YouWeCan Ventures, Vyomo looks to expand it’s services into more cities.


Ziffi is into multiple segments like Spas and Salons, Doctors and Diagnostic Centers. With coverage of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, Ziffi has both web and mobile platforms to assist users in finding nearest service providers.


Purpple is more into beauty care products online and collections of exclusive beauty care products. They have wide coverage of spas and salons registered with them and users can take-in-use their mobile apps to purchase products with discounts. Most branded beauty care products are listed out there, go and have a check.

The Home Salon

This is a purely home services focused online platform, and having mobility edge it provides it’s users booking of salons/spa services at home. You make payment and sit relaxed, the home services will take care of provisioning the required services at your door step. They cover skin, hair, nails, body spa services and also have custom packages that can be ordered for home services.

Book The Salon

Book The Salon offers access to top Salons, Nail Bars & Makeup Artists across Delhi/NCR. They provide genuine first hand customer reviews are uploaded which would help you decide and book your appointments instantly with just the click of a button! One can find exclusive discounts, easy bookings, confirmation via SMS and access to premium salons. Book The Salon offers various search criteria’s including name, location, date and time – to find exactly what you want from our hand-picked selection of Salons, Nail Bars & Makeup Artists.


Belita India is an integrated web and mobile platform and they are currently covering Mumbai and Pune. The key differentiation for Belita is that they have their own trained beauticians and focused on owning the entire service delivery themselves. They claim to be India’s first beauty salon that comes home!


Covering 7 major metros in India, VBooky enlists leading spas and salons near your locality and provides a lot of information about kind of services one can look forward to. With payment options enabled, one can book services, see ratings and explore all service offerings and discounts on offer by enlisted salons/spas.

Looking at increasing growth in urban spending on grooming and beauty care, even international players are trying to enter Indian market. One of such entrants is mazkara who started their operations in Dubai and now present in Pune as well.

There are some unique SaaS / Cloud based platforms that primarily focus on spas and salons i.e. business owners how they run their business. Spas and Salons can look into these software and decide to adopt for improving their operations and customer experience. Couple of such software are mentioned below-

Zenoti– Managing your spa from anywhere

This is a mobile based platform where spas and salons can manage their business on-the-go. Customers self-book appointments from their phone or tablet, Push promotions directly to customers, Managers stay on top of critical issues from anywhere. The businesses can monitor the day’s schedule and appointments.

There are also similar applications like JHD- eSALON SPA SOFTWARE in SaaS model

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