Celigo’s Salesforce-NetSuite Integration App

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Briefing on the Celigo Salesforce NetSuite Integration App

Celigo is trusted by thousands of companies to streamline operations and automate processes through the integration of their applications. Using Celigo’s integrator.io iPaaS platform, businesses can easily synchronize data and achieve seamless integration between NetSuite and Salesforce. The Celigo Salesforce Integration App facilitates efficient collaboration between Salesforce and NetSuite, enabling real-time and scheduled data flows. With this integration, users gain visibility into sales processes, fulfilment information, inventory status, and financial data.

By leveraging Celigo’s integration capabilities, companies can fully utilize NetSuite’s ERP capabilities while effectively managing sales pipelines in Salesforce. Manual data entry is eliminated, and process bottlenecks are avoided.

Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App by Celigo

Celigo leverages a decade of experience helping thousands of customers with integrations to bring the best Salesforce – NetSuite connector.

Celigo empowers businesses to harness the full potential of NetSuite’s ERP capabilities while capitalizing on Salesforce to effectively manage their sales pipelines. By seamlessly integrating the two platforms, Celigo Salesforce NetSuite app eliminates the need for manual data entry and minimizes process bottlenecks.

With this integration, finance teams can efficiently handle various tasks within NetSuite, including managing orders, billing, products, contracts, and subscriptions. At the same time, the Sales team can focus on creating and managing quotes and opportunities within Salesforce, ensuring a smooth and collaborative workflow.

Key Integration Workflows of the Salesforce Integration App for NetSuite

Celigo’s prebuilt and user-friendly solution facilitates seamless data synchronization between Salesforce and NetSuite. This integration enables accelerated revenue recognition through streamlined lead-to-cash processes, providing a comprehensive customer view across all teams with real-time visibility into quotes and bookings.

The integration is fully customizable, allowing businesses to tailor it to their specific needs. Utilizing interfaces that mirror NetSuite and Salesforce data entry pages, users can easily map fields and configure data sync triggers based on events like opportunity stage or creation.

Monitoring and troubleshooting become effortless with Celigo’s intuitive operations dashboards and user-friendly error resolution tools. Moreover, Celigo’s team of experts is readily available to provide assistance, automatic upgrades, maintenance, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

Celigo Salesforce NetSuite app

Key Features of Celigo Salesforce NetSuite Integration App

• Streamline Sales Order Creation: Effortlessly generating NetSuite Sales Orders automatically when a Salesforce Opportunity reaches the closed-won stage.

• Efficient Estimations: Creating accurate NetSuite estimates by utilizing Salesforce quotes, which are dynamically updated with relevant shipping, handling, and tax amounts.

• Unified Financial Information: Accessing customer financials, such as invoices, payments, credit memos, refunds, and balances, from NetSuite directly within Salesforce for seamless visibility and management.

• Customer and Contact Synchronization: Keeping customer and contact data synchronized between Salesforce and NetSuite, ensuring consistent and up-to-date information across both platforms.

• Real-time Product and Price Information: Providing the latest NetSuite item details and price levels in Salesforce, enabling users to access real-time product information while working in the Salesforce environment.

• Advanced Features Support: Benefiting from a wide range of advanced features, including e-signature support, channel sales management, team selling capabilities, subsidiary integration, multi-currency handling, and comprehensive tax management.

Celigo’s NetSuite Integration for Salesforce offers a powerful solution that enables businesses to optimize their processes and enhance overall productivity while leveraging the strengths of both NetSuite and Salesforce. With seamless data integration and advanced feature support, companies can streamline their operations, foster collaboration, and drive growth in a dynamic business environment.

Key Benefits of Celigo Salesforce NetSuite Integration App

• Accelerate Revenue Recognition: Boosting revenue recognition speed by streamlining lead-to-cash processes and gaining real-time visibility into quotes and bookings.

• Unified 360-Degree Customer View: Enhancing customer relationships and decision-making with a unified, comprehensive view of customers spanning sales, order management, finance, and other teams.

• Swift Time-to-Value: Experiencing rapid time-to-value with a prebuilt, plug-and-play integration that eliminates the need for IT support, enabling quick deployment and immediate benefits.

• Cost-Efficient Operations: Minimizing ongoing costs with seamless upgrades, maintenance, and expert support provided by Celigo, ensuring a smooth and efficient integration without straining internal resources.

Celigo’s NetSuite Integration for Salesforce delivers these key advantages, empowering businesses to optimize their processes, improve data accuracy, and maximize efficiency. By harnessing the combined power of NetSuite and Salesforce, organizations can streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and achieve greater success in their day-to-day operations.

Comprehensive set of prebuilt functionalities, seamlessly connecting Salesforce and NetSuite

• Achieving a fully streamlined lead-to-cash process between Salesforce and NetSuite, enabling smooth and efficient sales operations.

• Experiencing real-time data synchronization, allowing the creation of sales orders in NetSuite directly from opportunities or quotes in Salesforce.

• Keeping crucial business objects, including customer accounts, contacts, subsidiaries, currencies, products, and price information, synchronized between the two systems.

• Empowering the Sales team with back-office visibility, enabling them to view orders, invoices, payments, credit memos, deposits, and account balances directly within Salesforce.

• Providing accounting teams with visibility into sales activities from within NetSuite, fostering collaboration and better financial insights.

• Facilitating efficient management of NetSuite’s Contract Renewal module, handling upsells, renewals, and contract details directly in Salesforce.

• Benefiting from extra features, such as discounts, shipping and tax synchronization, team selling capabilities, opportunity splits, and electronic signature sync.

• Unlocking advanced features, including support for NetSuite OneWorld, channel partners, and asset tracking, catering to the specific needs of growing and diverse businesses.

Celigo’s Salesforce Integration App ensures a seamless and powerful integration between NetSuite and Salesforce, allowing businesses to optimize their operations, increase productivity, and leverage the full potential of both platforms.


OdiTek offers Salesforce – NetSuite Integration App services powered by Celigo to businesses seeking a seamless and efficient integration between these two powerful platforms. With Celigo’s prebuilt and easy-to-deploy solution, our clients can synchronize data between Salesforce and NetSuite effortlessly. This integration brings a myriad of benefits, including accelerated revenue recognition, streamlined lead-to-cash processes, and a unified 360-degree view of customers across all teams.

Our team at OdiTek ensures that the integration is fully customizable to match the unique workflows of each business. By utilizing interfaces that replicate NetSuite and Salesforce data entry pages, we swiftly map fields and configure data sync triggers based on specific events. Moreover, our intuitive operations dashboards and error resolution tools enable easy monitoring and troubleshooting, ensuring a seamless integration experience.

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